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Fife (Glenrothes) Airport

Fife (Glenrothes) Airport Formed over thirty six years ago (in 1968), at what was then Riverside Airstrip in Dundee, with a solitary single seat Tipsy Nipper, Tayside Aviation has developed into one of the foremost flying training and aircraft engineering organisations in the United Kingdom.

It currently operates around two dozen aircraft from three locations: Dundee, Perth and Fife (Glenrothes) Airports, and offers JAR Private Pilots License (PPL), National Private Pilots License (NPPL), Commercial Pilots License (CPL) and Flying Instructor (FI) training as well as aircraft rental.

Fife (Glenrothes)

Fife (Glenrothes) Airfield is wholly owned and run by Tayside Aviation Ltd. The Airfield was voted the best United Kingdom Airfield in 1998 by Flyer Magazine and "The Tipsy Nipper" licensed Restaurant, which is located in the Airport Terminal, holds a Scottish Tourist Board 3-Star rating. Hangarage is also available at Fife Airport as is AVGAS supply. Air/Ground radio is normally available with visitors PPR.

Fife (Glenrothes) Airport Fife (Glenrothes) Airport
Fife Airport,

Tel: 01592 753792
Fax: 01592 612812


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