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Megiddo Airfield

Megiddo AirfieldMeggido
Designated Shachar 7 by the IDF/AF. ICAO code: LLMG. Location coordinates: N32 35.0 E035 14.0, elevation 200 ft (61 m). One runway 09/27 degrees of 7710 ft (2350 m) length. Opened in 1942. Served as an auxiliary field to Ramat David. Currently home to a gliding club, a detachment from Unit 505 and some agricultural aircraft used in the Izre-el valley. Light aircraft/helicopter wartime foward operating base. During the Six Day War, a Tu-16 was shot down by a local AA battery and crashed directly on the field. The defecting Syrian MiG-23 landed here.

Megiddo - is a hill in Israel near the modern settlement of Megiddo, known for theological, historical and geographical reasons. In ancient times Meggido was an important city state. It is also known alternatively as Tel Megiddo (Hebrew) and Tell es-Mutesellim (Arabic).

Megiddo is a tel, a hill made of 26 layers of the ruins of ancient cities in a strategic location at the head of a pass through the Carmel Ridge, which overlooks the Valley of Jezreel from the south.

Megiddo was a site of great importance in the ancient world, as it guarded the western branch of Via Maris, an ancient trade route from Egypt to Mesopotamia. Because of its strategic location at the crossroads of several major routes, Megiddo and its environs have witnessed several major battles throughout history.

The site was inhabited from 7000 BC to 500 BC. Modern Megiddo is nearby. The neighboring Mount Megiddo (Har-megiddo in Hebrew), gave its name to the Armageddon of the Christian Bible.

Today, Megiddo is an important junction on the main road connecting the center of Israel with lower Galilee and the northern region.

A final military showdown at or near Megiddo is prophesied in the New Testament book of Revelation: Armageddon, an encounter between the forces of good and evil that has become a byword for the end of the world.

Megiddo has been excavated three times. The first excavations were carried out between 1903 and 1905 by Gottlieb Schumacher for the German Society for Oriental Research. In 1925, digging was resumed by Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago until the outbreak of the Second World War. During these excavation it was discovered that there were twenty levels of habitation. Yigael Yadin continued digging in the 1960s. Megiddo has most recently (since 1994) been the subject of biannual excavation campaigns conducted by a consortium of global universities, notably the University of Tel Aviv.

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General Info
Country Israel
Time UTC+2(+3DT)
Latitude 32.597292
32° 35' 50.25" N
Longitude 35.228789
035° 13' 43.64" E
Elevation 200 feet
61 meters
Magnetic Variation 003° E (01/05)
Operating Agency UNKNOWN


Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
09/27 7800 x 70 feet
2377 x 21 meters

Fuel Jet A1, without icing nhibitor.

100/130 MIL Spec, low lead, aviation gasoline (BLUE)

CAUTION Ints gldr act especially wkend and hol.
FUEL Reful thru CHIMINR CO. (NC-100LL, A1)

Runway 09/27

7800 x 70 feet
2377 x 21 meters

Runway 09
True Heading 091.0
Latitude 32.597556
32° 35' 51.20" N
Longitude 35.216094
035° 12' 57.94" E
Landing Distance 7800 feet
2377 meters
Takeoff Distance 7800 feet
2377 meters

Runway 27
True Heading 271.0
Latitude 32.597031
32° 35' 49.31" N
Longitude 35.241481
035° 14' 29.33" E
Landing Distance 7800 feet
2377 meters
Takeoff Distance 7800 feet
2377 meters


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