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  • Enontekio

    Enontekio Airport Enontekio - the airport in the mountains
    Enontekio Airport has an important part to play in the tourism of mountain Lapland - after all it does lie more than 1,000 km from the Finnish capital, Helsinki.
    You can continue your journey from the airport by light aircraft, snowmobile or reindeer team. The airport has its own cosy cafe as well as an authentic Lappish tepee for meetings.

    The Airport Building
    The Enontekio airport building was designed by the architect Veli Hyrskykari. The public area covers 80 sq. mtrs. in addition to air traffic control, office and staff facilities. While the building itself is small, its architecture incorporates features of the local building traditions. The building opened for service in 1989.

    Enontekio Airports contact information
    Enontekio Airport
    PL 8
    99401 Enontekio
    (016) 554 8411, fax (016) 554 8499
    Open Mon - Fri 9.00-15.00 hrs. and for flight arrivals and departures.
    For flight departure and arrival times, (016) 554 8484.
    International airport code: ENF
    ICAO-code: EFET

  • Helsinki-Malmi

    Helsinki-Malmi Airport The historic, living aviation milieu of Malmi Airport in Helsinki, Finland, has been selected onto the World Monuments Watch Listof 100 Most Endangered Sites 2004. The list was made public inNew York on 24 September 2003. The application for Malmi Airportwas submitted in December 2002 by the Friends of Malmi AirportSociety, supported by the National Board of Antiquities Finland andthe Aviation Museum Society.

    Helsinki-Malmi was Finland's first land based airport and was built on the marshes of Tattarisuo, in Malmi in 1936. It was officially inaugurated two years later. Traffic burgeoned after World War II, and the runways, laid over previous bog land, could no longer meet the new challenge. It became economically more feasible to build a new Helsinki airport, and the regular traffic once handled by Malmi relocated there in 1953. Since then, Malmi has remained in service as a general aviation airport.

    About the Airport

    18/36 1340m x 30m
    09/27 1024m x 30m

    International airport code: HEM
    ICAO-code: EFHF

    During the operational hours of Malmi TWR, Malmi CTR is airspace class D.
    During other times Malmi CTR is airspace class G.
    Ref. AIP EFHF AD 2.1-5: 2.1.17 ATS AIRSPACE, 2.14-1 (VAC)

    Helsinki-Malmi Airport Contact Information
    Helsinki-Malmi Airport
    00700 HELSINKI
    Airport Office +358 (0)9 8277 4001
    AIS/MET/COM +358 (0)9 8277 4031
    Duty Officer +358 (0)9 8277 4050
    ATIS +358 (0)9 8277 4034

  • Helsinki-Vantaa

    Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Our aim is to offer our passengers a high standard of exciting, up-to-date travelling experience, which we are constantly striving to keep fresh. For years we have been working hard to create a wide range of services for the enjoyment of the travelling public. In fact, we are known abroad as world?s best airport.

    Shopping for bargains, enjoying a decent cup of coffee and bite to eat or even having your hair cut before take-off are just some of the many good reasons to arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in good time before your flight. Children will find plenty of things to do in the playrooms. If you have business to attend to, you can spend your time productively in the new multimedia centre. You can even have your car washed and serviced while youre away.
    Reason to Fly from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
    The airport resembles a bustling small town with its variety of shops and services, a place where the needs of each passenger are taken into consideration and service always comes with a smile. The new Reason to Fly logo guides you to the airport services.

    The Reason to Fly logo is the new slogan for Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. It translates to excellence in customer care, with focus on the passenger. The logo was designed so that passengers would be able to find the services they are looking for as easily as possible, ensuring a pleasant journey.

    Helsinki-Vantaa Airport was opened in 1952. It was initially only in temporary use for the Helsinki Olympics between July 5th and August 15th, 1952. Air traffic was officially transferred from Malmi Airport to the Helsinki airport on the 26th of October 1952. Today, Helsinki-Vantaa is a an airport handling 10 million passengers and providing employment for 18,000 people.

    Postal and visiting adresses
    Postal address: P.O. Box 29, FIN-01531 Vantaa, Finland
    Exchange: + 385 9 82 771 or + 358 9 61 511, weekdays 8.00 - 16.30 hrs
    Fax: + 358 9 8277 3296 (Airport Management)
    Visiting address to Recruitment and Registry Office:
    Lentajantie 1 D, 4th floor, 01530 Vantaa

  • Ivalo

    Ivalo Airport Ivalo Airport, Pearl of Lapland

    Ivalo Airport is the northernmost airport in Finland and Laplands oldest tourist airport. More than 100,000 passengers pass through the Lapinhelmi (Pearl of Lapland) terminal every year.

    The gold fields of Tankavaara, the mountains of Saariselka, Lake Inari and the world famous salmon rivers beckon travellers to the quiet of the wilderness. It is easy to get to northern Norway or Murmansk from Ivalo.

    Information about Ivalo airport
    04/22, 2,500 metres
    08/26, 1,720 metres
    Position: 11 km south of Ivalo
    International Airport Code: IVL
    ICAO-code: EFIV

  • Joensuu Airport

    Joensuu Airport There are excellent flight connections from this, the easternmost airport in the European Union to the Finnish capital, with 6 flights every weekday to Helsinki. There are 5 on Saturdays and 4 on Sundays. Business travellers come to Joensuu for the numerous international companies based here. In particular there are wood processing firms, stone, metal and plastics manufacturers and those involved in timber harvesting technologies.
    The North Karelia region welcomes visitors to the joys of Karelian culture and the quiet of its monasteries.

    Joensuu Airport Joensuu Airports contact information

    Joensuu Airport
    80140 Joensuu
    (013) 272 7111, fax (013) 272 7099
    International airport code: JOE
    ICAO-code: EFJO

  • Jyvaskyla Airport

    Jyvaskyla Airport A project by local authorities and businesses in the Jyvaskyla area to expand Jyvaskyla Airports passenger terminal to meet current needs reached completion on October 14th when the building work was finished. The most difficult aspect of the 11 month construction period was combining the normal functioning of the airport with the renovation of the old facilities and work on the new building.

    The official opening will take place on Tuesday, November 2nd. The entire design and building costs amount to about 5 million euros, with financing, on the three pillar system, from Jykes Oy (the Jyvaskyla regional development corporation), the Central Finland employment promotion centre and the Finnish Civil Aviation Administration. Support for the construction work also came from the European regional development fund. The building was designed by architects Helin & Co Arkkitehdit Oy of Helsinki. The lead designer for the project was the architect Riitta Soininen.

    Jyvaskyla Airport
    Lentoasemantie 70
    41160 Tikkakoski
    tel: +358 (0) 14 445 5711
    fax: +358 (0) 14 445 5799

  • Kajaani airport

    Kajaani Airport There is a flight service from Kajaani to Helsinki three times a day. On weekends there is a flight connection two times a day.

    The airport is being developed with the help of tourism - current schemes include Christmas trips and "The World's Best Region for Cross Country Skiing" project. The airy and stylish passenger terminal reflects the Kainuu region's well-deserved reputation for natural peace of mind.

    Kajaani airport`s contact information

    Kajaani airport
    87100 Kajaani
    +358 8 689 7511, fax +358 8 689 7599

    Office open mo-fri 7-20:15, sat 7-8:30 and 17-19:15, su 13-15 ja 18-20:15
    Airtraffic departure and arrival times, +358 8 689 7600.

  • Kemi-Tornio Airport

    Kemi-Tornio Airport We at Kemi-Tornio Airport believe in providing a high standard of service tailored to your special needs.

    The spacious passenger terminal contains a restaurant, gift shop and VIP lounge, and there are tepees for conferences. There is plenty to do and see in the towns of Kemi and Tornio throughout the year, from an icebreaker and the world's biggest snow castle to a golf tournament played under the midnight sun.

    Kemi-Tornio Airport contact information

    Civil Aviation Adminstration
    Kemi-Tornio Airport
    Lentokentantie 75
    94500 Lautiosaari
    (016)211 8701, fax (016)211 8799

  • Kittila Airport

    Kittila Airport Since it was built in 1982, the Kittila Airport terminal has been expanded no less than four times, in 1990, 1994, 1998 and 2001, and yet again it is in urgent need of expansion. Thanks to the labour authorities, almost all the investment up to 1998 could be paid for out of employment funds. Without this support the airport would not have been able to develop so fast.

    During the airport's busiest day in December as many as 5,000 arriving and departing passengers passed through the airport. This is two and a half times the number for the whole of June! In fact the biggest problem facing the airport is these enormous national seasonal fluctuations. During the quietest months of the summer, the number of return passengers is as low as about 2,000, whilst during the peak period, which is December, it exceeds 50,000. Passenger numbers actually exceeded the airport's capacity during the weekends of December, and the current facilities cannot cope with any more during the most popular weekends.

    Kittila Airports Contact Information
    Kittila Airport
    99100 Kittila
    (016) 366 8911, fax (016) 366 8999
    International airport code: KTT
    ICAO-code: EFKT

  • Kruunupyy Airport

    Kruunupyy Airport Kruunupyy Airport has featured strongly in the growth statistics in Finland in recent years.

    There are six flights a day from Kruunupyy to Helsinki and via Vaasa to Stockholm.
    Kruunupyy lies between Pietarsaari and Kokkola so it's also the nearest airport for the Kaustinen folk music festival.

    Kruunupyy Airports Contact information
    Kruunupyy Airport
    Lentajantie 162
    68500 Kruunupyy
    (06) 869 6811, fax (06) 869 6899
    International airport code: KOK
    ICAO-code: EFKK

  • Kuopio Airport

    Kuopio Airport There are 8 flights a day from this, the country's sixth busiest airport.

    Kuopio is interesting for its business and science, but it is also a Mecca for people from the arts and cultural worlds as well as tourists - surrounded as it is by the magnificent lakeland scenery of the Savo region!

    Kuopio airport contact information
    Postal and visiting address
    Lentokentantie 275
    70900 TOIVALA
    Exchange +358 17 477 211
    Fax +358 17 477 299 (Airport management)
    International airport code: KUO

    Service numbers
    Info+358 17 477 211
    Parking +358 17 477 211
    Briefing +358 17 477 233
    Photography permits +358 17 477 200
    Environmental affairs and aircraft noice inquiries

  • Kuusamo Airport

    Kuusamo Airport Kuusamo is one of Finland's most popular and snowiest winter tourist resorts.

    The number of passengers using Kuusamo Airport has risen at a record pace in the past few years. The expansion to the airport passenger terminal was opened to the public in February 1999.

    Kuusamo Airports Contact Information
    Kuusamo Airport
    93600 Kuusamo
    Office: tel +358 8 851 8801, fax +358 8 851 8899
    International airport code KAO
    ICAO-code EFKS

  • Lappeenranta Airport

    Lappeenranta Airport Lappeenranta Airport sits at the eastern border of the European Union, amid an increasing flow of goods and passengers.

    From Lappeenranta you can reach Saimaa by water and travel the Saimaa Canal all the way to Viipuri (Vyborg).

    Lappeenranta Airports Contact Information
    Lappeenranta Airport
    53600 Lappeenranta
    (05) 680 6310, fax (05) 680 6397 Civil Aviation Administration, customer help desk
    (05) 680 6301, fax (05) 680 6399, CAA's office
    International airport code: LPP
    ICAO-code: EFLP

  • Maarianhamina Airport

    Maarianhamina Airport At Maarianhamina Airport you are almost in a different country from Finland - besides speaking Swedish, you can also indulge in tax free shopping whether you are on a Finnish domestic or EU flight!

    The islands culture, their colourful history, the sea and the natural surroundings plus a plethora of events make this self-governing island state a fascinating place to visit at any time of the year.

    Mariehamn Airports Contact Information
    Mariehamn Airport
    Flygfaltsvagen 67
    22120 Mariehamn, Aland
    (018) 634 411, fax (018) 634 499
    International airport code: MHQ
    ICAO-code: EFMA

  • Mikkeli Airport

    Mikkeli Airport The Mikkeli airport is maintained by the city of Mikkeli. The airport serves especially the tourism and the industry of the area, as well as local companies doing business world-wide.
    To a provincial centre like Mikkeli, as well as to the centre of defence administration, the airport and its regular and scheduled services have important and central strategic meaning. For the local companies the air connection is an important way to maintain the international connections.

    The distance from Mikkeli airport to town centre is only 3 kilometres. Travel to town centre and back quickly with an airport taxi.
    Fly with Golden Airs morning plane to the Helsinki- Vantaa airport. Transfer quickly and easily either to domestic or international flights. Return back to Mikkeli with the evening plane. The flight from Mikkeli to Helsinki with the Saab SF propeller turbine plane (which seats 34 people) takes only 35 minutes.
    The security check to travellers leaving from Mikkeli airport enables for example the baggage clearance directly to the destination and therefore, travellers may at the HelsinkiVantaa airport go directly to the transit hall without the baggage.
    Mikkeli airport services include free parking and paid car heating. Next to the airport, there is a popular golf course. The airport is located next to the industrial area of Tusku. Mikkeli airport belongs to the EUs TEN- airport network. Since the Mikkeli airport is also a customs airport, it is possible to fly both charter and commercial flights from and to Mikkeli.
    During summer, there are bustling gliding, military, powered flight and parachute jumping activities at the airport. Since the Eastern Command Headquarters and the Savo Brigade are situated in Mikkeli, the military aviation is also notable.

    Lentokentankatu 4-6
    50100 Mikkeli
    TWR/AFIS, tel (015) 36 64 27
    Airport manager (015) 16 21 23,
    fax (015) 15 16 74

  • Oulu Airport

    Oulu Airport 700 000 passengers pass through Oulu Airport every year.
    Designed for a million passengers, the terminal building is easily able to accommodate the business traveller and charter flier as well as the tourists who flock to Oulu. The European connection is augmented with direct flights to Stockholm.

    The airports inauguration was celebrated in style on June 30, 1953. On that day Oswald Syysjarvi, the then head of the airport, wrote the following in his diary: In fine sunny weather a 26-seat Kuikka OH-LCB piloted by captain Laitinen flew over Oulunsalo and landed at the airport at 11:15 a.m. local time. The inauguration of Oulus new airport was then celebrated one day before the airport was opened to traffic. However, air traffic in Oulu had started already in 1936 at Oritkari Airport. The airport soon became too small for the bigger planes that came into use after the Second World War, and a new airport started being built in Oulunsalo. It was completed in 1953, and five years later the first building housing a passenger area and air navigation services was opened. Jet plane traffic started in Oulu in 1964. A new passenger hall was completed in 1973. The present passenger terminal was expanded in 1994 and 2002. Today Oulu Airport is Finlands second biggest airport after Helsinki-Vantaa if one considers the number of passengers and amount of freight transported. In 2002, 637,700 passengers passed through Oulu Airport. On weekdays there are 1516 scheduled flights from Oulu to Helsinki and four scheduled flights directly to Stockholm. Holiday flights are flown to Mediterranean countries and the Canary Islands all year around except in the middle of the summer. Oulu Airport serves not only passengers but also local companies, which it provides with rapid mail flight and air freight connections. The passenger terminal can handle one million passengers a year.Oulu Airport has rapid daily flights to several European cities. The new airline companies that have recently started operations offer passengers new alternatives.Oulu Airport will celebrate its anniversary with a photo exhibition presenting the airports history.Caption: A Kuikka at the inauguration of Oulu Airport on June 30, 1953.

    Oulu Airport contact information
    Civil Aviation Administration, Oulu Airport
    90460 OULUNSALO
    Tel: (08) 520 7711 (8.00-16.00), fax (08) 520 7799
    E-mail: first
    Information desk (08) 520 7800 (5.00-2.00)

  • Pori airport

    Pori Airport Pori offers excellent flight access to Helsinki.

    The airport operates on the "get you home for supper" principle from morning to late at night, for business and other passengers alike.

    Charter traffic is brisk during the Pori Jazz Festival in July.

    Pori airport`s contact information
    Finnish Civil Aviation Administration,
    Pori airport
    Lentoasemantie 1
    28500 PORI
    + 358(0)2 6100 6011, fax +358(0)2 6100 6099

    About the Pori Airport
    Runway: 12/30, 2,350 metres
    Position: 2,5 km south of Pori.
    International airport code: POR
    ICAO-code : EFPO

  • Rovaniemi airport

    Rovaniemi Airport Rovaniemi Airport is the Gateway for Finnish air traffic to Finnish Lapland, north west Russia, (Murmansk and Archangel), northern Sweden (Lulea), and northern Norway (Lakselv). The airport stands literally on the arctic circle, with the line of latitude running right through the airport grounds. This arctic location and our excellent relations with our neighbours at Santa's village suits Santa Claus as well - after all, he has appointed Rovaniemi as his official airport!
    The airport bears the Official Airport of Santa Claus trademark within the EU and several other countries. Santa's home is right next to the airport at Santa Claus Village. You can reach it from the airport either on foot or by taking a reindeer, dog team, sleigh or motor vehicle.
    The extension to the Lapland Gateway terminal was completed in November 2000.

    Rovaniemi airport contact information
    Postal address: Box 8182, 96101 Rovaniemi, Finland
    Exchange: + 358 16 363 6511
    Fax: + 358 16 363 6599 ( Airport management )
    Service numbers
    Information mon - sun 05.00- 22.00 + 358 16 363 6506
    Airport Management
    Airport Director + 358 16 363 6500
    fax: + 358 16 363 6599
    Terminalsupervisor + 358 16 363 6505

  • Savonlinna Airport

    Savonlinna Airport At Savonlinna Airport we greet our opera visitors in the most appropriate way we can think of - with a welcoming concert!

    These mini-concerts have become a firm favourite among our passengers as they gather round the airport's very own grand piano. But of course it is always well worth visiting Savonlinna, even outside the music festival season, because there are more rental summer cottages around the town than in any other region of Finland!

    Contact information
    Savonlinnan lentoasema
    Lentoasemantie 50
    57310 SAVONLINNA
    Lentoaseman paallikko: Jussi Laine +358 15 523 209
    Lentoaseman toimisto: +358 15 523 208
    fax +358 15 523 358
    Lennontiedotus +358 15 523 376
    International airport code: SVL
    ICAO-code: EFSA

  • Tampere-Pirkkalan airport

    Tampere-Pirkkalan Airport Tampere-Pirkkala`s air traffic control services are of international standard. Aerodrome control and approach control services (TWR/APP) are avialable H24. Radar control services (TAR) are available on weekdays between 08.00 and 20.00 hrs LMT. At other times you should check whether radar control is available, by telephone if necessary.

    Tampere-Pirkkala airport contact information
    Civil Aviation Administration
    Tampere-Pirkkalan airport
    Varikontie 14
    FIN 33960 PIRKKALA
    + 358 3 2835311 Fax +358 3 2835399
    International airportcode: TMP

  • Turku Airport

    Turku Airport The CAA has declared Turku Airport as Airport Of The Year for 2003. The choice was announced at a meeting of CAA airport managers in Vantaa on Tuesday, November 25th.
    An Airport of the Year has been selected for more than ten years, the award between 1990 and 2002 being based on an evaluation by the Finnair airline of its passenger surveys. The choice for 2003 is based on a CAA questionnaire concerning customer service as well as a survey of job satisfaction among staff.

    Turku airport contact information
    Turun lentoasema
    PL 167, 20101 TURKU
    Visiting address:
    Lentoasemantie 150, 20360 TURKU
    02 271 4601, fax (02) 271 4699

  • Vaasa Airport

    Vaasa Airport More and more people have been using Vaasa airport in recent years, thanks to our excellent flight links to Helsinki and Stockholm.
    Vaasa is Finland's fourth biggest airport for international traffic.

    Vaasa airports contact information
    Vaasa Airport
    Box 96
    65101 VAASA
    (06)212 6111, fax (06)212 6199
    International airport code: VAA
    For flight departure and arrival times
    Finnair, (06) 212 6171,
    SAS, (06) 212 6220
    Terminal services, (06) 212 6151

  • Varkaus Airport

    Varkaus Airport Varkaus Airport is particularly useful for the numerous surrounding business and industrial firms with trade links worldwide. Incoming tourism is also being developed in conjunction with various companies.
    There are four flights every weekday from Varkaus to Helsinki and back. Right next to the airport there is a marina and a full sized golf course.

    Varkaus Airport
    PL 20
    79601 Joroinen
    (017) 615 6911 fax (017) 615 6999
    Open 9-15
    For flight departure and arrival times, (017) 615 6970

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