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Lord Howe Island Aerodrome

Lord Howe Island Airport Operator: Lord Howe Island Board

Phone: +61 2 65632066

Fax: +61 2 65632127

E-mail: willt at acay com au

Lord Howe Island A spectacular volcanic crescent laid on a background of turquoise and ocean-blue, breathtakingly beautiful Lord Howe Island adorns its small realm in the South Pacific 770km north-east of Sydney.

Lord Howe Island Airport Firstly, a description of the aerodrome itself. YLHI (the ICAO code for the airport) is a small airport by world standards. It consists of one runway which is orientated approximately east-west. The actualy name of the runway is 10/28 (it points to 100 degrees magnetic at one end, and 280 at the other). The runway is 886m long, and 30m wide. Jutting off it towards the eastern end is the single taxiway, leading onto an RPT apron and grassed aircraft parking areas. It diagonally bisects the island. To the south-east of the airport, about 50m from the runway, is the DME station, discussed on the NDB Page. There is also the Bureau of Meteorology next to the apron.

Here an Eastern Australia Airlines Dash 8-100 sits on the RPT apron ready to take on passengers for the flight back to Sydney. Eastern is a subsidiary of QANTAS, and flies regularly between Sydney and Lord Howe Island. Other airlines include Sunsate Airlines (again a QANTAS subsidiary and operator of Dash 8s/) and KentiaLink.

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