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Eilat Airport

Eilat AirportHistory:

Eilat Airport was established by the Israeli Air Force in 1949, at the end of the War of Independence.

The development impetus of Eilat at the outset of the 1950s, and the distance of the settlement from the center of the country, brought about the development of a regular air service from Lod Airport (BGA of today) and later from Haifa. All the regular flights were undertaken by Arkia, and prior to that by Ilta, a subsidiary of El Al, and by Aviron.

In 1964, the runway was extended to 1,500 meters, and a small passenger terminal was built. In 1969, the runway was extended to its current length of 1,900 meters.

In 1975, the first charter flight, by Sterling Airways of Denmark, landed in Eilat, and since then international charter flights have been landing regularly at the Airport. From the mid-80s, El Al also began operating regular flights to Europe.

In 1990 – 1991, due to the Gulf War, the charter flight season was curtailed, which affected the international flights to Eilat.

Eilat Airport today serves internal civilian flights, international charter flights, private flights and special flights.

Eilat AirportInformation:

Country Code: +972 ~ IDD Access Code: 00 ~ Domestic Prefix: 0 ~ Time Zone: GMT+2
Eilat-J Hozman Airport (ETH/LLET)

Managing Director: David Shachar +972 (0)8 636 3838
Operations Director: Avi Hover +972 (0)8 636 3805
Passenger Manager: Dani Tuval +972 (0)8 636 3808
Air Traffic Controller: Yaron Waxman +972 (0)8 636 3804
Security Manager: Avi Malka +972 (0)8 636 3803
Operator: Israel Airport Authority
Airport Data: International, Eilat 1km (½mile), Position 29°33´34"N, 034°57´37"E, Elevation 42m (137ft), Operating hours 05:30-21:30, 2 Passenger Terminals, 5 Aircraft Stands

Airfield Data: Fire Category 6
Emergency Services: AVA
Navigational Aids: Non Pro Airport
Airfield Restrictions: Yes
Noise Restrictions: Yes
Aircraft Maintenance: None
Runway 1: Heading 03/21, 1,900m (6,233ft), 40P/C/N, ICAO Cat. 5, Aircraft size max: B757, Lighting

Airlines Serving Airport: Arkia, El Al, Israir

Customs Tel: +972 (0)8 637 5387Fax: +972 (0)8 631 5911
Op. Hours: 06:00-21:30

Passenger Facilities: 12 check-in desks, 4 gates, 2 baggage claim belts, short term parking spaces

Additional Information: Recent addition of the elevators for disabled access in the departures and in the arrival halls.
ATM at the enterance to terminal.


Eilat Airport, Israel,
PO Box 42,
88000 Eilat

Tel: (Co-ordination Dir) +972 (0)8 636 3805,
(Co-ordination Centre) +972 (0)8 636 3813,
(MD´s office) +972 (0)8 636 3838
Fax: (Co-ordination Centre) +972 (0)8 636 3829

e-mail: teum_eilat at iaa.co.il
E-mail: telmas at iaa gov il
E-mail: avia at iaa gov il

WEB: http://www.iaa gov il/Rashat/en-US/Airports/Eilat/

Images and information placed above are from
http://www.iaa gov il/Rashat/en-US/Airports/Eilat/

We thank them for the data!

General Info
Country Israel
Time UTC+2(+3DT)
Latitude 29.561281
29° 33' 40.61" N
Longitude 34.960081
034° 57' 36.29" E
Elevation 42 feet
13 meters
Type Joint (Civil and Military)
Magnetic Variation 003° E (01/05)
Beacon Yes
Operating Agency ISRAELI AIR FORCE
Alternate Name J HOZMAN
Operating Hours UNKNOWN

TWR 121.8
INFO 132.55

Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
03/21 6234 x 89 feet
1900 x 27 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
VOR-DME LOT EILOT 057X 112 2.9 NM 193.0

Fuel Jet A1, without icing nhibitor.

FUEL Avbl 0400-2130Z++ Sun-Thu, 0400-1600Z++ Fri and hol eves, 1230-1930Z++ Sat and hol. (NC-100LL, A1)
LGT PAPI Rwy 03 rgt side only.
RSTD Jet opr proh 1930-0500Z++. MTOW rstd to 209,437 lbs.
RWY B737/757 (ICAO cl codes 4C/4D) and in no case heavier than B757-300 or similar cl acft are rstd as follows: Rwy 03, Wet - no ldg/tkof permitted. Dry - no ldg/tkof permitted whenever crosswind exceeds 15 kts. Rwy 21, no ldg/tkof permitted.

Runway 03/21

6234 x 89 feet
1900 x 27 meters

Runway 03
True Heading 028.0
Latitude 29.553703
29° 33' 13.33" N
Longitude 34.955500
034° 57' 19.80" E
Elevation 16.0 feet
5 meters
Slope 0.4°
Landing Distance 5289 feet
1612 meters
Takeoff Distance 6234 feet
1900 meters
Displaced Threshold Length 945 feet
288 meters
Lighting System HIRL

Runway 21
True Heading 208.0
Latitude 29.568833
29° 34' 07.80" N
Longitude 34.964722
034° 57' 53.00" E
Elevation 41.5 feet
13 meters
Slope -0.4°
Landing Distance 6234 feet
1900 meters
Takeoff Distance 6359 feet
1938 meters
Overrun Length 125 feet
38 meters
Overrun Surface ASPHALT
Lighting System HIRL


Type ID Channel Freq Country State
VOR-DME LOT 057X 112 Israel -
Latitude Longitude Airport
29° 36' 28.00" N
034° 58' 32.00" E


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