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Jagodina Airport

Jagodina Airport is situated in the close vicinity of Jagodina, Serbia about 5 kilometres northwest of town centre.

It is used for sports and training flights of aircraft and glider and also for parachuting jumps.

With decision of the Directorate of Civil Aviation, from 8 March 2012, Jagodina was officially given sport airport, the second of its kind in the Pomoravlje District next to Paraćin-Davidovac Airport.

Jagodina, after 60 years, officially got the Barutana airfield at the Štiplje road, and now parachutists and pilots from the Aero Club Jagodina will finally have its own airport.

Since the establish of the club in 1938, never more than in 2011 year is not invested. Move of the 500 meters of power line, which was a condition for obtaining a license, and built of the road and parking lot, installing lighting from the main road to the hangar was also done. Than was purchase stainless steel tank for avio gasoline, which is the first property of the Aero Club.

The grass runway with length of 660 meters and width of 60 meters will be used by all ultralight, sport, business and agricultural aircraft weighing up to 5.7 tons. In airfield reconstruction last year Jagodina invested about 3 million dinars from the city budget and donors.

Jagodina Airport
Аеродром Јагодина
Aerodrom Jagodina

Jagodina Airport is located in Serbia

Jagodina Airport

Location of Jagodina Airport

Airport type Civil
Location Jagodina
Elevation AMSL 692 ft / 211 m
Coordinates 43°58′36″N
Direction Length Surface
ft m
11/29 2,165 660 Grass


The Jagodina Aero Club was formed in 1936 year and started to work in 1938.

Though Jagodina has a seven decades long tradition of aviation, the local military and civilian airport was shut down in 1952, and the runway was converted into agricultural land.

Today, the club has 146 members – modelers, parachutists and five licensed pilots. The club has two aircraft and two kites.

Future plans

In future is planned to build sports and business airport with occasional charter flights of the 80 seat planes. The airport with paved runway with length of 1,300 meters and width of 30 meters, with side green belt, an administrative building, a modest control tower, two gas stations and apron would cost between 1.2 and 1.5 million euros.

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