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Mitsubishi Regional Jet

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MRJ 70 / MRJ 90
MRJ and its specifications
Role Regional jet
National origin Japan
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
Status Under development

The Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) is a passenger jet aircraft seating 70-96 passengers to be manufactured by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, a partnership between majority owner Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Toyota Motor Corporation. The aircraft program is expected to be launched in early 2008. It would be the first airliner Japan has designed and produced domestically since the NAMC YS-11 of the 1960s.

Design and development

The MRJ will be the launch platform for Pratt & Whitney's PW1000G Geared Turbofan engine. The aircraft is expected to be the first regional jet aircraft to adopt composite materials for its airframe on a significant scale.

A cabin mockup and a scale model was presented at the 47th Paris Air Show in June 2007.The company has decided to formally offer the aircraft for sale to potential customers. Production is planned to begin in 2012.

All Nippon Airways is the first customer, with an order for 15 MRJ 90s, and an option for 10 more.


Six versions are planned using two different fuselage lengths. The MRJ70 will have a passenger capacity of 70-80 and the MRJ90 will have a passenger capacity of 86-96.


All Nippon Airways: 25 aircraft.


Sources: MRJ Aviation Week

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Published - July 2009

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