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Fair Isle Airport

Fair Isle Airport Aircraft should not fly low over islands or cliffs. Runway is banked above surrounding land and is subject to turbulence with westerly winds due to rising ground and high sea-cliffs to the west.

Ground falls away very steeply approx 30m from each runway end. Runway surface may be slippery when wet.

A landing on 06 can be somewhat disconcerting to those new to the 'field as the approach is over ground sloping down to the threshold of 06 which lies in something of a 'hole' - the centre of the 'strip being about six feet higher than either end! With a light to moderate wind blowing along the strip be prepared for a loss of air-speed just short of the 24 threshold as the wind drops into the valley. In stronger winds the airflow is more turbulent and the effect is less noticeable.

Bird activity can be a problem at times, especially during the late spring. The large birds often seen sitting on the 24 threshold end of the strip are Great Skuas and Arctic Skuas. These birds are very agile birds and will generally tend to get out of the way - though sometimes at the last moment.

Fair Isle Airport For more than 55 years the internationally renowned Fair Isle Bird Observatory has done scientific research on bird migration and the seabird breeding colonies – which are also a major tourist attraction.

Many keen birdwatchers stay at the comfortable Observatory Lodge to see the spring and autumn bird migrations. Fair Isle can produce impressive numbers of common species and also eastern rarities such as Lanceolated Warbler, Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler and Pechora Pipit. Visitors can accompany the wardens on their early morning rounds of the ringing traps, and help with daily observations.

From April to August the cliffs are busy with the sound (and smell!) of thousands of Fulmars, Kittiwakes, Razorbills, Guillemots, Black Guillemots and Puffins, while skuas and terns fiercely defend their nests on the moorland. There’s also a small colony of Gannets. Fair Isle is one of the best places to watch seabirds at close range, especially Puffins which will walk right up to you if you sit quietly.

Fair Isle Airport Fair Isle Airport
Fair Isle Airport
Fair Isle
Tel 01595 760224
Fax 01595 760252

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