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North Coates Flying Club

North Coates Flying Club Based on the former RAF North Coates Airfield, our club welcomes all aviation enthusiasts and private pilots. Our facilities cater for anything from a Group A aircraft to a Paramotor! During the year we hold various events, including our infamous "Brass Monkey" Fly-In.

The club was formed in the autumn of 1995 and has gradually increased its membership over the years. It produces it's own monthly full colour newsletter "BLOODHOUND" which keeps it's members updated about events and current news about the club and aviation in the area. Currently there are no plans to purchase or hire an aircraft for club use but as membership increases so does the possibility of that happening.

North Coates Flying Club exists to keep aviation alive at North Coates and this is demonstrated by the many varied aircraft based here. Group A, Microlights, Autogyro's and even a paramotor or two. There is also a collection of jet cockpit sections. The club is also very much aware of the airfield's history and has over 100 photo's spanning a 70 year period in it's collection, plus many artefacts which hopefully one day we will be able to display.

The club has a working agreement with the nearby Air Weapons Range at Donna Nook and flying and training activity does take place during the range hours in cooperation with the MOD. Weekday visitors must contact the range by radio.

For this reason North Coates exists to provide a social and leisure base for aviators and the popularity of our summer flying meetings is an indication of the need for this facility. Annual membership is inexpensive, certainly one of the most value for money in the area. For further details contact us by e-mail, through the postal address or telephone the club on 01472 388850 (weekends best availability).


North Coates history can be traced back to 1914 when the army opened a camp on the site. The first aircraft, a BE2c, was noted landing here on 4th August that year. It wasn't until 1926 though that the airfield then know as North Coates Fitties really became established with the formation of an armaments practice camp.

The 1930's saw North Coates Fitties expand from temporary tented accommodation to permanent buildings and hangars with the addition of an Air Observers School. Bomber squadrons would spend two weeks at the airfield whilst utilising the nearby Theddlethorpe range.

At the outbreak of WW2 the airfield was transferred to Coastal Command and the name Fitties dropped. Bristol Blenheim 1F and 1VF's were the first occupants tasked with attacking enemy shipping at low level. A trade mark which Coastal Command continued throughout the conflict. The Blenheim gave way to the Lockhead Hudson Hampden torpedo bomber, Bristol Beaufighter and Bristol Beaufort. It was whilst flying a Bristol Beaufort that flying officer Kenneth Campbell of 22 Sqdn. was posthumously awarded the VC for his daring attack on the Gneisenaua in Brest harbour.

North Coates is probably best known for the formation of the very fast Beaufighter Strike Wing who gained notoriety for their daring and highly successful low level attacks on enemy convoys. A task they carried out until the cessation of hostilities.

Post war, the airfield hosted a variety of maintenance units and a squadron of Sycamore helicopters before the UK's first Bloodhound SAM site. The RAF finally pulled out of North Coates in 1990 ceasing 64 years of continuous Military occupation.

North Coates Flying Club
North Coates Air Field, North Cotes,
South Humberside
DN36 5XU

Tel: 01472 388850

E-mail: info at ncflyingclub flyer co uk

WWW: North Coates Flying Club

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