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Poprad-Tatry Airport


Poprad-Tatry International Airport (Slovak: Letisko Poprad-Tatry) (IATA: TAT, ICAO: LZTT), is an airport in the Slovak ski resort town of Poprad. The airport serves schedule and charter airline operations, is a base for search and rescue air services, and handles general aviation. Facilities in the airport terminal include a snack bar, car rental desk, travel office and currency exchange. The airport also serves the Polish town of Zakopane.

Poprad-Tatry Airport picture

Poprad-Tatry International Airport is surrounded by beautiful nature (four National Parks are in the vicinity), mountain creeks and lakes, caves, ancient villages and towns, churches, castles (some of them are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List), but also by winter sport facilities and summer tourist centers.


History of the Poprad-Tatry Airport goes back to 1938, when a grass military airfield was established west of Velkб village (today part of City of Poprad) before World War II. Scheduled civil traffic started in 1943 - the first was route Bratislava-Sliac-Poprad-Preљov. There was only grass runway in Poprad till 1970. Before World Nordic Ski Championship at љtrbskй Pleso new concrete runway and administration building became operational. In former Czechoslovakia the airport was one of only three international airports in the country. In period 1970-1990 about 70 000 passengers per year in average passed through airport facilities. The best number was recorded in 1976, when 156 000 passengers were handled. Schedule services was operated by Czechoslovak Airlines and Interflug (East Germany carrier) in seventies and eighties (Bratislava, Prague, Berlin all seasons, Bourgas in summer and Dresden, Leipzig and Helsinki in winter). Also many tourist charter flights landed at Poprad (Dan-Air, Condor, Malev, Britannia and others).

After "Velvet Revolution" in 1989 substantial decrease of passenger numbers was recorded (due to political, as well as economic reasons), schedule flights were limited and finally in 1996 passed out at all. This means that only about 10 - 15 000 passengers per year have been recorded (charter flights and general aviation). Schedule traffic was reintroduced in the begining of 2000s on seasonal basis.

In latest years the Poprad-Tatry Airport has handled seasonal charter flights from Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and Germany. During summer months charter flights carry Slovak tourists to sea resorts. Also diverted planes of Czech Airlnes, SkyEurope Airlines and Austrian Arrows land at Poprad, which is used as an alternate airport in case of bad weather in Koљice.

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During the whole year the airport is visited by private and business flights from Europe (mainly from Germany, France, Belgium and Austria), by aeroclubs and flight training schools. The airport is important for regional development and attracts foreign investments (international companies like Whirlpool, Alcatel, Embraco have factories in Spiљ, Liptov and Orava regions). Base of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (call sign Kriљtof 3) is at the airport.

After 1989 some important political events took place at Poprad-Tatry Airport and very V.I.P. passengers were served at the airport. For example American Vice-President in 1991, Pope John Paul II. in 1995, 10 Presidents of Central European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine) during summit in nearby City of Levoca in 1998 and many others.


Poprad-Tatry International Airport offers following services for aircraft operators and passengers:

  • Traffic handling of passengers, baggage and cargo
  • Traffic and ramp aircraft handling
  • General Information, Tourist information
  • Refuelling of turbine fuel JET A-1
  • Crew transportation to hotels and vice versa
  • Hangar space for general aviation aircraft
  • Arrangement of refuelling AVGAS 100
  • Arrangement of in-plane catering
  • Arrangement of taxi
  • Arrangement of accommodation in hotels and pensions
  • Snack-bar, Exchange office, tourist information, souvenir shop - open during scheduled and charter flights arrivals and departures

Fulfillment of current security standards for security screening of cabin and hold baggage, passengers and persons entering airside was achieved by realization of project Development and Modernization of Security Systems at Poprad-Tatry Airport.

Poprad-Tatry Airport picture

European Regional Development Fund financed 228 945 EUR for procurement of new security detection devices.

Reconstruction of apron lighting masts and airport perimeter fence was financed by European Regional Development Fund in 2006.


Poprad is a city in northern Slovakia at the foot of the High Tatra Mountains. It is the biggest town of the Spiš region and the tenth largest city in Slovakia.

The city has an historic centre. It is also the starting point of the Tatranská elektrická železnica (Tatra Electric Railway) -- a set of special narrow-gauge trains (trams) connecting the resorts in the High Tatras with each other and with Poprad. Main line trains link Poprad to other destinations in Slovakia and beyond; in particular, through trains run to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Poprad-Tatry Airport picture

Poprad is situated on the Poprad River in the Sub-Tatra Basin, at is a gateway to the High Tatras. Mountain ranges around the city include Levoča Hills in the east, Kozie chrbty in the south and Low Tatras in the south-west. The drainage divide between the Black Sea and Baltic Sea lies bit to the west, near the village of Štrba.


Letisko Poprad-Tatry, a.s., Na letisko 100,
058 98 Poprad, Slovakia

Tel: +421-52-776 3875

Fax: +421-52-772 5005

E-mail: airport [A] airport-poprad sk

URL: http://www.airport-poprad.sk

Poprad-Tatry Airport
Letisko Poprad-Tatry
Airport type Public
Location Poprad
Elevation AMSL 2,356 ft / 718 m
Coordinates 49°04′25″N 20°14′28″E / 49.07361°N 20.24111°E / 49.07361; 20.24111Coordinates: 49°04′25″N 20°14′28″E / 49.07361°N 20.24111°E / 49.07361; 20.24111
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09/27 8,530 2,600 Concrete

Poprad-Tatry Airport (Slovak: Letisko Poprad-Tatry) (IATA: TAT, ICAO: LZTT), is an international airport close to the city of Poprad in Slovakia. At 718 metres above sea level, it is the highest situated airport for short and medium range airliners within Central Europe. Although previously served by scheduled flights from locations including London (Luton), provided by SkyEurope and DanubeWings, it is currently only possible to book scheduled flights to the Slovakian capital Bratislava. However, the airport is used by private and business flights, mainly from Germany, France, Belgium and Austria, as well as aeroclubs and flight training schools.

The airport serves as a base of:

- Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (call sign Krištof 3)

- Poprad Aeroclub

- TLS Air company - sightseeing flights

The catchments area of the airport includes following towns: Poprad, Svit, The High Tatras, Liptovský Mikuláš, Ružomberok, Levoča, Spišská Nová Ves, Stará Ľubovňa, Dolný Kubín, Nowy Targ, Zakopane and Nowy Sącz. Thanks to the geographical location Poprad-Tatry airport has got excellent weather conditions, it is often above fog layer and therefore utilized by diverting planes formerly heading to Košice, Sliač, Žilina or even to Bratislava as an alternate airport.

Poprad-Tatry International Airport is surrounded by beautiful nature (four National Parks are in the vicinity), mountain creeks and lakes, caves, ancient villages and towns, churches, castles (some of them are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List), but also by winter sport facilities and summer tourist centers.

Airlines and destinations


Airlines Destinations
DanubeWings Bratislava


Airlines Destinations
Bulgarian Air Charter Burgas [seasonal], Varna [seasonal]
DanubeWings Split [seasonal]

Charter flights are also operated in winter to destinations in Ukraine and Russia. Medical flights, VIP flights, ad-hoc charters and ACMI flight also operate from the airport.


  • Poprad - Tatry is the airport with highest elevation in Central Europe its 718 m (2356 ft.) is about 150 m higher than in Austria's Innsbruck.


1938 - a military airfield establishment Within defending measures prior the World War II. a military airfield was established west of the village Veľká (today one of Poprad's suburban areas).

1943 - first scheduled civil traffic Scheduled civil traffic started on a route Bratislava-Sliač-Poprad-Prešov.

1970 - new concrete runway and administration building At the beginning there was just grass runway at Poprad Airport. New concrete runway and administration building became operational before World Nordic Ski Championship at Štrbské Pleso.

1976 - the most successful year of the Airport In the period of former Czechoslovakia the airport was one of three international airports in the country. There were scheduled flights from Poprad at that time operated by ČSA and Interflug air companies. Except of scheduled flights there was also high number of charter flights operated by air companies from all over the Europe (Dan-Air, Condor, Malev, Britannia and other).

2005 - joint-stock company establishment The year 2005 was the first one of the existence of joint-stock company and was considered to be very successful. Management of the Airport managed to solve very difficult tasks regarding the transformation of the allowance organization into a joint-stock company. In the same year also the security control of passengers and their luggage started. The procedure was undertaken from the State Police on 01-Jan-2005.

2006 - rehabilitation of scheduled flight connections Operational development was influenced mainly by renewal of all year round scheduled flight transportation, as well as by increased number of charter and general aviation passengers. Scheduled flight connection operated by SkyEurope Airlines (route Poprad-London) which has started at the end of the year 2005 was in operation for the whole 12 months – for the first time. The seat capacity of the flights was almost fully booked - most of the time. The connection was initially used mainly by Slovakian passengers (especially from the East and North part of the country flying to the UK for a job purpose), that were gradually followed by foreign tourists arriving to Poprad, the Low Tatras and to both Slovak and Polish sides of the High Tatras.

2007 - Schengen agreement and security measures Very special attention was concentrated on the matter of security. Poprad-Tatry Airport has been assigned as the international airport of Schengen type and based on that fact it should meet all criteria stated in Schengen Action Plan of Slovak Republic. From that reason the reconstruction of existing terminal interior took place, new security points have been created and also reconstruction of airport fencing was done.

All important premises and properties of the airport got monitored by new security cameras and video surveillance system, as well as the reconstruction of apron lighting was finalised.

From March until December 2007 scheduled flight connection Poprad - Sliač - Praha operated by Czech Airlines was again renewed. Sadly, the connection was cancelled later due to low number of passengers.

2008 - investments and royal visit Poprad-Tatry Airport brought two significant projects into effect. Realization of the project "Reconstruction of the approach lighting system of the runway 27" met requirements of L14 regulation and helped a significant deal to preserve a serviceability also during the night time and in low visibility conditions. By building new and attractive arrival terminal the capacity of checked-in passengers has been managed to be increased. Old terminal was not big enough capacity-wise and was just about in accordance with Schengen requirements. In the same year the airport was honoured to welcome the British Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. together with her husband Prince Phillip.

2009 - new scheduled and charter flights At present Poprad-Tatry airport is connected with London-Luton, Bratislava, Bologna and Basel thanks to the scheduled flights. Summer 2009 brings new seasonal flights to Croatian Split. Charter flights from previous summer seasons to Bulgarian Burgas will continue this summer too.

In the next few months Poprad-Tatry airport would like to realize another big project – the plan is to build a new modern car park. When finalized it will offer another 97 very much needed parking slots.

Another vision that is waiting to be implemented is a reconstruction of the central and departure hall of the airport. It should offer new advantages and possibilities for both the airport and passengers because it includes the building of new restaurants for travelling passengers as well as airport visitors.

2010 - The airport was involved in the Danube Wings Flight V5 8230 incident about a mistaken carriage of a sample of plastic explosive on a plane.

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General Info
Country Slovakia Republic
Time UTC+1(+2DT)
Latitude 49.073594
49° 04' 24.94" N
Longitude 20.241142
020° 14' 28.11" E
Elevation 2356 feet
718 meters
Type Civil
Magnetic Variation 003° E (01/06)

TWR 121.35
APP 121.35
Communications Remarks
APP Call TWR (TWR provides APP svc.)

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
09/27 8530 x 148 feet
2600 x 45 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
VOR-DME PPD TATRY 058X 112.1 4.3 NM 273.5
NDB PW TATRY - 418 6.7 NM 089.8

CAUTION Mt wave turb in vcnty of arpt.
FUEL (NC-A1 0600-1800Z++ OT O/R PN, 100LL O/R 24 hr PN fone 421 52 776 38 75.)
LGT PAPI Rwy 09 GS 3.84 , Rwy 27 GS 3.5 .
OPR HOURS Opr 0500-2100Z++.

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