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Mesogeion Aeroclub

Mesogeion AeroclubMesogeion Aeroclub was founded in December of 1999 by 30 friends (students of National Technical University of Athens, and of University of Athens) who love the motion into 3-D space, flight and general aviation.
Our Aeroclub is a member of Hellinic Aerosport Assosiation, is under HCAA (Hellinic Civil Aviation Authority) and has become a JAR Registered Training Facility (Licence No: GR-RF-006), providing Private Pilot Licence Training for light aeroplanes. Aeroclub Mesogeion (100 members till now) is one of the most active clubs in Athens: By this moment, the fleet consists of one Cessna 172 and one Cessna 150, while flight activities has been raised (more than 100 flight hours in June 2004, 350h January-July 2004, in 2004 total results: 552 flights, 549:45h flight hours, 1965 take-offs/landings!).

The history

December 2000: Obtaining a Cessna 150E 2-seat single engine piston aeroplane.

April 2001: Flights at Hellinikon (LGAT) Airport in Athens

July-September 2001: Participation to the Forest-Protection Program

April 2002: Flights at Dekeleia-Tatoi Military Airport, Attiki

February 2004: Training activities started at Tatoi airport

April 2004: Obtaining a Cessna 172M 4-seat single engine piston aeroplane


210 - 6432200 (and fax),
6977449847 (ilias),

E-mail: info at mesogeion-aeroclub gr


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