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Voeslau Airport

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In 1927 Rudolf Frimel, the mayor of Bad Voeslau, had a vision: the village has to have an airfield, east of the village of Kottingbrunn. It was the times, when Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic in an almost 34 hours’ flight. Thus inspired, the members of the Kottingbrunn and Bad Voeslau village councils, appealed to the Austrian chancellor’s office, who granted permission for the foundation of an airfield. ‘Flugplatz Bad Voeslau/Kottingbrunn’ was opened with a flight-show on September 13, 1928. It was Franz Zuzman who already in 1929 saw a chance to turn the airfield into a private one. The only public airfield in the area was that at Wien Aspern, which, since 1912, had started turning into a hub for European air traffic. His plans came to a success in 1930 when he was granted a 30 years’ lease of the airfield. Though international traffic passed the airfield some miles north at Wien-Aspern, the development of general aviation could be well followed at the airfield, with aircraft that slowly but steadily became more and more state of the art. When the Nazis annexed Austria in 1938, Zuzmann’s dream was abruptly put to an end, the ‘Deutsche Luftwaffe’ took over the airfield. Zuzmann was indemnified for the dispossession of the airfield which was turned into ‘Fliegerhorst Voeslau’. Squadrons from Cottbus, Stargard and Rothwesten/Kassel were relocated to operate from ‘Fliegerhorst Voeslau’. In 1942 the field was also heavily used for the training of pilots. When in August 1943 the Americans started bombing the ‘Ostmark’ and Wiener Neustadt was heavily devastated in 26 attacks and the ‘Wiener Neustaedter Flugzeugwerke’ (aircraft production) were destroyed, the further production of aircraft was decentralized, and Bad Voeslau was involved in that scheme. So in 1944 the airfield was also repeatedly attacked by US-bombers. The resulting devastation was enormous and was added by the intrusion of Russian troops and the blasting done to hangars and buildings by the retreating Germans in the early days of April 1945. The airfield was then occupied by the Russians and held till 1955. When in 1955 Austria became free and independent again and the occupying forces left our country, it had been the airfield of Voeslau/Kottingbrunn, that Ing. Julius Raab, Dr. Adolf Schaerf, Ing. Leopold Figl and Dr. Bruno Kreisky had left for Moscow, to return with a treaty that made Austria a free country again. After the war the Austrian government decided to turn Zeltweg, Hoersching, Langenlebarn, Aigen and Wiener Neustadt into military airfields, the use of Voeslau was not considered. So Voeslau/Kottingbrunn was turned into a private airfield and was granted permission to train glider and aircraft pilots in 1956 and 1957 respectively. When in 1972 the FWB (Flughafen Wien Betriebsgesellschaft) took over the field a new era started. This resulted in a reconstruction and further development of the airfield. Soon after, small hangars and a terminal building were completed, concreting works on the 850 meter long runway terminated this phase of reconstruction. Technical state-of-the-art equipment and a tower built in 1979 added to the standard of the airfield. Voeslau/Kottingbrunn has turned into the biggest airfield for general aviation and since then has been used for the training of general-aviation as well as commercial and airline pilots by many clubs, stationed not only at the field itself, but also at other fields. In 1985 Voeslau/Kottingbrunn was turned into a public airfield and since 1996 has been successfully run by MFU Flugbetriebs GmbH and in the future might and will serve many more generations of pilots.

Operating times 0900 LT - ECET max. 20.30 LT
Available fuel AVGAS 100LL - Super95 - Jet A1
Fully EASA certified aircraft maintenance operation
Weather briefing
Submission of flightplans
Customs Office on request, please see details
Landingfee dependant on MToW, please see our pricelist
Tie-Down up to 5600 Kg MToW, up to 4 hours free of charges, thereafter 1.03€ per hour, max. 4€ pro 24 hours.
Hangar space on request
Helicopter Service

Airport Information

Type: Airport (Aerodrome, Airfield)
Latitude: 47°58'N (47.967)
Longitude: 16°16'E (16.267)
Elevation: 769 ft (234 m)
Timezone: UTC+1 (DST+2)
Runways: unknown number
Longest: 2850 ft (869 m)


tel. +43 1 7007 9200 direct line to the Tower
fax. +43 2252 75370


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