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Jämtlands Flyg

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Jämtlands Flyg
Founded 1954
Hubs Göviken/Ostersund
Secondary hubs Ljusnedal/Funasdalen
Focus cities Ostersund
Fleet size 5-7
Company slogan Always Ready for Take-Off
Headquarters Ostersund, Jamtland, Sweden
Key people Sara Grinde (CEO)
Ulf Grinde (Manager of Flight Operations)
Website: www.JamtlandsFlyg.se Helicopter Company

Jämtlands Flyg AB is a Swedish helicopter company that specialise in both Aerial and charter work. They operate out of the main heliport Göviken in the city of Östersund, in the county of Jämtland.

Jämtlands Flyg AB is a member of SFR (the Swedish Association of Aviation Companies).


The company was founded in 1954 by the mountain-aviator Gunnar Andersson. At first operations were solely by seaplanes. The company also ran cabins in the mountains for mainly fishing tourists and grouse hunters. Later these were sold off and the rotor wing aircraft took over entirely. Andersson died in a plane crash in 1974. Later his daughter Siw A. Grinde took over as CEO in 1981 and ran the company until his grand-daughter Sara Grinde took over as CEO in 2007. The company is still fully family owned in the third generation.



Jämtlands Flyg AB operates five to seven helicopters depending on season and missions.

Helicopter No of aircraft Seats Sling Load
Eurocopter AS350B2 Ecureuil 1 6-7 1160 kg[2]
Eurocopter EC 120B Colibri 3 5 550 kg[3]
Robinson R44 Raven II 2 4 300 kg[4]
Schweizer 300/Hughes 269 1 2-3 150 kg


Bases with heli-ports and hangers are in use at the following locations:

Heliport/Base Location Details Coordinates
Göviken Ostersund, Jamtland Main office, hangars and service 63°11′33″N 14°37′53″E / 63.1925°N 14.63139°E / 63.1925; 14.63139
Ljusnedal Funasdalen, Harjedalen Hangars 62°31′24″N 12°35′27″E / 62.52333°N 12.59083°E / 62.52333; 12.59083
Laisholm Tarnaby, Västerbotten Hangars 65°45′21″N 15°9′36″E / 65.75583°N 15.16°E / 65.75583; 15.16
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www.JamtlandsFlyg.se Helicopter Company's Official homepage

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Published - July 2009

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