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Heraklion International Airport in Greece - Hellenic Republic
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Heraklion International Airport "N.KAZANTZAKIS"

Heraklion International Airport - "N.KAZANTZAKIS"

Heraklion International AirportAirport History

Many centuries passed since Ikaros, a popular character of '' Greek Mythology '', flew over Crete. Finally the myth became reality in 1937. The first airport of Iraklio was built ten kilometers east of the Palace of Knossos accommodating the first small planes.
The first plane that ever landed in Iraklion Airport was a Junkers-52, in 1939. This plane had a capacity of 14 passengers. The owner of the plane was the Greek Company of Air Transport. The operation of the airport was interrupted in 1941 due to the Second World War. In the Fall of 1946 the airport resumed its operation with planes DC-3.

At the time, the airport could not offer may conveniences. The whole airport building consisted of three tents. The first tent was used as the Airport Administration Office, the second tent was used as offices for the airline companies and the third tent was used for servicing the passengers. Storm lamps were used to illuminate the runway. The determination of wide direction intensity was based on observing the smoke caused by burning dry glass. Finally, in 1947, a small building was constructed for services and a small room as passenger area.
In 1948, a company called Ellas initiated airline connections between Iraklion Airport and other destinations. The total number of passengers served that year, was 4.000. In 1953, a new runway 09-27 was built with a total length of 1850 meters.

A four-engine plane landed for the first time in Iraklion Airport in 1954. It was a DC-4 property of the airline company TAE, and it had a capacity of 64 passengers. Such airplanes increased rapidly the number of passengers using Iraklion Airport. For example, the same year (1954), the number of passengers using Iraklion Airport was 18.000.
In 1957, a new airline company, Olympic Airways, started airline connections between Iraklion-Athens with DC-6B type airplanes. These planes have a capacity of 95 seats, therefore they increased substantially the number of passengers served by Iraklion Airport.
The new airport building was built in 1971. In the late 1980's, a new development project for the airport included additional buildings and additional airplane parking space. This project is still underway (1998) to satisfy the airport's rapidly increasing demands. The purpose of the entire project is to provide better and quicker service for airport traffic which will make passenger's life inside the airport, more convenient. New aeronautical systems will be installed along with new safety devices. More buildings will be built and the construction of a new runway is under consideration to overcome environmental problems caused by engine noise of the airplanes.

Today, there is enough parking space facilitate fifteen large airplanes (B 747,B 767, B 737, A 300, DC 10, etc.) and there is also a second parking area for light planes. There are various offices available in the airport. These include: Civil Aviation Authority Offices (Administration, Airport Authority, Tower, Maintenance etc.) Duty Free Shop, Information Desk, Airline Companies ( Olympic Airways, Air Greece, Lufthansa etc. ), Representative of Airline Companies, Handling Agent, Tourist Offices (E.O.T., Travel Star Zeus), Hotel Reservation Service, Rent a Car Offices, Rent a Bike Offices, Currency Exchange Offices, Bank, Restaurant, Bars, Catering, Luggage Storage Service, Lost & Found, Cart Services, Post office, Medical Office, Baby Rooms, Art Shop, Fuel Companies (EKO, BP, Mobil, Shell).
The following Table reveals data information which indicates the rapid increase of the Airport Traffic and the importance of the Airport to the local and National Economy of Hellas (Greece).

Heraklion International AirportCoordinates:

Heraklion International Airport

Address: Heraklion International Airport
Crete Island

Location: Heraklion

Tel: (2810) 245598 / 228446
Fax: (2810) 221700

AIRPORT MANAGER : +30(2810)397111
AIRPORT AUTHORITY :+30(2810) 397132
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL:+30(2810) 397140
AIRPORT INFORMATION :+30(2810) 397129

E-mail : kahktl at otenet gr

WEB: http://www.hcaa-eleng.gr/irak.htm

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General Info
Country Greece
Time UTC+2(+3DT)
Latitude 35.339719
35° 20' 22.99" N
Longitude 25.180297
025° 10' 49.07" E
Elevation 115 feet
35 meters
Type Civil
Magnetic Variation 003° E (01/05)
Beacon Yes
Near City Iraklion
Operating Hours 24 HOUR OPERATIONS
International Clearance Status Airport of Entry
Daylight Savings Time Last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October

TWR 120.85
RADAR 123.975
GND 121.7
DIRECTOR 118.025
ATIS 127.55
APP 123.975
RDO 5637
(5637 Opr 0400-1700Z++) (2989 Opr 1700-0400Z++)

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
09/27 8800 x 148 feet
2682 x 45 meters
12/30 5138 x 164 feet
1566 x 50 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
TACAN RKL IRAKLION 020X - 2.2 NM 281.2
VOR-DME IRA IRAKLION 025X 108.8 At Field -
NDB HER IRAKLION - 431 At Field -

A-GEAR Avbl Mon thru Fri, SR to 1300Z, 30 min PN; Sat, Sun and hol 1 hr PN. The last 984 ft. Rwy 27 unavbl dur barrier opn.
CAUTION Bird haz. Two Cranes, 220' and 138', opr day and ngt, West of rwy, lgtd ngt only.
FUEL A1 (EKO Elda Abee. Avbl 0400-2100Z++ (0400-0100Z++ Mon, Tue-Sat; 0400-2200Z++ Wed, Sun sum)). (NC-100LL, Shell or Mobil) Shell avbl 0400-2000Z++ O/T 1hr PN, Fone C(2810) 289981, Mobil avbl 0430-1800Z++ O/T 12hr PN, Fone C(2810) 28689.
LGT ABn, W coded H. PAPI Rwy 09-27 rcpt ltd to 10 either side of cntrline. PAPI Rwy27 GS 3.0 .
RSTD Last 984' of Rwy 27 not avbl dur barrier act.

Runway 09/27

8800 x 148 feet
2682 x 45 meters

Runway 09
True Heading 095.0
Latitude 35.341042
35° 20' 27.75" N
Longitude 25.161183
025° 09' 40.26" E
Elevation 74.0 feet
23 meters
Slope 0.1°
Landing Distance 7235 feet
2205 meters
Takeoff Distance 9010 feet
2746 meters
Displaced Threshold Length 1565 feet
477 meters
Overrun Length 210 feet
64 meters
Overrun Surface CONCRETE.
Lighting System HIRL

Runway 27
True Heading 275.0
Latitude 35.339014
35° 20' 20.45" N
Longitude 25.190489
025° 11' 25.76" E
Elevation 81.0 feet
25 meters
Slope -0.1°
Landing Distance 8800 feet
2682 meters
Takeoff Distance 9000 feet
2743 meters
Overrun Length 200 feet
61 meters
Overrun Surface ASPHALT
Lighting System HIRL

Runway 12/30

5138 x 164 feet
1566 x 50 meters

Runway 12
True Heading 126.0
Latitude 35.343883
35° 20' 37.98" N
Longitude 25.173342
025° 10' 24.03" E
Elevation 50.0 feet
15 meters
Slope 1.3°
Landing Distance 4639 feet
1414 meters
Takeoff Distance 5138 feet
1566 meters
Displaced Threshold Length 499 feet
152 meters

Runway 30
True Heading 306.0
Latitude 35.335556
35° 20' 08.00" N
Longitude 25.187253
025° 11' 14.11" E
Elevation 115.0 feet
35 meters
Slope -1.3°
Landing Distance 5138 feet
1566 meters
Takeoff Distance 5328 feet
1624 meters
Overrun Length 190 feet
58 meters
Overrun Surface ASPHALT


Type ID Channel Freq Country State
TACAN RKL 020X - Greece -
Latitude Longitude Airport
35° 19' 47.26" N
025° 13' 21.96" E


Type ID Channel Freq Country State
VOR-DME IRA 025X 108.8 Greece -
Latitude Longitude Airport
35° 20' 27.00" N
025° 11' 07.00" E


Type ID Channel Freq Country State
NDB HER - 431 Greece -
Latitude Longitude Airport
35° 20' 03.00" N
025° 10' 41.00" E


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