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Hoxton Park Airport

Hoxton Park Airport Hoxton Park Airport is located approximately 39km west of Sydney and 8km from the city of Liverpool.
Originally contructed during World War II, the 88 hectare airport has been used by the general aviation industry since the late 1940's.
Hoxton Park Airport is the smallest of the three metropolitan airports occupying 87 hectares, it is also the youngest being established in 1942 as a dispersal airfield. The airport is located 13km west of Bankstown and operates 24 hours with the same circuit training limitations as both Bankstown and Camden Airports.

The airport has one runway and one associated taxiway with supporting grass and sealed apron areas.

Environmental Strategy

HPAL is committed to implementing and maintaining environmental management initiatives that promote sound environmental management policies and practices in all airport activities. These initiatives are clearly demonstrated in the HPAL Environment Strategy that was approved by the Commonwealth Minister for Transport and Regional Services in March 2000.

The Environment Strategy has a 5 year timeframe and outlines management plans for specific ground-based environmental issues. The associated actions are designed to improve the overall environmental management of activities on Hoxton Park Airport. Objectives, targets and management actions have been developed for broad range of environmental issues.

A copy of the HPAL Environment Strategy is available in pdf format.

HPAL has made good progress implementing our environmental objectives and management actions since the approval of the Strategy. Our performance in implementing the Strategy is continuously monitored by our regulator, the Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services.

Noise Issues

Airservices Australia is responsible for managing and controlling aircrafts when taxiing, taking off, in flight and landing. Noise issues related to these activities at Hoxton Park Airport should be reported to Airservices Australia on its 24-hour number 1300-302-240. Issues and complaints are monitored on a monthly basis to determine whether there are any particular trends or issues evident or whether any aircraft has operated outside its assigned tracks or altitude. If so, appropriate investigations are initiated and corrective action taken where applicable.

Bankstown Airport Limited
Management Centre
Airport Avenue
Bankstown Airport
NSW 2220

Phone: +61 2 96075451

Fax: +61 2 96070635

am at bankstownairport com au

URL: www.hoxtonparkairport com au

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General Info
Country Australia
Time UTC+10(+11DT)
Latitude -33.909722
33° 54' 35.00" S
Longitude 150.852222
150° 51' 08.00" E
Elevation 135 feet
41 meters
Magnetic Variation 012° E (01/04)

CTAF 127.0
Communications Remarks  
FSS (on gnd)
CTAF Nstd 2 NM to 1700'.

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
16/34 3602 x 98 feet
1098 x 30 meters

Fuel 100/130 MIL Spec, low lead, aviation gasoline (BLUE)

CAUTION Lgtd twr 672' AMSL 2 NM NW of arpt. Obst twr 820' AMSL 3.5 NM N of arpt.
FUEL Avbl 2200-0700Z++. (NC-100LL)
LGT ACTIVATE - Rwy 16-34-120.25.
MISC Ldg fees.
RSTD Not avbl to acft abv 12,500 lbs GWT.
TFC PAT Rgt hand circuits Rwy 16 SS-SR.

Runway 16/34

3602 x 98 feet
1098 x 30 meters

Runway 16
True Heading 167.0
Latitude -33.905925
33° 54' 21.33" S
Longitude 150.850633
150° 51' 02.28" E
Landing Distance 3602 feet
1098 meters
Takeoff Distance 3602 feet
1098 meters
Lighting System PCL

Runway 34
True Heading 347.0
Latitude -33.915564
33° 54' 56.03" S
Longitude 150.853372
150° 51' 12.14" E
Landing Distance 3602 feet
1098 meters
Takeoff Distance 3602 feet
1098 meters
Lighting System PCL

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