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Broome Airport

Broome Airport Broome and Broome International Airport are established as the regional hub of northwest Australia and the Gateway to the Kimberley.

Serving business, personal and tourist travellers, BIA has around 250,000 passengers go through its gates each year, making it the major regional airport in WA.

Broome is a rapidly expanding town with a growing town with a growing tourist industry. Visitors are attracted to the warm climate, turquoise waters and beautiful beaches. Broome International Airport is the major air hub of northwest Australia and the Gateway to the Kimberley.


When the Geraldton-Derby airmail service first landed at Broome in 1922, the "airport" was any smooth patch of sand on Cable Beach. Sometime in the mid 1920s, a dirt strip was graded adjacent to the old race course, near the airport's current location.

By 1935, the east-west airstrip was laid out in its present alignment. As aircraft became larger and faster, the runway expanded but the airport was really nothing more than a graded strip and a covered shed for a "terminal".

World War II saw a dramatic increase in activity as Broome Airport was a refuelling stop for military aircraft in the northwest region. In addition, Broome's Roebuck Bay became a stopover for huge flying boats evacuating Dutch refugees from Java, which was in the path of advancing Japanese troops.

The war reached Broome on March 3, 1942 when Japanese fighters attacked Broome Airport and the flying boats at anchor in the bay.

Over 70 passengers in the flying boats were killed, just minutes before their scheduled takeoff. The complete story of this tragic day is detailed in

Broome Airport In the immediate aftermath of the attack, Japanese Invasion hysteria was so great that the airport runway was ordered destroyed. At the last minute cooler heads prevailed and the order was rescinded. Nevertheless, Broome was virtually abandoned after the attack - there were ongoing fears of the invasion that never came.

After the war, some determined pearlers returned to Broome hoping to regain the riches of years past. Although the industry did revive somewhat, previous shell prices were never realised. Also, the advent of plastics in the 1950s seriously eroded the demand for mother of pearl shell - the main product of Broome's pearling industry.

Fortunately for Broome and its pearling industry, experiments with cultured pearls were producing exciting results, with the prospect of pearls replacing pearl shell as the money making product. By the 1970s pearl farms were established in coastal waters, producing thousands of beautiful pearls - and reaping millions of dollars. Prosperity finally returned to Broome. With prosperity came new residents and there was a steady tourism increase in Broome and the Kimberley region - and Broome Airport was the main link to the region.

Broome Airport
Photo credit: Broome Airport

Broome Airport underwent several stages of expansion, with the first major improvements in 1991 when Airport Engineering Services purchased the airport from the Federal Department of Transport. This transition from government to private operations marked the beginning of a new era for Broome's airport. The next step will be the relocation of the airport to its new site just to the northeast of Broome.

Broome International Airport
PO Box 68
Western Australia 6725

Telephone: (08) 9193 5455
International: +61 8 9193 5455
Facsimile: (08) 9193 6057
E-mail: admin at broomeair com au

Corporate Headquarters
Broome International Airport
(ABN 99 074 187 732)
53 Wheatley Street
Western Australia 6110

Telephone: (08) 9490 2299
International: +61 8 9490 2299
Facsimile: (08) 9490 1775
E-mail: info at broomeair com au

URL: Broome Airport

Broome Airport
Photo credit: Transport (WA Govt)
(Click on the photo to enlarge)

Broome Airport
Photo credit: Transport (WA Govt)
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Broome Airport
Photo credit: Transport (WA Govt)
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Broome Airport
Photo credit: Transport (WA Govt)
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Broome Airport
Photo credit: Transport (WA Govt)
(Click on the photo to enlarge)


Images and information placed above are from
Broome Airport
http://www.flightclub com au/wa-airstrips/broome/
We thank them for the data!

General Info
Country Australia
Time UTC+8
Latitude -17.944722
17° 56' 41.00" S
Longitude 122.231667
122° 13' 54.00" E
Elevation 57 feet
17 meters
Magnetic Variation 002° E (01/04)

ATIS 126.55
Communications Remarks  
MISC Nstd wi 30 NM to 10000'.
FSS (on gnd)

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
10/28 8064 x 148 feet
2458 x 45 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
NDB-DME BRM BROOME 100X 320 At Field -

Fuel Jet A1+, Jet A1 with icing inhibitor.

Jet A1, without icing nhibitor.
Oil O-117, 1100, Reciprocating Engine Oil (MIL L 6082)

CAUTION Bird haz. Possible poor rdo trans in MTAF area fr acft on gnd or opr lo level. Rdo mast 170' AGL. 192 1.42 NM fr arpt. PJE Jun-Sep.
FUEL Avbl wkd 2300-1000Z, wkend 2300-0900Z, fone C08 9193 5686. OT 1 Hr PN fone C0418 938027. (NC-100LL, A1)
LGT ACTIVATE-Rwy 10-28 -119.6, PAL activated SS-SR only.
MISC Ldg fee.
OIL O-117.
RSTD RWY 28 all acft abv 44000 lbs must roll thru RWY 10 TDZ for 180 turns

Runway 10/28

8064 x 148 feet
2458 x 45 meters

Runway 10
True Heading 105.0
Latitude -17.945556
17° 56' 44.00" S
Longitude 122.215556
122° 12' 56.00" E
Elevation 56.0 feet
17 meters
Slope -0.4°
Landing Distance 7769 feet
2368 meters
Takeoff Distance 8064 feet
2458 meters
Displaced Threshold Length 295 feet
90 meters
Lighting System PCL

Runway 28
True Heading 285.0
Latitude -17.951361
17° 57' 04.90" S
Longitude 122.237950
122° 14' 16.62" E
Elevation 22.0 feet
7 meters
Slope 0.4°
Landing Distance 7375 feet
2248 meters
Takeoff Distance 8064 feet
2458 meters
Displaced Threshold Length 689 feet
210 meters
Lighting System PCL


Type ID Channel Freq Country State
NDB-DME BRM 100X 320 Australia -
Latitude Longitude Airport
17° 56' 17.00" S
122° 13' 47.00" E

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