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Stryi Air Base

Stryi (Ukrainian Стрий, also given more correctly as Stryj, or yet Stryy) is an air base in Lviv Oblast, Ukraine located 4 km southwest of Stryi. It is a large base with 6 km of parking area taxiways and numerous revetments.

Units that have been stationed at Stryy include:

  • 179th Fighter Aviation Regiment (179 IAP). The regiment flew Sukhoi Su-9 (Fishpot) interceptors beginning in the 1960s, then in 1978 upgraded to the MiG-23M (Flogger-B). By the end of the Cold War the regiment was flying 43 MiG-23MLD. This regiment was under 8th Air Defence Army Soviet Air Defence Forces (8 OA PVO). In 1992 it was taken over by Ukraine. In October 1994 it was renamed 10th Aviation Base, and the base was disbanded in December 1996.
  • 260th Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment (260 TBAP) flying Tupolev Tu-16 and later 20 Tupolev Tu-22M3 aircraft at the end of the Cold War. Under 13th Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Division, 46th Air Army, and later seemingly 106th Long Range Aviation Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In 2009 work started on dismantling buildings, warehouses, garages and other property on the aerodrome acted against the community and district government area. Zokrama Striyskoy District Council chairman Roman Kozak said: ‘Investors are willing to come even today, is an American company that consents to recover the strip to the airport work, taking planes to refuel’.

Stryi Air Base, Ukraine.jpg
  • IATA: none
  • ICAO: none
Airport type Military
Location Stryi
Elevation AMSL 1,024 ft / 312 m
Coordinates 49°14′36″N
Stryi Air Base

Stryi Air Base
Location of Stryi Air Base in Ukraine
Direction Length Surface
ft m
9,842 3,000 Concrete

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