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Žilina Airport


Žilina Airport (IATA: ILZ, ICAO: LZZI) is an airport serving Žilina, Slovakia. It is located near the village of Dolný Hričov, approximately 10 km west of Žilina itself. The airport Žilina is used for the air transport of Slovak and foreign companies, flights of firm and private aeroplanes, flight training and sport flying, air ambulance flights, special flight works and activity of the Slovak republic Army. Business usage, providing of operation services and technical handling of the Žilina airport are realised by the Airport company Žilina, company limited by shares, which is an operator of the airport. It serves for the region of northwest Slovakia with approximately 1,2 mil. inhabitants.

Žilina Airport picture
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The Žilina airport in Dolny Hricov was build in 1970ґs to replace the formerly existing Brazovsky Majer Airport that had to give ground to the developing Žilina city.

Žilina Airport picture

The first flight on the new airport had been realized on May 4th, 1972, and on August 2nd, 1974 the airport was officially open. The same year the scheduled Slov-Air L-410 aircraft type flight Žilina-Prague-Žilina was established. In 1981 the scheduled flight on the airport was cancelled due to fuel-energy related crisis following price raise in domestic air transportation. Only non-scheduled business flights took place there. The main purpose of the airport was to service the Žilina’s college of communication and transportation for their pilot training as well as Žilina’s Aeroclub, association of amateur sport flying.

In 1986 – 1990 ZTS Martin corporate air transportation Žilina-Prague-Žilina took place at the airport. The airport was open for non-scheduled international air transportation in April 1991 by the Žilina’s college of communication and transportation, on city of Žilina’s request.

The airport traffic was operated by Žilina Airport a.s. corporation, established from 1996 to September 30th, 2005 to service the international Žilina – Dolny Hricov Airport. Mainly the non-scheduled flights connected to regional market took place there. The corporation was established by city of Žilina in 1996 and in 1997 enterprise subjects as well as other cities and townships in region were involved. It was the first airport in Slovakia serviced by a private corporation.

In September 1997 the first scheduled flight Žilina-Prague-Žilina was established in cooperation with Czech operator AIR OSTRAVA and it ended in summer 1998 because the operator went out of business. The passengers remained interested about the service and that is why there was an open ground for re-establishment. In 2003 SIRS Žilina a.s. entered the Žilina Airport a.s. corporation. The next year preparatory actions to build a new terminal have started in order to reopen the scheduled flight.

Žilina Airport picture

These activities resulted in building a modern terminal and re-establishing the scheduled CSA operated flight Prague-Žilina-Prague using the 46-seats ATR42 aircraft.

Based on legislative act # 136/2004 Z.z. about airport corporations a new corporation Letiskova spolocnost Žilina a.s. has been founded to run the airport Žilina in Dolny Hricov. The promoter of the company and the only stockholder was the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak republic. During the first few months of the year 2005 there had been a number of negotiations about mutual relations between the Žilina Airport a.s. and the Letiskova spolocnost Žilina a.s. that lead to the signature of “Declaration of the Mutual Agreenment” in April 27th, 2005. Than more negotiations followed concerning fulfillment of obligations from the “Declaration” attended by the mutual partners and representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic, city of Žilina and Žilina county. All parties involved agreed to elect new representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic, the city of Žilina and the Žilina county in the beginning of July 2005.

All the principles agreed on from the “Declaration” were practically implemented in July 15th, 2005 when the new scheduled flight Prague-Žilina-Prague has been officially opened.

In July 18th, 2005 an important collective bargaining of the representatives of the Letisko Žilina a.s. and the Letiskova spolocnost Žilina a.s. took place at Žilina’s airport in Dolny Hricov. The main subject of discussion was to inform both parties about status of the airport operation and its development. The Representatives on both sites defined preparatory schedule and steps that would lead to a change of the airport’s operator in the short period of time.

Žilina Airport picture

The main goal of the schedule has been to continue and follow up with present development of the air transportation in Žilina’s region as well as to fulfill all the projects and engagements established by the former operator Letisko Žilina a.s. including the operation of the scheduled flight Žilina-Prague and back. Contracting parties have made a proposal of a contractual bond in order to impose cooperation between the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic, the city of Žilina, the Žilina county, the Letiskova spolocnost, a.s. and the Letisko Žilina, a.s.

The contracting parties have agreed to regulate their correlative rights in order not to jeopardize the airport running activities needed to keep a smooth operation of the scheduled CSA flight and ensure smooth future development of the air transportation in favor of passengers and the whole region. Based on the mutual agreement between the two corporations and approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic dated October 1st, 2005 Letiskova spolocnost Žilina a.s. became the new airport’s operator.

Planned development

The Airport Žilina situated in Dolný Hričov fulfils the needs of north-west region of Slovakia (cities as Trenčín, Pov.Bystrica, Púchov, Žilina, Kysuce, Orava, Martin, Ružomberok). With its popullation of 1,2 million people it is the third economic - industrial center, following Bratislava and Košice. This region is a part of Euro-region Beskydy.

The importance of Žilina airport is mainly to facilitate the access of international clients and investors who cooperate with companies in this region. The location is perfect for businesses which are directly associated with aviation. Every bigger investment in this region would never exist without aviation ( INA Kysuce, Volkswagen Martin, SCP Ružomberok, Johnson-Controls Martin, Tesco Žilina, Ecco Slovakia Martin, AVC Čadca, etc..). Visits from abroad are also very important for our international business, for the export. Occasionally the cargo has been provided so far.

Žilina Airport picture

Several flights are held in this active tourism, but the increase of flights is expected, especially because of spas /Rajecké Teplice, Bešeňová/, tourism and hiking /Vrátna, Martinské Hole,.. / and exhibitions. Traveling by air is also used by a number of great international sports personalities. The establishment of regular air transportation enables providing of flights between Žilina and a number of holiday resorts in Mediterranean.

The interest of foreign investors in activities in the region of north-west Slovakia is high. The amount of direct foreign investment in this region is on the third position in the Slovak Republic, following Bratislava and Košice. It may be expected an increase in this interest in a great variety of possibilities which have not been used so far.

The economic effect of a regional airport starts when being actively joined with the local economy. As a part of infrastructure in transportation can be reflected in the support of economic development in catchment area. A functional airport supports the contact with the whole world, entrance of foreign capital into the local economy, supports forming of new job positions and the development of tertiary sphere. The airport itself is economical after providing sufficient amount of flights and other additional services for passengers, crew, air companies and other users of an airport.

Final synergic effect of the airport - region link has got a favourable impact on further economic development of both sides.


The passengers would be able to use the scheduled flight Prague-Žilina-Prague operated by the Czech Airlines. The transportation is provided by the 46-seats 2 engines ATR airplane

Flight connection from Prague to Žilina is operating 2 times every day.
You can use other connecting flights from Prague to the whole world.
You can book and buy your ticket at any travel agencies selling airline tickets trough the whole world.

  Days Depar-ture Arrival
Flight No
Praha- Žilina 1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5  7
OK 0954, AF 4964, 
OK 0956
KL 3258, AZ 2812, SU 1677
KL 3260, AZ 2858, SU 1679
Žilina- Praha 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 2 3 4 5
OK 0957
OK 0955, AF 4965, 
KL 3261, AZ 2859, SU 1680
KL 3259, AZ 2813, SU 1678

Valid from 29. March 2009 until 24. October 2009


Žilina is a city in north-western Slovakia, around 200 kilometres (120 mi) from the capital Bratislava. It is the fourth largest city of Slovakia with a population of around 85,000, an important industrial centre, the largest city on the Váh river, and the seat of a kraj (Žilina Region) and of an okres (Žilina District).

Žilina Airport picture

Žilina is the main business and industrial hub of the Váh river basin. The biggest employer is the car producer Kia Motors. By 2007, the plant plans to produce 300,000 cars per year and employ around 3000 people. Kia's investment in Žilina amounts to over 1 billion USD. Another big employer is Tento, a paper mill company. Žilina is also seat to some major Slovak companies, particularly from construction sector.


Letisková spoločnosť Žilina, a. s.
Letisko, 013 41 Dolný Hričov

Tel: +421 41 5068 100, +421 41 5068 113, +421 41 5523 288

Fax: +421 41 5572 471

E-mail: operate [A] airport sk

URL: http://www.letisko.sk

Žilina Airport picture

Žilina Airport
Letisko Žilina
Airport type Public
Operator Letisko Žilina a.s.
Location Žilina
Elevation AMSL 1020 ft / 311 m
Coordinates 49°13′53″N 18°36′48″E / 49.23139°N 18.61333°E / 49.23139; 18.61333
Direction Length Surface
m ft
06/24 1,150 3,773 Concrete

Žilina Airport (IATA: ILZ, ICAO: LZZI) is an airport serving Žilina, Slovakia. It is located near the village of Dolný Hričov, approximately 10 km west of Žilina itself. The airport is used for both international and domestic flights, as well for private flights, amateur sport flights, air ambulance flights and other special flights. It also serves as primary training airport for students of air transport-related majors at the University of Žilina.


The airport was built in the 1970s to replace the old Brezovský Majer airport, to give way to the growing city of Žilina. The first flight to Prague was done on 4 May 1972, and the airport was officially opened on 2 August 1974.

Airlines and destinations

Airlines Destinations
Czech Airlines Prague (twice daily)

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Aerodrome location indicator LZZI
IATA code: ILZ
ARP coordinates and site at AD 491400N 0183649E
Geometric centre of the RWY 06/24
Direction and distance from (city) 275° , 12 km from the Žilina railway station
Elevation/Reference temperature 311 m (1020 ft) / 25,6° C (JUL)
AD Administration, address, telephone, fax, AFTN, SITA Letisková spoločnosť Žilina, a.s.
Letisko, 031 41 Dolný Hričov
TEL:  +421 41 50 68 100
  +421 41 55 232 88
  +421 903 533 601
FAX:  +421 41 557 2471
http: www.airport.sk, www.letisko.sk
e-mail: operate@airport.sk
Types of traffic permitted IFR / VFR, day/night
Runway 06/24
1150 x 30 m
Concrete / Asphalt
AD Administration
MON-FRI: 0415-0500 (0315-0400) UTC
  0615-1800 (0515-1700) UTC
  2045-2200 (1945-2100) UTC
SAT 0415-0500 (0315-0400) UTC
SUN 2045-2200 (1945-2100) UTC
HOL O/R 24 HR PN within OPR HR.
Request to be submitted to the AD OPR via FAX.
Customs and immigration Customs and immigration services for flights outside Schengen area may be provided by AD Administration upon prior written request sent to the following addresses:
Fax: +421 41 55 724 71
E-mail: operate@airport.sk

Written request shall be forwarded at least one working day in advance till 1100 (1000) UTC and services provision shall be confirmed by AD administration.
AIS Briefing Office

MON-FRI: 0600-1400 (0500-1300) UTC
Outside OPR HR service is provided by CARO - H24
TEL: +421 2 4857 2281
FAX: +421 2 4857 2285
MET Briefing Office H24 (Bratislava)
TEL: +421 2 4857 4263
FAX: +421 2 4333 8548
Air Traffic Services
MON-FRI: 0415-0500 (0315-0400) UTC
  0615-1800 (0515-1700) UTC
  2045-2200 (1945-2100) UTC
SAT 0415-0500 (0315-0400) UTC
SUN 2045-2200 (1945-2100) UTC
HOL - As AD Administration
Fuelling As AD Administration
Fuel and oil types JET A1 (only for commercial flights),
AVGAS 100 LL O/R 24 HR PN within OPR HR
Handling As AD Administration
Remarks Services available O/R to be requested 24 HR PN within OPR HR AD Administration via
TEL: +421 41 5068 100, +421 41 5068 113
+421 903 533 601
FAX: +421 41 557 2471
Other services Accommodation, catering, flight tickets, transport (taxi, bus, car rental) O/R via
TEL: +421 41 5068 100, +421 41 5068 113
+421 903 533 601
FAX: +421 41 557 2471
e-mail: operate@airport.sk


Service designation Call sign Frequency Operational hours Remarks
TWR Žilina Tower  124,15 MHz As TWR HOL O/R 24 HR PN within OPR HR.
Request to be submitted to the ATS via FAX
    121,5 MHz As TWR Emergency FREQ


Type of aid,
MLS, give
ID Frequency Hours of
Position of
NDB ZLA 404 kHz H 24 491210,4N
7 677m
OM dashes 75 MHz H 24 491210,4N
7 675m
L Z 508 kHz H24 491339,5N
241°51,6´ MAG
MM dot/dash 75 MHz H 24 491339,6N
241°55,5´ MAG
NDB DBV 310 kHz H 24 485129,0N


General Info
Country Slovakia Republic
Time UTC+1(+2DT)
Latitude 49.231528
49° 13' 53.50" N
Longitude 18.613500
018° 36' 48.60" E
Elevation 1020 feet
311 meters
Type Civil
Magnetic Variation 003° E (01/06)
Beacon Yes

TWR 124.15

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
06/24 3773 x 98 feet
1150 x 30 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
NDB ZLA ZILINA - 404 4.4 NM 064.1

OPR HOURS Opr 0600-1800Z++ Mon-Fri, OT PN 24 hr.

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