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A new trend among aircraft model collectors is to build model airports. While airport models have been around, in a way, since air fields were open to the public, early model airports were basically restricted to public showcases about the airport and its surroundings to the public; these were usually located inside the airport themselves.

A model of Sofia Airport, put together inside that airport

A model of Sofia Airport, put together inside that airport

One of the first model airport toys available to the public was Fisher-Price's Little People's airport set, released in the 1970s.

However, since Herpa Wings's introduction of their airport set series to their line of airline related toys, there has been an increase of aircraft modellers who have made mock airports to showcase their private collection of model aircraft. Usually, the collector will model their airport after a real life airport. Many of these collectors have internet sites in which they show their airports to other collectors.

Most of the time, collectors who make model airports use die-cast airline models for their creation. Among the brands of die cast aircraft models most commonly used on these airports are Schabak, Herpa Wings, Dragon Wings, Gemini Jets and others.

Model airports could be made to look very realistic, with many real airport features such as toy terminals, control towers, cargo terminals, hangars, passenger bridges and more. Conversely, they could also be very simple, as some collectors just get a piece of paper, draw a runway on it, place it over a table, add their plane models and call it their model airport.

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Published in July 2009.

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