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Tingwall Airport (Lerwick)

Tingwall Airport (Lerwick)

Visitors to Shetland either arrive by ship which will dock at Holmsgarth Terminal in Lerwick, or by plane which will mean landing at Sumburgh Airport. There are several options in your onward travel to Papa Stour. Which options you choose depend on whether you want to fly to Papa Stour on an internal flight, or take the inter island ferry. The Papa Stour ferry uses the mainland port of West Burrafirth on the Westside of Shetland. The inter island flights use Tingwall airstrip near Lerwick. Note: Internal flights are only available on a Tuesday for Papa Stour. Ferry passengers who have brought their own car will find directions on this page.


The journey from Sumburgh Airport to West Burrafirth ferry (for Papa Stour) is about 50 miles (80km).

The journey from Lerwick to West Burrafirth is about 26 miles (45km).

The journey from Sumburgh Airport to Tingwall Airport is about 30 miles (51km).

The journey from Lerwick to Tingwall Airport is about 6 miles (10km).

Tingwall Airport (Lerwick) Tingwall (Lerwick) Airport
Baillister/Tingwall Airport
01595 840306

Tingwall Airport : Air Transport in Shetland

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