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Feldkirchen Airport


Feldkirchen Airport photoThe establishment of association took place on 4 July 1951 under the designation "Kaerntner flight haven federation, sail and group of model flights of field churches". The association counted at that time 7 members and the first chairman and also flight instructor was Anton Augustin at the same time. Under its guidance in the kind of the genuine pioneer spirit the fundamental structure work for the association was carried out. Into this time period those fall pre-working for the building of the airfield and the old hangar in the year 1952 and aeronautically the training for the sail flight examinations.

The financing of the flying operation and the acquisition of gliders and devices came to a large extent from own resources and from means, which originated by so-called "tree donations" from farmers from the district field churches. The donated trees were geschlaegert by the club members in hard work and sold then. Like that it was possible, for 3 school glider and 4 gliders - of it a Doppelsitzer - as well as two hoists for hoist-drag to purchase.

Feldkirchen Airport photo

On 21 March 1962 renaming the association took place on the name "flight haven association Feldkirchen/Ossiachersee". In this time also the first cross-country flights were flown by Karl Kogler and Helmut Micheler.

Chairman Augustin had laid down for health reasons end of 1962 his function as a chairman of the association and Karl Kogler from the plenary assembly to the new chairman had been selected. With it second, the probably most eventful section in the rapid development of our association began:

Karl Kogler was already since 1960 in the executive committee active and together with the chairman deputy Dr. Fritz Spath those today the association life determining statutes of our flight haven association there had specified. Further the conditions for the building were created by runway, new hangar and cafeteria.

Feldkirchen Airport photo

If now in one span by 10 years from a swampy Moos and peat area an efficient airfield with grass runway, hangar and cafeteria were arranged, then we owe this above all to the initiative and the organizational ability of our current honour chairman Karl Kogler, its executive committee members at that time and not least the work input individual club members from the second section of our association life. To 8.12.1979 walter Karpf, which already as if take the money in the executive committee was active, was selected to the chairman. With it the third section in our association history began:

As short-term objective the establishment of a signalfeldes and the building of a service station for the refueling of the power planes and Motorsegler were tackled.

Feldkirchen Airport photo

In the years 1973 and 1978 by the flight haven association summer celebrations were organized, which became soon a high point in the meeting calendar of the tourism municipality field churches. Here it is not to remain unmentioned that by guests, who spend their flier vacation with us often more than 3000 overnight accomodation is arranged annually in our area. Thus the airfield for the Feldkirchner became tourism a not insignificant restaurant factor.

In the years 1968 - 1976 and 1979 were accomplished on our airfield training and training camp of the Austrian aero club.


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