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Kirkuk Ab Airport

General Info
Country Iraq
Time UTC+3(+4DT)
Latitude 35.469478
35° 28' 10.12" N
Longitude 44.348933
044° 20' 56.16" E
Elevation 1061 feet
323 meters
Type Military
Magnetic Variation 004° E (01/06)
Operating Agency U.S.AIR FORCE
Alternate Name AL HURIYYAH
Operating Hours 24 HOUR OPERATIONS
Daylight Saving Time Dates notified by NOTAM

TWR 125.55
PTD 119.25
(call Stone Krab)
METRO 298.3
GND 127.375
APP 129.75
ACC 125.3

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
13/31 9809 x 148 feet
2990 x 45 meters
14/32 8535 x 160 feet
2601 x 49 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
TACAN KRK KIRKUK 086X - At Field -

CAUTION Twy C is ltd to C17 and smaller acft. Rwy 13/31 is nongrooved sfc and potential for hydroplaning exists in addition to braking action being poor. Haz use caution when taxing fr Rwy 13 to twy A. Raised thld lgts on apch end of Rwy 32 aprx 33ft fr Rwy 13/31 extn cntrln. All prk aprons have FOD haz due to weathered jointseals. GPN-20 ASR, TPX-42 secd radar, or the TPN-25 PAR eqpt lctd cntr infield btn the rwy may result in radar wng indications to incl search, acquisition, andlaunch. AN/TTQ-36 version 8 fire finder radar lctd immed N of the afld; eqpt may result in radar wng indications to incl search, acquisition, and launch. R/W utilizing the forward reful pt should always use extreme caution when arr/dep thelanding sfc.
LGT Thld lgt installed nstd on apch end of Rwy 31. Rwy 13/31 and 14/32, emerg afld lgt sys (EALS) in use at reduced intensity, nstd lighting. Dist Remaining Markersfor Rwy 13/31 and 14/32 in place. PAPI for Rwy 13/31 and 14/32 mil certified only.
MISC No acft slings avbl. For A-G cable (MAAS) removal please ctc twr no later than 45 min proir to arr. Wx DSN 318-444-2690/2461. Vis obst N-SE for wx obsn. Attn aircrew: do not confuse the abondoned afld (K-1) lctd on the KRK R307/004 DME (N3530''E44 17'') for Kirkuk AB when attempting to land. Use of posn lgt are mandatory for all R/W utilizing the N forward reful pt SS to SR. Ltd wx radar avbl. ODA range lctd at N35 28'14.16'' E44 20'00.16'' (38S ME 39510 25425). Ctc Kirkuk twr for act times.
RSTD PPR rqr for all acft exc R/W tfc ldg at the forward reful pt. Req repositioning to the DV or AMC ramp thru twr on VHF/UHF freq. PPR is req for all acft/R/W carrying/loading DV or haz cargo and air evac, regardless of affiliation. For priorcoord, ctc AMOPS at DSN 318-444-2456/2457 or E-mail: NIPR and SIPR: Acft not issued a PPR may be turned away. Twy A ltd C130 and smaller, N of TWR. Rwy 32 thld displ 550'. Numerous obst not marked with obst lgt. Explosive demolition N35 27.022'E4 18.259' (KRK R-241/2.5NM) 5000' rad, 0630-1000Z++ Wed and Sat. All hvy acft(C5 and hvy) are rstd to ldg and prk on Rwy 14/32. PAPI are avbl only when theemerg afld lgt sys (EALS) is turned on. Afld blackout opr in eff dly fr SS to SR. Rwy lgt avbl upon req prior to dep and arr. Acft with a wg span greater than 135' are rstd fr using twy F due to obst. Acft with a GWT of more than 41 thou lbare not auth to make 18 turns on the asphalt portion of Rwy 14/32. 18 turnsmay be made on the underrun portion (conc) 14/32.
TFC PAT Cir not auth E of field for all apch. All acft apch Kirkuk need to ctc Kirkuk ATC ASAP for afld update and current threat status. Unmanned acft veh act in the vcnty of Kirkuk AB. Due to threat avoidance, all acft exp Rwy 13/14 arr and Rwy 31/32 dep. Acft must not overfly or opr within 1000' of radar trans lctd aprx 2NMW of afld. Severe radiation haz exists. All acft must ctc Kirkuk twr prior to entering cl D airspace (5NM, sfc to 3000' AGL).
TRAN ALERT No Fleet svc.

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