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Røst Airport

Røst Airport pictureRøst Airport (Norwegian: Røst lufthavn) (IATA: RET, ICAO: ENRS) is a regional airport serving the island and municipality of Røst in Nordland, Norway. It is owned and operated by Avinor. Services are provided by Wideroe, operating de Havilland Canada DHC-8-100 Dash 8 aircraft on contract with the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications. Services operate to Bodo Airport and Leknes Airport.


Røst was first served using seaplanes from the 1960s, and then by helicopters from 1972. On 1 June 1986, Røst Airport opened, and the airport was served by Wideroe using de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otters. From 2000 to 2001 the service was operated by Guard Air, and from 2003 to 2008, by Kato Air.

Services to Væroy started in the mid 1960s, when Wideroe started sea plane services to the island using de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otters and Norseman aircraft. In 1972, the government wanted to start a helicopter service from Bodo Airport to Væroy and Røst-the island community further out from Væroy. Wideroe was granted the concession, but they did not want to operate helicopters, so they subcontracted it to Helilift. They operated twice per day on weekdays and once per day in the weekends. The service was provided using two sixteen-seat Sikorsky S-58Ts. In 1973, NOK 1.9 million was granted in subsidies for the route, and the service transported 5,359 passengers (from both Røst and Væroy). In December 1976, one of the helicopters was bought by Wideroe and operations subcontracted to Offshore Helicopters. The second Sikorsky was bought from Helilift and operated by Offshore Helicopters in March 1978. In 1980, Helikopter Service merged with Offshore Helicopters, and the new Helikopter Service took over the route. From 1 January 1982, Helikopter Service started operating an eleven-seat Bell 212 helicopters on the route. This was because the Sikorskys cost too much to keep maintained. In 1982, the service to both islands transport 7,145 passengers and 3 tonnes (3.0 LT; 3.3 ST) of post and cargo, and made 744 landings. It received subsidies for NOK 4 million.

Plans for an airport with short take-off and landing flights was launched by the government in December 1983. The airport was proposed along with five other regional airport: Fagernes Airport, Leirin, Forde Airport, Bringeland, Mosjoen Airport, Kj?rstad, Rorvik Airport, Ryum and Væroy Airport. This was passed by the Parliament of Norway on 10 April 1984 and construction started in 1985. On 22 August 1985, the municipality was granted concession to operate the airport. On 1 June 1986, Væroy and Røst Airports were opened. The airport cost about NOK 15 million to build. In 1994, the Norwegian Civil Aviation Administration proposed closing the airport along with eight other regional airports. On 1 January 1996, Fagernes Airport was nationalized, along with 25 other regional airports, and put under the control of the Norwegian Civil Airport Administration (now Avinor).


Service started with Wideroe operated twenty-seat de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otters. The airline operated two trips Bodo-Røst-Væroy-Bodo on weekdays and one round trip during the weekend. In addition, there were two weekly trips that connected Væroy to Leknes Airport before returning to Bodo. The service was subsidized by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications. Wideroe replaced the Twin Otters with 37-seat de Havilland Canada DHC-8-100 Dash 8s in 1995. The route from Bodo to Røst was made subject to public service obligation from 1 April 1997, which was won by the incumbent, after beating Valdresfly and Helikopter Service in the auction. The following contract, valid from 1 April 2000, was awarded to Guard Air, but this company folded in 2001. Helikopter Service operated the route temporarilly until Wideroe took it over again the same year.

On 1 April 2003, Kato Air took over the Bodo-Røst route, using Dornier Do 228 aircraft. The new airline had a troubled start with the passenger numbers dropping by 27% since the takeover. On 4 December, a flight from Røst to Bodo was hit by lightning, and received severe damage during the landing at Bodo. The choice of the operator was criticized by the Røst Municipal Council following the incident, where the ministry had chosen price instead of satefy. The council stated that they did not feel that Kato Air provided the same service as Wideroe and that the aircraft were a safety hazard. Among the complaints were lack of accessibility for the disabled people, no pressure cabin, no weather radar, more expensive tickets, no discounted tickets and no possibility for carry-on baggage. In February 2006, there was a wave of cancelations by Kato Air, due to technical problems with both the airline's aircraft. In June, the airline's pilots started selling tickets themselves at the airport. The company stated that this was because they had declined Wideroe to do this due to higher costs. In 2008, the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway withdrew Kato Air's concession due to lack on maintenance. On an interim basis, the helicopter airline Lufttransport, that operated the route to the near-by island of Væroy, took over the route from 5 September to 29 October, when Wideroe started flying again.


Røst Airport is a regional airport owned and operated by Avinor. It serves island of Røst in the Lofoten archipalego. It has a terminal building with a capacity for 40 passengers per hour. The largest aircraft that can operate at the airport are the Dash 8-100. There is free parking at the airport for 20 vehicles. Taxis can be prebooked.

Airlines and destinations

The airport is served twice daily with a de Havilland Canada DHC-8-100 Dash 8 by Wideroe. Flight operate from Bodo Airport via Røst to Leknes Airport before returning to Bodo. The routes are operated as a public service obligation on contract with the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications.

- Wideroe Bodo, Leknes


Airport type - Public

Operator - Avinor

Location - Røst

Elevation AMSL 7 ft / 2 m

Coordinates 67°31'40''N 12°6'12''E


Direction - 03/21

Length - 2890 ft, 880 m

Surface - Asphalt

Contact us

Airport service hours

Monday: 07:15 - 09:45 / 17:15 - 18:45
Tuesday - Thursday: 07:15 - 18:45
Friday: 07:15 - 09:45 / 17:15 - 18:45
Saturday: 08:15 - 10:05
Sunday: 18:15 - 19:45

Inquiries about Avinor Røst Airport

Phone : (+47) 67 03 38 40
Fax: (+47) 67 03 38 41

Visiting address

Avinor, Røst Airport, 8064 Røst, Norway

Mailing address

Avinor, Røst Airport, Postboks 150, 2061 Gardermoen, Norway

URL: http://www.avinor.no/en/airport/rost

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