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Antonov An-28

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Antonov An-28 of Rodina
Role Short-range airliner
Manufacturer Antonov
First flight September 1969
Introduced 1986
Status Operational
Primary user Aeroflot
Produced 1975-1993
Number built 191
Developed from Antonov An-14
Variants PZL M-28
Antonov An-38

The Antonov An-28 (NATO reporting name Cash) is a 2-engined light prop transport aircraft, developed from the Antonov An-14M. It was the winner of a competition against the Beriev Be-30 for use by Aeroflot as a short-range airliner. It first flew in 1969.

A total of 191 were built and 68 remain in airline service at August 2006.

After a short pre-production series built by Antonov, it was licence-built in Poland by PZL-Mielec-Mielec. In 1993, PZL-Mielec developed its own improved variant, the PZL M-28 Skytruck.


The An-28 is similar to the An-14 in many of its aspects, including its wing structure and twin rudders, but features an expanded fuselage and turboprop engines, in place of the An-14's piston engines. The An-28 first flew as a modified An-14 in 1969. The next pre-production model did not fly until 1975. In passenger carrying configuration, accommodation was provided for up to 15 people, in addition to the two-man crew. Production was transferred to PZL-Mielec in 1978. The first Polish-built aircraft did not fly until 1984. The An-28 finally received its Soviet type certificate in 1986.


The original Antonov designation for an enlarged, twin-turboprop version of the An-14.
Twin-engined short-range utility transport aircraft, three built.
An-28RM Bryza 1RM
Search and rescue, air ambulance aircraft.
An-28TD Bryza 1TD
Transport version.


Civil Operators

Major operators of the 68 Antonov An-28 aircraft remaining in airline service include:

  • Tajik Air (8)
  • Some 21 other airlines operate smaller numbers of the type.

Military Operators


Former Operators

 Soviet Union

Notable accidents and incidents

Specifications (An-28)

Comparison of the An-14 and the An-28
Comparison of the An-14 and the An-28

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Published in July 2009.

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