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Vostok programme

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Vostok spacecraft model
Vostok spacecraft model

The Vostok programme (Russian: Восто́к, translated as Orient or East) was a Soviet human spaceflight project that succeeded in putting a person into Earth orbit for the first time. The programme developed the Vostok spacecraft from the Zenit spy satellite project and adapted the Vostok rocket from an existing ICBM design. Just before the first release of the name Vostok to the press, it was a classified word.



A series of prototype Vostoks, including at least five with animals and some with test dummies aboard, were used to qualify the spacecraft for human flight. Dates given are dates of spacecraft launch.

Vostok manned flights

Planned missions

Another seven Vostok flights (Vostok 7 to 13) were originally planned, going through to April of 1966, but these were cancelled and the components recycled into the Voskhod programme, which was intended to achieve more Soviet firsts in space.

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Published - July 2009

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