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Al Dhafra Airport

Al Dhafra Air Base

Al Dhafra
Air Base
Location of airport in United Arab Emirates
Airport type Military
Location Al Dhafra, United Arab Emirates
Elevation AMSL 77 ft / 23 m
Coordinates 24°14′53″N 054°32′51″E / 24.24806°N 54.5475°E / 24.24806; 54.5475
Direction Length Surface
m ft
13L/31R 3,661 12,012 Asphalt
13R/31L 3,661 12,012 Asphalt

Al Dhafra Air Base (ICAO: OMAM) is a US-French military installation in the United Arab Emirates. The base is located approximately 20 miles (32 km) south of Abu Dhabi and it hosts UAE, United States and France military.

World Trade Center memorials at Al Dhafra, June 2004
World Trade Center memorials at Al Dhafra, June 2004


The airport resides at an elevation of 77 feet (23 m) above mean sea level. It has two runways, 13L/31R and 13R/31L, each having an asphalt surface measuring 3,661 by 46 metres (12,011 × 151 ft).

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General Info
Country United Arab Emirates
Time UTC+4
Latitude 24.248249
24° 14' 53.70" N
Longitude 54.547722
054° 32' 51.80" E
Elevation 77 feet
23 meters
Type Military
Magnetic Variation 001° E (05/06)
Operating Agency MILITARY
Alternate Name MUQATRA
Operating Hours UNKNOWN

TWR 118.3
PMSV/CP 308.35
BASS OPS 264.5
GND 240.9
DRACO OPS 123.45
Communications Remarks  
TWR (Twr freq 119.6 UFN.)
PMSV US Mil wx stn provides full obsn, fcst, and PMSV svc 24 hrs on Al Dhafra Metro or relay via DRACO OPS. ATIS not avbl at Al Dhafra.

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
13R/31L 12012 x 150 feet
3661 x 46 meters
13L/31R 12012 x 150 feet
3661 x 46 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
VORTAC MA AL DHAFRA 096X 114.9 At Field -

Fuel Unknown fuel type or whether there is any fuel.

CAUTION Non-Standard VFR Rwy Hold Line on Twy Bravo 625 feet from Rwy 31R. RWY 13L/31R apch and dep end MAAS barriers maint in a disconnected state. No 180 turns forC-130 or larger acft. Use caution for dep/arr to Rwy 13R/31L lctd aprx 4,200 ftS/SE of Rwy 13L/31R. Rwy 13R/31L is for use by host nation acft only. Acft shall not use Rwy 13R/31L unless in an extreme emerg situation or after expressed permissions from host nation and 380 EOG/CC. Twy Alpha is also used as a prim ldg sfc for host nation helicopters. All hvy acft dep Rwy 31R/13L must taxi 500 ftprior to dep roll tkof. Acft conducting static tkof must taxi 1000 ft prior to dep. Const in progress at SE end of parl twy. All acft use caution on hi speed Twy C and E due to potential FOD. Potential for hydroplaning when braking on thefirst 1,000 ft of Rwy 13L/31R during wet weather conditions.
MISC Ltd trns svc avbl. Plan no or min practical fuel upload. Do not plan to RON, however; if a tran aircrew is apv to RON, billeting on-base is mandatory. No off-base travel authorized for tran aircrew. No space-A pax permitted. No trash off-load, lavatory or fleet svc avbl. See for afld-specific info. Inst approaches not published in DoD FLIP. IAP's avbl at Tran crews are reminded to do a through crew study prior to recovering at this stn. Recovery via visual apch is not authorized when inst apch is avbl.
RSTD OFFL BUS ONLY/PPR. All acft rqr PPR at least 48hrs in adv, but no earlier than one week in adv. If possible, email requirements to and 24hr PN. AM Ops DSN 318-434-4512 or Comd post DSN 318-434-3503. All tran US MIL acft ctc Comd Post 30 min prior to landing. Host nation enforces strict compliance with FCG. For divert info, see AP/2. Acft largerthan C130 carrying haz cargo coord w Base Ops no later than 72 hr prior to arr.due to Host Nation restrictions.
RWY Fst 1,000 ft of Rwy 13L/31R is Con. Middle 10,012 ft of Rwy 13L/31R is ASP. Twy adjoining Rwy 31L/13R and Rwy 31R/13L are only 33 ft wide. Fst 2,335 ft of Rwy 13R/31L is CON. Middle 7,342 ft is ASP.

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