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List of communications satellite firsts

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Early milestones in the history of communications satellites.

Satellite First Year
Herman Potocnik Describes a space station in geosynchronous orbit 1928
Arthur C. Clarke Proposes a station in geosynchronous orbit to relay communications and broadcast television 1945
Sputnik 1 First satellite equipped by radio-transmitters 1957
Project SCORE America's first communications satellite 1958
Echo I First passive reflector satellite August 1960
Courier 1B First active repeater satellite October 1960
Telstar First satellite designed to transmit television and high-speed data communications; first transatlantic television July 1962
Syncom 2 First communications satellite in geosynchronous orbit July 1963
Syncom 3 First communications satellite in geostationary orbit; first transpacific television August 1964
OSCAR-III First amateur radio communications satellite March 1965
Molniya First Soviet communication satellite, highly elliptic orbit October 1965
Early Bird INTELSAT's first satellite for commercial service April 1965
Orbita First national TV network based on satellite television (Russian) November 1967
Anik 1 First national satellite for Canada 1973
Westar 1 USA's first commercial geostationary communications satellite April 1974
Symphonie First geostationary communications satellite to be three-axis stabilized 19 December 1974
Aryabhata First Indian satellite 19 April 1975
Ekran First serial Direct-To-Home TV communication satellite 1976
Palapa A1 First Indonesian communications satellite July 8 1976
TDRSS First satellite designed to provide communications relay services for other spacecraft 1983
Arabsat-1A First communications satellite for the Arab League 2 February 1985
Turksat 1B First communications satellite for Turkey 10 August 1994

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Published in July 2009.

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