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Germany Airports

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Aachen Merzbrück Airport Kiel Airport
Aalen Heidenheim/Elchingen Airport Kitzingen Military Airfield
Allendorf Eder Airfield Koblenz - Winningen Airfield
Allstedt Airport Köln (Cologne) Bonn Airport
Altenburg Nobitz Airport Kyritz Airfield
Anklam Airfield Laage Rostock Airfield
Arnsberg Menden Airfield Lahr (Black Forest) Airport
Augsburg Airport Landsberg Lech (Penzing) Military Airfield
Baden Airpark Laupheim (Walpartshofen) Military Airfield
Bamberg Airfield Lechfeld Airfield
Barth Airport Leer - Papenburg Airfield
Bautzen Airport Leipzig / Halle Airport
Bayreuth Airport Leutkirch Unterzeil Airfield
Biberach Airport Lübeck Blankensee Airport
Bitburg Airport Magdeburg Airport
Borkum Airport Mainz Finthen Airfield
Brandenburg Airport Mannheim Airport
Brandis Waldpolenz Airport Meinerzhagen Airport
Braunschweig Airport Mendig (Niedermendig) Military Airfield
Bremen Airport Mengen Hohentengen Airfield
Bremerhaven Airport Merseburg Airfield
Bremgarten Airport Mönchengladbach Airfield
Büchel Military Airfield München International Airport
Bückeburg Military Airfield Münster Osnabrück International Airport
Burg Feuerstein Airport Neubrandenburg Airfield
Celle Military Airfield Neuburg (Zell) Airfield
Colemann AAF (Mannheim) Military Airfield Neuhardenberg Airfield
Cottbus - Drewitz Airfield Neuhausen Ob Eck Airfield
Dahlemer Binz Airfield Niederrhein (Weeze) Airport
Dessau Airfield Niederstetten Airfield
Diepholz Airfield Norderney Airfield
Donaueschingen Villingen Airfield Nordholz (Sea) Airport
Dortmund Airport Nörvenich (Düren) Military Airfield
Dresden Airport Nürnberg International Airport
Düsseldorf International Airport Obermehler Schlotheim Airfield
Egelsbach Airfield Oberpfaffenhofen Airport
Eggebek (Langstedt) Airfield Paderborn / Lippstadt Airport
Eggenfelden Airfield Peenemünde Airfield
Eisenach - Kindel Airport Ramstein Air Base
Eisenhuttenstadt Airfield Rechlin - Lärz Airfield
Emden Airfield Regionalflughafen Memmingen
Erding Military Airfield Rendsburg - Schachtholm Airfield
Erfurt Airport Rheine - Bentlage Military Airfield
Essen Mülheim Airport Riesa Göhlis Airfield
Falkenberg Lonnewitz Special Airfield Rotenburg Wümme Flugplatz
Faßberg Military Airfield Roth Military Airfield
Finnow Airfield Rothenburg / Görlitz Airfield
Finsterwalde - Schacksdorf Airfield Saarbrücken International Airport
Flensburg Schaferhaus Airfield Schleswig (Jagel) Military Airfield
Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Schleißheim Airfield
Frankfurt International Airport Schönefeld Berlin International Airport
Freiburg Airport Schönhagen Airfield
Friedrichshafen Airport Schwäbisch Hall Airfield
Fritzlar Military Airfield Schwerin - Parchim Airport
Geilenkirchen Military Airfield Siegerland Airport
Giebelstadt Military Airfield Spangdahlem Military Airfield
Grafenwoehr Military Airfield Speyer Airfield
Grossenhain Airfield Spremberg Welzow Airfield
Gutersloh Military Airfield Stadtlohn Vreden Airfield
Halle - Oppin Airfield Stendal Borstel Airfield
Hamburg Finkenwerder Airfield Straubing International Airport
Hamburg Airport Strausberg Airfield
Hanau Military Airfield Stuttgart International Airport
Hannover Airport Tegel International Airport
Hassfurt - Schweinfurt Airfield Tempelhof International Airport
Heringsdorf Airport Templin Airfield
Hildesheim Airfield Trier Föhren Airport
Hof - Plauen Airfield Tutow Airfield
Hohenfels Military Airfield Vilseck Military Airfield
Hohn Military Airfield Vilshofen Airfield
Holzdorf Military Airfield Werneuchen Airfield
Hopsten Military Airfield Westerland Airport
Husum (Schwesing) Airfield Wiesbaden Military Airfield
Ingolstadt - Manching Airfield Wilhelmshaven / Mariensiel Airfield
Itzehoe Hungriger-Wolf Airfield Wittmundhafen Military Airfield
Jena - Schöngleina Airfield Worms Airfield
Jever Military Airfield Wunstorf (Kleinheidorn) Military Airfield
Kamenz Airfield Zerbst Airfield
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport Zweibrücken Airfield
Kassel-Calden Airfield  

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