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List of NASA missions

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This is a list of NASA missions, both manned and unmanned, since its establishment in 1958.

Human spaceflight

NASA has successfully launched over 100 manned flights. A number have ended in failure, in some cases causing the death of the crew, such as Apollo 1 in 1967, STS-51-L (the Challenger disaster) in 1986, and STS-107 (the Columbia disaster) in 2003:

Program Start Date End Date No. of launched
crewed missions
Mercury program 1959 1963 6 First U.S. crewed program
Gemini program 1963 1966 10 Program used to practice space rendezvous and EVAs
Apollo program 1961 1972 11[1] Brought first human to the Moon
Skylab 1973 1974 3 The crewed missions only took place in 1973 and 1974; first American space station
Apollo-Soyuz 1975 1975 1 Joint with Soviet Union, only one mission
Space Shuttle 1981 On-going 123 Currently active, first missions in which a spacecraft was reused; planned to end in 2010
Shuttle-Mir Program 1995 1998 9[2] Russian partnership
International Space Station 1998 On-going 19[3] Joint with Russia, Canada, ESA, and JAXA along with co-operators, ASI and Brazil
Project Constellation Future Future 0 Future program to once again bring humans to the Moon, Mars and beyond


On May 7, 2009 the Obama Administration announced the launch of an independent review of planned U.S. human space flight activities with the goal of ensuring that the nation is on a vigorous and sustainable path to achieving its boldest aspirations in space. The review will be conducted by a blue-ribbon panel of experts led by Norman Augustine, the former CEO of Lockheed Martin, who served on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology under Democratic and Republican presidents.

The "Review of United States Human Space Flight Plans" is to examine ongoing and planned National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) development activities, as well as potential alternatives, and present options for advancing a safe, innovative, affordable, and sustainable human space flight program in the years following Space Shuttle retirement. The panel will work closely with NASA and will seek input from Congress, the White House, the public, industry, and international partners as it develops its options. It is to present its results in time to support an Administration decision on the way forward by August 2009.

Uncrewed missions

Lunar missions

Planetary missions

Mercury missions

Venus missions

Mars missions

Jupiter missions

Saturn missions

  • Pioneer 11
  • Voyager 1
  • Voyager 2

Uranus missions

  • Voyager 2

Neptune missions

  • Voyager 2

Pluto missions

Multi-planet missions

Asteroidal/cometary missions

Interplanetary missions

Sun observing missions

Earth satellites

Earth Observing

Space telescopes

Great Observatories program

Proposed missions

Canceled missions

Canceled planetary-asteroid missions

Discovery Channel program

In 2008, Discovery Channel aired a six-part documentary on the NASA missions, entitled "When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions." Narrated by award-winning actor Gary Sinise, the mini-series uses never before seen footage exclusively from NASA's film vault.

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Published - July 2009

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