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Lombadina Airport

Lombadina is an Aboriginal community of about 60 people and has been operating tourist ventures for the last seven years. Basil and Caroline Sibosado and their family run Lombadina and are working towards self-sufficiency through community ventures that include a general store, artefact and craft shop, a bakery and tourism.

Pristine blue water washes up on the whitest beaches abundant with exotic shells and coral. The surrounding ocean is rich in sea life - dolphins, turtles, manta and stingrays swimming together with the rare dugong. Mud crabbing and traditional fishing are a gourmet adventure.

The magnificent jabiru, black and white cockatoo, sea eagle and the bower bird renowned for stealing are just a few of the bird species to be found here. Night creatures include the flying fox and Bolgnor, the flying possum. Kangaroos, possums, frill neck lizards and goannas emerge from their hideaways at dusk and move around until dawn.

Visitors can watch as artefacts are made from local materials or charter a boat to explore the bays and lagoons, fish, sightsee or simply relax.

Come and bask in the sun and absorb the tranquillity. Explore an area rich in natural beauty. Join in hunting and gathering the Aboriginal way, a way that has been handed down through the generations. Discover the magic of Lombadina Community and our remote paradise.

Lombadina is more a retreat for people to come and share in an indigenous lifestyle rather than a resort - an Aboriginal way of life you can experience for yourself.

Lombadina Airport
Photo credit: Transport (WA Govt)
(Click on the photo to enlarge)

Lombadina Airport
Photo credit: Transport (WA Govt)
(Click on the photo to enlarge)


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