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Kufstein Langkampfen Airport

Kufstein is an old city in Tyrol, Austria. It is located, along the river Inn, in the lower Inn valley, near the border to Bavaria, Germany. Kufstein is the second largest city in Tyrol and capital of the district (Bezirk) Kufstein. Kufstein Fortress.The greatest landmark of Kufstein is the fortress, which was first mentioned in the 13th century. Kufstein has two exits along the A12 motorway (autobahn) from Innsbruck to Rosenheim, and a railway station along the Austrian Western Railway section of the line from Verona to Munich.

Airport Information

City: Kufstein, Austria
Latitude: 47°34'N (47.569)
Longitude: 12°08'E (12.133)
Timezone: UTC+1 (DST+2)


Tel.+43 (0)5372 63 833;
Fax: +43 (0)5372 63 466


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