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Bathurst Airport

Bathurst Airport (IATA: BHS, ICAO: YBTH) is an airport serving Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.

Located in the central tablelands, Bathurst Airport is serviced by only one airline, Rex. Numerous flying schools operate at the aerodrome. The airport is used very frequently by trainee pilots during their navigation training. There are no landing charges for aircraft under 2000kg thus being a popular option as a destination for many pilots, mostly trainee pilots from Bankstown and Camden Airport in the Sydney Basin.

The airport has two runways: one sealed and one brown gravel. The sealed runway has lighting facilities which are pilot-activated.

The airport is managed by Bathurst Regional Council.

Airlines and destinations

Regional Express airlines to Sydney. The airline is based in Wagga Wagga.

Virgin Blue

Bathurst was one of the 20 destinations looked at by Virgin Blue for services to Sydney using its new Embraer aircraft. As of November 2008, Virgin Blue has not announced the launch of services to Bathurst, although the likelihood of the airline servicing the city is relatively low due to low traffic and low demand on the route.

Bathurst Airport photo

Bathurst is Australia's oldest inland city and hosts the annual Internationally recognised Bathurst 1000km Motor Race. Bathurst Airport is located 8.3km from the town centre.

Operating from the Bathurst Airport and flying over local attractions and the beautiful countryside - or straight to your chosen destination.

These joyflights are conducted in our pristine Tiger Moth, which has open cockpits, and so flying is also governed by the weather. Gift Certificates are also available.

Ask about our special group rates or extended flights to your favourite destination. The standard flight includes a 'lap of the mount'.

Join the elite group of open cockpit flyers aboard 'VH-PUI' and experience the freedom of real flying in this immaculately maintained aircraft.

The Tiger Moth was created by De-Havilland and was first flown in 1931, usinf the Gipsy Major Engine and producing 130hp max. There were 1,085 produced in Australia (including this one). This is a wonderful aeroplane which has been operational for more than half the life of aviation - due to it's extreme reliability and rugged cunstruction.

Operator: Bathurst City Council

PMB 17
Bathurst NSW 2795

Phone: +61 63311622

Fax: +61 63336115

Mobile: - 0409455084

Email: - joyflights at hotkey net au

URL: Bathurst Airport

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Bathurst Airport
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General Info
Country Australia
Time UTC+10(+11DT)
Latitude -33.409444
33° 24' 34.00" S
Longitude 149.651944
149° 39' 07.00" E
Elevation 2435 feet
742 meters
Magnetic Variation 012° E (01/04)

CTAF 127.35
Communications Remarks  
FSS (on gnd)

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
08/26 4314 x 98 feet
1315 x 30 meters
17/35 5594 x 98 feet
1705 x 30 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
NDB BTH BATHURST - 383 At Field -

Fuel Jet A1, without icing nhibitor.

100/130 MIL Spec, low lead, aviation gasoline (BLUE)

CAUTION Bird haz. Intensive glider Ops 7 NM W of Afld. Rwy 17-35 opposite ends not visible when taking off, Rdo calls advised.
FUEL (NC-100LL) Avbl 2200-0700Z++ 1 hr PN, OT 24 hr PN, fone C02 63373310. (NC-A1) Avbl 2200-0800Z++ Mon-Fri OT PN fone C02 63373433.
LGT ACTIVATE-Rwy 17-35-120.6.
MISC Ldg fees.
TFC PAT Rgt hand circuits Rwy 35 btn 2200 lcl and SR.

Runway 08/26

4314 x 98 feet
1315 x 30 meters

Runway 08
Surface GRAVEL.
True Heading 091.0
Latitude -33.406697
33° 24' 24.11" S
Longitude 149.649272
149° 38' 57.38" E
Elevation 2396.0 feet
730 meters
Slope 0.6°
Landing Distance 4314 feet
1315 meters
Takeoff Distance 4314 feet
1315 meters

Runway 26
Surface GRAVEL.
True Heading 271.0
Latitude -33.406831
33° 24' 24.59" S
Longitude 149.663403
149° 39' 48.25" E
Elevation 2423.0 feet
739 meters
Slope -0.6°
Landing Distance 4314 feet
1315 meters
Takeoff Distance 4314 feet
1315 meters

Runway 17/35

5594 x 98 feet
1705 x 30 meters

Runway 17
True Heading 176.0
Latitude -33.400778
33° 24' 02.80" S
Longitude 149.650706
149° 39' 02.54" E
Elevation 2391.0 feet
729 meters
Slope 0.8°
Landing Distance 5594 feet
1705 meters
Takeoff Distance 5594 feet
1705 meters
Lighting System PCL

Runway 35
True Heading 356.0
Latitude -33.416108
33° 24' 57.99" S
Longitude 149.651922
149° 39' 06.92" E
Elevation 2434.0 feet
742 meters
Slope -0.8°
Landing Distance 5594 feet
1705 meters
Takeoff Distance 5594 feet
1705 meters
Lighting System PCL


Type ID Channel Freq Country State
NDB BTH - 383 Australia -
Latitude Longitude Airport
33° 24' 51.00" S
149° 39' 25.00" E

Type ID Channel Freq Country State
DME 2F 091X - Canada -
Latitude Longitude Airport
47° 37' 53.00" N
065° 44' 40.00" W

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