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Robinson R44

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R44 Raven (carburated version)
Role Light utility and trainer helicopter
Manufacturer Robinson Helicopter Company
Designed by Frank Robinson
First flight March 31, 1990
Introduced 1992
Unit cost from $375,000
Developed from Robinson R22
Variants Robinson R66

The Robinson R44 is a small American light, four-seat, piston-driven civilian helicopter produced by the Robinson Helicopter Company since 1992.

While resembling the company's earlier Robinson R22, the R44 is larger and faster than its predecessor. It also features boosted flight controls, a feature not found on the R22. The Astro model incorporates electric cyclic trim, whilst the Raven models have hydraulically assisted cyclic and collective controls.

Design and development

Robinson R44 at Borki airfield
Robinson R44 at Borki airfield

The R44, designed during the 1980s by company president Frank Robinson and his staff of engineers, first flew on March 31, 1990. It was awarded an FAA Type Certificate in December 1992, with the first deliveries taking place shortly thereafter. Originally, the R44 Astro was the main production model, but was dropped in favor of the hydraulically-assisted R44 "Raven" in 2000. The Raven II model (2002 onwards) used a fuel injected engine, tuned induction, optional air conditioning, optional night VFR, 28-volt electrical system, and extended-chord blades for increased performance.

The R-44 is a single-engined helicopter with a semi-rigid two-bladed main rotor and a two-bladed tail rotor and a skid landing gear. It has an enclosed cabin with two rows of side-by-side seating for a pilot and three passengers.

Tail rotor direction of rotation on the R44 is reversed compared to the R22 for improved yaw control authority. On the R44 the advancing blade is on the bottom.


  • LR Helicopters Inc.
 Dominican Republic
 South Africa

Specifications (R44 Raven II)

R44 Raven II
R44 Raven II

R44 Raven at RIAT 2008
R44 Raven at RIAT 2008

R44 at KMYF San Diego
R44 at KMYF San Diego

Data from Robinson R44 Raven II Pilot's Operating Handbook and FAA approved rotorcraft flight manual, dated June 13, 2005.

General characteristics

  • Crew: 1 (pilot)
  • Capacity: 3 (passengers)
  • Payload: 900 lb (408 kg)
  • Length: (body only) 21 ft 5 in (9.0 m)
  • Rotor diameter: 33 ft (10.1 m)
  • Height: 10 ft 9 in (3.3 m)
  • Empty weight: 1450 lb (657.7 kg)
  • Loaded weight: 2500 lb (1134 kg)
  • Powerplant:Lycoming IO-540-AE1A5 6 cylinder, horizontally opposed, direct drive, air cooled, fuel injected, normally aspirated, 5 minute max of 245 bhp (183 kW), max continuous power of 205 bhp (153 kW) ()
  • Main tank total capacity: 31.6 US gallons (120 liters)
  • Main tank usable capacity: 30.6 US gallons (116 liters)
  • Optional aux tank total capacity: 18.5 US gallons (70 liters)
  • Optional aux tank usable capacity: 18.3 US gallons (69 liters)


  • Never exceed speed: 130 kt (150 mph)
  • Maximum speed: 130 kt (240 km/h) (150 mph)
  • Cruise speed: 110 kt (127 mph)
  • Range: 300 nm (560 km) (345 miles)
  • Service ceiling: 14,000 ft density altitude or 9,000 ft above ground level (in order to be able to reach ground within 5 minutes in case of fire) ()The R44 can use either 100 low lead fuel or 100/130. Main tank holds 30.6 US gallons usable (116 liters), Aux tank holds 18.3 US gallons usable (69 liters).

Tail rotor has a diameter of 4 ft 10 in (1.5 m) and the total length of the helicopter from rotor tip to tail is 38 ft 4 in (11.7 m)

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Published in July 2009.

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