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Tromsø Langnes Airport

Tromsø Langnes Airport picture
Photo by Kjetil Ree
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Tromsø Airport, formerly known as Tromsø Airport, Langnes (IATA: TOS, ICAO: ENTC) (Norwegian: Tromsø lufthavn) is situated in Tromsø, on the western side of the island of Tromsøya, 1.7 Nautical miles (3.1 km) northwest of the city center, which is on the eastern side of the island. The airport is the largest airport in Northern Norway (Norwegian: Nord-Norge), serving 1,557,000 passengers in 2006.

Tromsø Airport serves Tromsø, as well as northern and central parts of Troms county. It is an important hub for flights to many airports in Finnmark, though most passengers travel to and from Oslo. Most scheduled flights are domestic, including flights to Svalbard Airport, Longyear at Longyearbyen, though a few international destinations are also served (London Gatwick, England, Riga, Latvia and Murmansk, Russia). Additionally, charter operators fly to some destinations in Southern Europe and the Canary Islands.

Tromsø Langnes Airport picture
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Work on the airport began on July 1, 1963, and it was officially opened for traffic on September 14, 1964. The city had enjoyed regularly scheduled flights from the 1930s, including the all important route to Oslo since 1939. However, until Tromsø Airport opened, all such traffic had been handled by seaplanes. In 1974 the airport became a hub for the new regional STOL (short takeoff and landing) network that opened in Finnmark using de Havilland Twin Otter aircraft.

The original terminal was replaced by a newer building, shaped like a semicircle, in 1977. The current terminal was built in 1998 as part of a comprehensive expansion and modernization of the airport; it included a new control tower and, for the first time, passenger jet bridges at several gates. Part of the road leading to the airport was re-routed in a tunnel under the runway. Some portions of the older terminal buildings are still in use.

Tromsø Langnes Airport picture
Departure passengers hall
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Tromsø Langnes Airport picture
Arrivals hall and shop on ground level
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Tromsø Langnes Airport picture
Main concourse
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Tromsø Langnes Airport picture
Waiting area prior to boarding on plane
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Tromsø Langnes Airport picture
Departure hall restaurant
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Contact us

Inquiries about Avinor Tromsø Airport
Phone : (+47) 67 03 46 00
Fax: (+47) 67 03 47 00

Visiting address

Avinor, Tromsø Airport Langnes, Norway

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Avinor Tromsø Airport, Postboks 150, 2061 Gardermoen, Norway


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General Info
Country Norway
Time UTC+1(+2DT)
Latitude 69.683333
69° 41' 00.00" N
Longitude 18.918919
018° 55' 08.11" E
Elevation 31 feet
9 meters
Type Civil
Magnetic Variation 006° E (01/06)
Alternate Name TROMSO
Operating Hours 24 HOUR OPERATIONS
Daylight Saving Time Last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October

TWR 118.3
Opr 0700-2100Z++
Opr 0630-2100Z++ Mon-Sat, 1130-2100Z++ Sun.

Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
01/19 7848 x 148 feet
2392 x 45 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
VOR-DME TRO TROMSO 085X 113.8 2.0 NM 231.3
NDB TM LANES - 268 2.2 NM 187.0

Fuel Jet A1+, Jet A1 with icing inhibitor.

100/130 MIL Spec, low lead, aviation gasoline (BLUE)

CAUTION Unlgtd obst sur arpt. Windshear/eddies may occur on short final Rwys 01 and 19. Wind 200 -270 abv 20 Kt.
CSTMS/IMG Avbl O/R 1.5 hr to twr, fone C77 68 4425.
FUEL O/R to Twr. (NC-100LL, A1)
LGT PAPI both rwy GS 3 and are not coincidental with either ILS GS. PAPI Rwy 01 unuse byd 10 NM fr thld. PAPI Rwy 19 use rstd to max 3.8 NM fr thld.

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