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Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport photoSalzburg Airport presents itself as a modern regional airport if the "EuRegio Salzburg", which creates jobs and plays an ever increasing role as a strong investor in the economy and the tourist industry.

Salzburg Airport Services was founded in 1993 as an own daughter company for passenger handling.
This "Traffic Handling", comprises the passenger handling from the Check-in to boarding and all activities connected to this including the loading plans for the aircraft.

Legal status

Salzburg Airport photoSince February 4, 1993, the company has been listed in the commercial register of the provincial court of Salzburg serving as commercial court as entry number 33636s under the following name: Salzburg Airport Services GmbH. The registered offices and management of the company are located in Salzburg, postal district 5020.

Object of the company:

1. The object of the company is to provide services relating to the handling of passengers and aircraft at Salzburg Airport with the exception of ramp services.
2. The company is also authorized to conduct any activities that are necessary and useful in carrying out these duties.

Salzburg Airport photo

The company's capital stock amounts to Euro 100.000 and was paid up completely in cash.

The company's governing bodies are:
a) the executive director
b) the supervisory board
c) the Annual General Meeting

The executive director is Roland Hermann of Salzburg, who is authorized signatory.
The sole shareholder is Salzburger Flughafen GmbH.

Financial standing

By virtue of a subcontracting agreement with Salzburger Flughafen GmbH, the company is responsible for handling traffic at Salzburg Airport for scheduled and chartered airlines.

Salzburg Airport photo


On the 16th July 1910 an airplane with engine taxied on to the new racetrack in Salzburg-Aigen for the very first time.
A short flight ended with the crash of the Bleriot aircraft, but the pilot Josef Auer was only slightly injured. On 12th May 1912, 15000 Salzburgers gazed in admiration at the aviator Karl Illner who flew over the parade grounds in Maxglan, the location of today's airport, on the occasion of an "air show".

On 16th August 1926, for the first time ever, Lufthansa flew on the route Munich-Salzburg-Bad Reichenhall. On 22nd August the Salzburg Airfield was officially opened in Maxglan.
There were now 5 airfields including Salzburg in Austria. The German Lufthansa were already flying the route Munich-Salzburg-Reichenhall and back. For the first time advertising was dropped through the skies: the airplane Tyrol A 25 through fliers down to the ground.

1937 registered a slight increase in the number of aircraft landings at Salzburg Airfield. In the summer the ÖLAG flew daily to and from Budapest-Vienna-Salzburg-Munich-Zürich.

The name "Salzburg Airport" was used for the very first time in its history when the US Army took it over.
The Americans dismantled the Me 262 jets which were not at all or only slightly damaged and later sent them in parts back to the USA. The Americans brought twin engine DC3-airplanes in addition to the small single engine Stinson L5, airplanes for connection flights, and used the 1200 metres long and 60 metres wide runway, which had been 10/28 concreted by the Germans in 1944.

Salzburg Airport was the first Austrian airport which managed to become a part of European scheduled traffic again. It was to Salzburg’s advantage that the central headquarters of the American occupation authorities was based there. Through this a good overseas connection was promised by the passengers.
On 26th May 1951, a Swissair aircraft landed for the first time to take up the Zurich-Innsbruck-Salzburg route. From this point in time Salzburg was used increasingly by charter machines and sport aircraft.

In 1954, Salzburg became the cradle for the reconstruction of Austrian aviation. A year before the recovery of Austrian air sovereignty, the Americans agreed for Ing. Hubert Pölz to begin the training of pilots for the future national and civil Austrian aviation. Using Swiss sports aircrafts with Swiss registrations, Austrian pilots were finally allowed again to fly powered aircrafts in Austria.

The 19th October 1955 stands for the beginning of a modern airport. The new managing director Dr. Hans Deutsch took over Salzburg Airport on 25th October 1955. Hans Meßner was employed as the airport operations director. In December of the same year the plans for a new runway under or around the road Innsbrucker Bundesstrasse were released. The old concrete runway was renovated. This was not a solution however for the deficiencies of the runway.

The presentation flight, which Lufthansa organised with an Airbus A300 on March 25th 1976, turned out to be a significant source of income for the airport just 10 years later. The use of a jumbos, especially for charter flights.

Salzburg Airport photo

When the English British Airways announced they were taking up the route Salzburg London Gatwick again in 2000 the schedule world at Salzburg Airport which had been seriously wounded by the stopping of Lauda flights, seemed to be in order again.
Yet just 12 months later there was another change of management at British Airways. Salzburg also fell victim to the cut backs. At the same time Ryanair knocked on the Airport management’s door. Within the shortest possible time a package was agreed upon between Ryanair, the provincial tourist board and the airport and by the beginning of April 2001 Salzburg Airport became the first destination for Ryanair in Austria. This move was also the first time an Austrian airport had dared to venture in the business field of the so-called Low Cost Airlines. Almost 100,000 passengers were registered in 2001 and after the 2nd daily flight was introduced in 2002 the figure rose to more than 200,000 passengers. This figure far exceeded the expectations of the tourist manager for the Salzburg region.

The local economy is being significantly strengthened through incoming tourism. It has also been possible to develop a source of traffic from East Europe in addition to the main areas of Great Britain and Scandinavia. Russia and Poland are both hopeful markets and are making a positive development in their contribution to the whole traffic movement at Salzburg Airport. It can be assumed that the constant integration process in the EU will lead to a flourishing ski tourist industry. As Salzburg Airport was the only Austrian airport, which managed to show an increase in passengers in 2001 the airport management have been able to report another increase of 4% for 2002. For the first time the record of 1.3 million passengers has been broken. An increase of 3% has already been forcast for 2003.

Salzburg Airport photo


IATA-code: SZG

Salzburger Flughafen GmbH

Innsbrucker Bundesstraße 95
5020 Salzburg - Austria

Telefon: +43 (0) 662 8580-0
Telefax: +43 (0) 662 8580-110

E-mail: info at salzburg-airport at


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General Info
Country Austria
Time UTC+1(+2DT)
Latitude 47.793304
47° 47' 35.89" N
Longitude 13.004333
013° 00' 15.60" E
Elevation 1411 feet
430 meters
Type Civil
Magnetic Variation 002° E (05/06)
Alternate Name W A MOZART
International Clearance Status Airport of Entry
Daylight Savings Time Last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October

Opr 0500-2200Z++
Opr 0500-2200Z++
Opr 0500-2200Z++
Opr 0500-2200Z++

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
16/34 9022 x 148 feet
2750 x 45 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
VOR-DME SBG SALZBURG 085X 113.8 13.3 NM 160.2
NDB SBG SALZBURG - 382 11.4 NM 155.8

Fuel Jet A1, without icing nhibitor.

100/130 MIL Spec, low lead, aviation gasoline (BLUE)
Other Fluids DE-ICE, Anti-icing/De-icing/Defrosting Fluid (MIL A 8243)

FLUID Acft de-icing trucks. Max work hgt 41'.
FUEL Avbl 0430-2030Z++ (NC-100LL, A1)
LGT PAPI Rwy 16 MEHT 59'.
OPR HOURS Opr 0400-2200Z++.

Runway 16/34

9022 x 148 feet
2750 x 45 meters

Runway 16
True Heading 157.0
Latitude 47.804722
47° 48' 17.00" N
Longitude 12.997167
012° 59' 49.80" E
Elevation 1411.0 feet
430 meters
Slope 0.0°
Landing Distance 8366 feet
2550 meters
Takeoff Distance 9022 feet
2750 meters
Displaced Threshold Length 656 feet
200 meters
Lighting System SF

Runway 34
True Heading 337.0
Latitude 47.781944
47° 46' 55.00" N
Longitude 13.011500
013° 00' 41.40" E
Elevation 1411.0 feet
430 meters
Slope 0.0°
Landing Distance 8235 feet
2510 meters
Takeoff Distance 9350 feet
2850 meters
Displaced Threshold Length 787 feet
240 meters
Overrun Length 328 feet
100 meters
Overrun Surface ASPHALT
Lighting System SF


Type ID Channel Freq Country State
VOR-DME SBG 085X 113.8 Austria -
Latitude Longitude Airport
48° 00' 09.30" N
012° 53' 33.94" E


Type ID Channel Freq Country State
NDB SBG - 382 Austria -
Latitude Longitude Airport
47° 58' 03.11" N
012° 53' 38.68" E


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