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Balad Southeast Airport

General Info
Country Iraq
Time UTC+3(+4DT)
Latitude 33.940194
33° 56' 24.70" N
Longitude 44.361583
044° 21' 41.70" E
Elevation 161 feet
49 meters
Type Military
Magnetic Variation 004° E (01/06)
Operating Agency U.S.AIR FORCE
Alternate Name AL BAKR
Near City Al Bakr
Operating Hours 24 HOUR OPERATIONS
Daylight Saving Time Dates notified by NOTAM

TWR 119.875
METRO 33.6
SOF 124.175
GND 128.75
INFO 247.2
APP 131.9
(304.9 final)

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
12/30 11495 x 149 feet
3504 x 45 meters
14/32 11490 x 197 feet
3502 x 60 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
VORTAC BLD BALAD 093X 114.6 At Field -

Other Fluids DE-ICE, Anti-icing/De-icing/Defrosting Fluid (MIL A 8243)

A-GEAR Rwy 12/30 and Rwy 14/32 both dep end and apch end MAAS in raised posn. A-G MAAS mrk const of wood, painted with non-reflective yellow cir. Use caution for 2' wide open trench extn fr rwy edge to MAAS hsg at all MAAS lctn. Increased potential exists for tail hook to skip and miss cable dur attempted engagements of Rwy 14 apch end MAAS outside 25' either side of rwy cntrln. MAAS MP: Rwy 12/30 1100-1300Z++ Sat, 1100-1500Z++ third Sat, Rwy 14/32 1100-1300Z++ Sun, 1100-1500Z++ third Sun. Rwy clsd dur MAAS MP unless IFR.
CAUTION Significant FOD haz exists on rwy and twy. Four obst (twr), three 130' AGL lctd at: N33 54'40.30'' E44 22'13.80'', N33 56'22.14'' E44 24'18.38'', N33 57'01.23''E4 19'39.04'', and one 95' twr lctd at: N3 58'05.80'' E4 20'55.60''. Aircrews: Nr cranes opr on and around Balad SE AB, Logistical Support Area Anaconda mayor may not be properly lgt, or flagged. Unmanned acft veh opr in the vcnty Balad AB. Acft use caution on apch/dep phases of flt. Rwys not grooved, aircrews advs to use caution dur wet rwy sfc cond. Hi potential exists for hydroplaning due to excess rubber build up.
FLUID One de-ice truck avbl ltd svc.
FUEL J8. Ltd avbl, exp min 1 hr turn around time for req greater than 100 thou lb. For tran fuel req ctc King Fish Romeo. Fuel svc not avbl for tran acft wo valid T-DODACC account. Cash sales of fuel not avbl.
LGT PAPI Rwy 12/30 and Rwy 14/32 certified for mil use only. PAPI Rwy 14 instl on rgt side. PAPI Rwy 30 instl on rgt side. Elevated apch lgt (18 tall) start 100' frthld for all rwys.
MISC AM Ops DSN 318-443-6065. Base wx stn full obsn, fcst, PMSV and ltd wx radar avblat DSN 318-443-6676/6081. Send email for wx to: Req wx fcst and current wx obsn using ICAO id KQTO. Remote wx brief avbl formil ops H24 Sun-Sat at CENTAF Ops Wx Squadron, DSN 312-965-0905; C 1-803-895-0905.
RSTD PPR. See FLIP AP2 for afld rstd and planning info. All acft must ctc Balad twr before entering 5NM. cir apch not auth. All acft will have posn and anti-collision lgt on while opr on the gnd. For mid-air collision avoidance dur hr of darkness, all acft shall display overt lgt in the flw manner: (1) At max ints setting at all times when opr inside the afld bdry. (2) Lgt will incl overt posn lgt and anti-collision strobes/bcn as a min. (3) For spiral dep/arr, acft will display overt posn lgt and anti-collision strobe/bcn when blw 3000' MSL. (4) For formations, one acft in formation must have overt anti-collision strobe/bcn and both acft must have overt posn lgt. Copter opr: (1) Walden pad is an ATC twr ctl movement area. All acft ctc twr for arr/dep clnc. (2) Copters avoid McKenzie range dur act periods 1700-2000Z++ dly. (3) R/W acft shall not gnd taxi or hover taxi on twy E of Rwy 12/30 except on twy Hotel and twy Bravo adj to N ramp. Maint at or abv 200' AGL when ovft of rwy and twy, debris blown on pavements cause excessive F/W delays. (4) N ramp ltd to copter carrying DV code 6 or hi and Medevac. Escort copter proh on N ramp. (5) Tran copter rqr prk ctc Helo W (UHF 268.8) or Catfish Air (FM 53.9) for assistance. (6) Afld infield (cntr sod) unimproved, debris may cause damage to acft. (7) Do not ldg on or hover over W copter tran ramp, gnd pers working in the area. (8) Do not ovft Rwy 14/32 adj to Delta-1 twy, UAV staging site btn twy Bravo and rwy. (9) Do not ovft int of Rwy 12/30 and Echo (ctnr) twy, UAV staging site S of twy. (10) R/W acft will not prolong hover on int of rwy and twy due to hi FOD potential.
RWY Lgtd TWY and RWY signage.
TRAN ALERT No fleet svc. Haz cargo pad ltd to 35000 lb new 1.1 or 1.2. Ltd to one acft on gnd at any time. Suitable for C-5 acft. If multiple haz cargo acft inbd, exp airspace holding til prk spot is avbl.

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