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Lands End Aerodrome

Lands End Aerodrome

Situated close to Land's End itself, the Airport enjoys a spectacular setting. Overlooking the dramatic Cornish coast offering a welcome relief to the bustle of ‘up-country’ life.
Within the immediate vicinity are several tourist attractions, scenic walks and plentiful accommodation. The South West Coastal Footpath is adjacent to the Airport and leads to many stunning beaches including Sennen Cove and Porthcurno.

The Airport is home to Skybus, the scheduled airline that carries passengers and freight to the Isles of Scilly, and Westward Airways who operate the airport, flying school and scenic flights. Both Skybus and Westward Airways are subsidiaries of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company.

The Airport offers all the usual facilities including a newly refurbished terminal, café and clubhouse where you can watch the aircraft while eating your Cornish pasty!

Land's End Airport - A Brief History

1936 - 8th May - Capt. Gordon Olley registers a new airline called Channel Air Ferries with landing rights for a commercial service between Penzance and St. Mary’s.

1941 - 3rd June – Dragon Rapide GACPY disappeared after leaving St. Mary’s for Land’s End. An immediate search was made (five passengers and the pilot were on board). Only one body was found (a passenger - washed up near Portreath). The service was suspended until 27th October. It was later established that a Heinkel 111H4 attacked the aircraft with its nose mounted machine-gun. Its port engine on fire, the DH84 crashed into the sea and sank - a legitimate target with its military appearance and government links.
27th October – Service resumed. The airline worked more closely with the radar station at Trevescan near Land’s End so that before their aircraft took off, the station would confirm that there were no Luftwaffe aircraft in the area. GADDI returned for civilian duty to help GACPP. A new pilot started on the route - Capt. Hearn.
4th Nov – Ban reinstated and Land’s End closed. The landing area was partially obstructed, but even so the service continued to run on a limited basis.

1945 - May – Germany surrenders.
June – Scheduled services recommenced. The Land’s End to St. Mary’s route was the only UK air route flown almost continuously throughout the war. There were only a handful of operators in existence.
A new charter company was formed, ‘Island Air Services’ operating two Proctors (GAHGR and GAHTF) based on St. Mary’s. They were used for pleasure flights and the transportation of flowers and vegetables to Land’s End. This company expanded so fast that this operation was wound up for the more lucrative London market in Dec 1948.

1957 - Ticket prices were now £1.10s single, £2.10s return. The route was said to be BEA’s busiest internal flight. Up to 20 round trips a day were made. It was also the last BEA service to operate Rapides – altogether Rapides GAFEZ, GAGSH, GAHKU, GAHLL, GAHXW, GAJCL and GAKZB flew on the service over the years.

1962 - March - Capt. Hearn retired as BEA’s Senior Pilot at Land’s End after nearly twenty years service. During that time he logged 31,560 flights, more than a million miles and some 15,000 hours on the route. He had flown many times in very poor conditions in order for Islanders to receive urgent medical attention on the mainland. He was remembered with great affection.

1970 - 30th April – Aerodrome now managed by a Joint Committee. It is jointly owned by Penwith District Council (50%), Kerrier District Council (25%) and Cornwall County Council (25%).
Summer- A new company, Island Air Charter, had been formed at Land’s End with Islander GAYCV. This was used for charter work, pleasure flights and the transport of perishables.
Sept – Brymon Aviation (which had been formed at Fairoaks during 1969) carried out charter flights in their first Islander, GAXXJ, to, amongst other places, Land’s End and St. Mary’s.

1989 - Early - A new hanger was erected (now housing the engineering facilities) and the tower was refurbished. A proposal to tarmac the runways was abandoned.
Islanders, GPASZ, GBESO, GAXWP and GAXWR were all used by Skybus.

Lands End Aerodrome1994 - April – The ISSC purchased its first Twin Otter aircraft, GBIHO, to operate its ‘up-country’ routes from Newquay, Exeter, Bristol and Southampton. This aircraft was ex-Brymon but purchased from Abu Dhabi.

2001 - May – The council Joint Committee who own the aerodrome decide to sell the freehold in a closed bid auction. A property company in London, Ambercroft Properties Ltd., submits the highest bid and buys the aerodrome for £376,000. The ISSC continue as the aerodromes tenants.

2004 - 9th Aug – Skybus celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

The Skybus fleet currently consists of Islanders GSBUS, GBUBN, GSSKY and two Twin-Otters GBIHO and GCBML. In addition to passengers, freight, mail and local produce are still carried. The journey to St. Mary’s from Land’s End takes around 15 minutes at about 1,500 feet. On busy Saturday’s during the season as many as 45 round trips are made. Other routes that Skybus serves include Newquay, Exeter, Bristol and Southampton. The airlines base is still Land’s End.

The Westward Airways fleet (Westward Airways Flying School) currently consists of two Cessna 152’s (GOCPC and GBFHT), a Cherokee 140 (GASPK) and the scenic Cessna FR 172F (GAWWU). The club has operated as a training school for over 30 years and currently teaches PPL, NPPL, IMC and RTL courses.


Lands End AerodromeLAND'S END AIRPORT : Land's End offers frequent flights daily, (Mon Sat) with a ping pong service operating during the main season, with aircraft operating every 10-15 minutes.

DIRECTIONS : Land's End Airfield, St. Just, Penzance.

Follow the A30 to Penzance, then signs for Lands End, turn right at Crows an Wra. The airfield lies one mile beyond.

TRANSPORT : Skybus provide a pick up / drop off service into Penzance. Pick up is approximately 1 hour prior to depature time, timing will be confirmed when you book your flight. This is charged at £2.50 each way (£5 return). Please book in advance with your flight.

Rail and Bus networks provide regular services to Penzance. Contact British Rail on 08457 484950 or Bus Information on 0870 6082608.

PARKING : Secure parking is provided. This is charged at £4 per day at the time of booking or £5 per day on arrival. Contact our Travel Centre for more details: 0845 710 5555.

ST. MARY'S AIRPORT, ISLES OF SCILLY : On arrival you will be greeted by Paulger's Passenger Transport. Their friendly staff will take you and your luggage to any St. Mary's destination for £2.50 per person (£5 return). They also provide a collection service on arrangement.

Land's End Airport
St. Just
Cornwall TR19 7RL

Telephone: +44 (0) 1736 788771
Flying School Telephone: +44 (0) 1736 785227
Fascimile: +44 (0) 1736 787651
Skybus: +44 (0) 845 710 5555

Email: flyingclub at islesofscilly-travel co uk


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