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London Biggin Hill Airport

London Biggin Hill Airport

A Vision for London Biggin Hill Airport

The Government envisages Biggin Hill as an airport open for the whole community, ones that meets the needs of:

  • Flying Training
  • Private & Corporate Aviation
  • Passenger Flights to European destinations

LBHAL supports the Government’s overall proposals for the airport which will provide a helpful contribution to meeting the runway capacity issues in the S.E. The proposals open up the airport for use by members of the public, once again giving them quick and convenient access to European flights and avoiding the congestion of the big London airports.

The proposals would also help to reduce existing surface journeys to other airports, and provide many social benefits including, convenience for local travellers, increased employment opportunities, securing the airport’s economic contribution to south London and recognising the environmental concerns expressed by residents in the past.

London's Only Business Airport

Biggin Hill has 1,800m / 6,000ft runway that is long enough to accommodate bizjets up to and including GV, Global Express, Airbus A319CJ and Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and no runway slots are needed.

The Airport enjoys a prime location just 12 miles from Central London and within easy reach of the motorway network.

Biggin Hill Executive Aircraft Handling offer a dedicated, discreet and professional service to facilitate your aircraft turnaround, and can facilitate maintenance and hangar facilities, aircraft and helicopter charter, limousine service, hotel accommodation, executive inflight catering.... In short, Biggin Hill meets and exceeds the needs of the operators of corporate, fractional, private and charter aircraft that visit Biggin Hill every day from all over the World.

General Aviation at Biggin Hill

There are a number of flying clubs and schools at Biggin Hill offering flying training, and for the established pilot, there are hangar and maintenance providers, parts suppliers and the Biggin Hill Private Owners Association to keep you up to date with what's happening on the Airport and in the GA community.


Over the past 40 years, this famous Airport has steadily changed from being a busy RAF base into a commercial regional airport. The historic ties are remembered annually at the international Biggin Hill Air Show. A summary of the history since it opened in 1917 as a communications base is as follows:-

1920s Commenced flying.

1930s Existing north-east south-west runway opened.

1940s Battle of Britain air station with Spitfires and Hurricanes.

1950s Front line RAF Station with squadrons of jet fighters.

1960s Following closure of Croydon Airport, started as a civil airport with HM Immigration and Customs Port of Entry, with light aircraft training and some commercial passenger and cargo flights.

1970s Acquired by Bromley Council from the RAF for ?480,000 in total (?3,342,000 at today’s prices) with a commitment to remain open as an airport. Light aircraft, flying training and commercial passenger and cargo flights increased.

1980s Operated by the Council as a civil airport with up to 200,000 light aircraft flights per annum. Commercial, scheduled and/or charter passenger flights permitted.

1988 The Council introduced Airports UK, an airport management company, in a bid to increase revenues, but under a legal clause in their agreement, the Council banned them from permitting scheduled passenger flights altogether. Charter flights were still permitted and members of the public still had the freedom to buy tickets to fly on them.

1990s With financial pressure to invest more and more ratepayers’ money to meet repairs and operating costs, the Council reversed its decision on scheduled flights in 1991 and actively supported new passenger services. The first regular flights on which the public could buy tickets were to Carlisle and Le Touquet, with services to Manchester, Paris and many other cities planned.

1994 Unfortunately the measures to increase regular public transport flights did not resolve the financial difficulties of the Airport quickly.
The Council was then prevented by Government policy from spending more ratepayers’ money on repairs, equipment and running costs, so it sold the Airport business ‘as a going concern’ to London Biggin Hill Airport Limited (BHAL). The Airfield was leased for 125 years, on condition that all future costs and repairs would be borne by BHAL, with rent and a share of the profits going to the Council each year.
The Airport itself has contributed more than ?750,000 in rent and council share of turnover since 1994 and together with the tenants have added another ?3 million by way of rates. There were no specific limitations on scheduled or charter flights in the Business Sale Agreement or Lease, or any public consultations or statements by the Council about its plans to prevent members of the public in future from buying a ticket to fly from the Airport in the future.

2000 Some six years after the Airport sale to BHAL, Bromley Council sought to ban individual fare paying passengers from using the Airport, saying that it had not been their intention to permit the operation of aircraft carrying individual fare paying passengers in 1994, but that they would consider applications on a ‘case by case’ basis.

2002 The matter is still not finally resolved and flights on which individuals can buy a ticket have not yet been approved by the Council. The Minister of Transport has requested that the Council and the Airport each consider and respond to the Government’s new consultation paper on UK runway capacity before concluding the dispute.

2003 Government publishes White Paper 'The Future of Aviation' which sets out a 30 year policy framework for UK airport development.

Services available at the Airport

  • - Eight flying training schools for private and commercial pilots.
  • - Hangarage and maintenance facilities for private aircraft owners.
  • - Aircraft for charter by groups, companies or individuals.
  • - Offices and facilities to rent for companies engaged in or using aviation.
  • - An annual Air Show for all the family.
  • Community Benefits

  • - 1,100 jobs on-site spread over more than 40 airport and adjoining companies.
  • - Employment opportunities from the largest diversified employment centre in the Borough.
  • - New business for the region as a catalyst for inward investment and employment.
  • - An annual contribution to the cost of Council and Community services from a share of turnover and/or
  • profits from the Airport.

  • - Financial contributions to local community projects and amenities through the Airport Community Chest.
  • - A choice of training and work experience programmes offered by companies at the Airport.
  • - Quick and convenient access by air to European cities and beyond.
  • - Tight environmental controls with increasing systems for monitoring.
  • More Information

    More information is available from:-
    i) Other information sheets issued by the Airport;
    ii) Visiting this website
    iii) Visiting the Airport on an arranged visit, call 01959 578500
    iv) Leaving your request on our comments line, call 01959 578580
    v) By visiting Airport open days;
    vi) Through your representative on the Airport Consultative Committee.


    London Biggin Hill Airport
    Passenger & Executive Terminal
    Biggin Hill
    Kent  TN16 3BN
    Switchboard Tel:  
    +44 (0) 1959 578500
    Main Fax: 
    +44 (0) 1959 540406
    Executive Aircraft Handling 
    Tel: +44 (0) 1959 578550 / 567
    Fax: +44 (0) 1959 576404
    Operations & Met Tel: +44 (0) 1959 578525
    Operations Fax: +44 (0) 1959 576404

    E-mail: enquiries at bigginhillairport com


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    We thank them for the data!

    General Info
    Country United Kingdom
    Time UTC 0(+1DT)
    Latitude 51.330833
    51° 19' 51.00" N
    Longitude 0.032500
    000° 01' 57.00" E
    Elevation 598 feet
    182 meters
    Type Civil
    Magnetic Variation 002° W (01/05)
    International Clearance Status Airport of Entry
    Daylight Savings Time Last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October

    TWR 134.8
    THAMES RDR 132.7
    ATIS 121.875
    APP 129.4

    ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
    03/21 5912 x 148 feet
    1802 x 45 meters
    11/29 2664 x 148 feet
    812 x 45 meters

    Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
    VOR-DME BIG BIGGIN 098X 115.1 At Field -

    Fuel Jet A1, without icing nhibitor.

    100/130 MIL Spec, low lead, aviation gasoline (BLUE)

    CAUTION Both ends of Rwy 03-21 wid is twice that of associated edge lgt due to extra pavement on one side, pilots should ensure they are lined up correctly especially if tkof is at ngt or in low vis. Rpt LDA Rwy 03 5112'; rpt LDA Rwy 21 5479'.
    CSTM/AG/IMG NAV Avbl dur A/D opr hr.
    FUEL (NC-100LL, A1)
    LGT PAPI Rwy 03 GS 4.0 MEHT 43', PAPI Rwy 21 MEHT 50'.
    MISC Ldg fees.
    OPR HOURS Opr 0730-2100Z++ Mon-Fri; 0900-2000Z++ Sat, Sun and hol. OT by arng.

    Runway 03/21

    5912 x 148 feet
    1802 x 45 meters

    Runway 03
    Surface ASPHALT
    True Heading 026.0
    Latitude 51.323625
    51° 19' 25.05" N
    Longitude 0.027058
    000° 01' 37.41" E
    Elevation 577.0 feet
    176 meters
    Slope -1.0°
    Landing Distance 5122 feet
    1561 meters
    Takeoff Distance 5912 feet
    1802 meters
    Displaced Threshold Length 790 feet
    241 meters
    Lighting System HIRL

    Runway 21
    Surface ASPHALT
    True Heading 206.0
    Latitude 51.338256
    51° 20' 17.72" N
    Longitude 0.038050
    000° 02' 16.98" E
    Elevation 517.0 feet
    158 meters
    Slope 1.0°
    Landing Distance 5912 feet
    1802 meters
    Takeoff Distance 5912 feet
    1802 meters
    Lighting System HIRL

    Runway 11/29

    2664 x 148 feet
    812 x 45 meters

    Runway 11
    Surface ASPHALT
    True Heading 105.0
    Latitude 51.323525
    51° 19' 24.69" N
    Longitude 0.027683
    000° 01' 39.66" E
    Elevation 586.0 feet
    179 meters
    Slope 0.5°
    Landing Distance 2664 feet
    812 meters
    Takeoff Distance 2664 feet
    812 meters

    Runway 29
    Surface ASPHALT
    True Heading 285.0
    Latitude 51.321586
    51° 19' 17.71" N
    Longitude 0.038922
    000° 02' 20.12" E
    Elevation 598.0 feet
    182 meters
    Slope -0.5°
    Landing Distance 2664 feet
    812 meters
    Takeoff Distance 2664 feet
    812 meters


    Type ID Channel Freq Country State
    VOR-DME BIG 098X 115.1 United Kingdom -
    Latitude Longitude Airport
    51° 19' 51.15" N
    000° 02' 05.32" E

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