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RotorWay Exec 162F

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Exec 162F
Role amateur-built helicopter
Manufacturer RotorWay International
First flight 1994
Introduction 1994
Produced 1994 - present

RotorWay Exec 162F transitioning to forward flight.
RotorWay Exec 162F transitioning to forward flight.

The Exec 162F is a two-seat kit helicopter manufactured by RotorWay International.


The Exec 162F is the latest in the Exec series of helicopters manufactured by RotorWay International. The Exec 90 was developed in the early 1990s, it was, at the time, the only piston-powered helicopter to utilize an asymmetrical airfoil for improved autorotation characteristics and safety.

In 1994, a fuel injection system with electronic ignition, and FADEC was added to the Exec 90, producing the Exec 162F.

Unlike most U.S.-designed helicopters, the main rotor on the Exec 162F rotates clock-wise, as seen from above.


Engine RI 162F, 162 cu. in. (2659 cc)
Seats 2
Gross Weight 1500 lb (680 kg)
Empty Weight 975 lb (442 kg)
Equipped Useful Load 525 lb (238 kg)
Pilot and Passenger Load 425 lb (193 kg)
Fuel Capacity 17 US Gallons (64 liters)


Rate of Climb 1000 ft/min
Hover in Ground Effect 7,000 ft (2,100 m)
Hover out of Ground Effect 5,000 ft (1,500 m)
Service Ceiling 10,000 ft (3,000 m)
Range, Maximum Fuel Cruise 180 mi (290 km) / 2 hrs
Normal Cruise 95 mph (83 knots)
Max. IAS, Sea Level / Standard Day 115 mph (100 knots)

Basic Dimensions

Main Rotor Diameter 25 ft (7.6 m)
Tail Rotor Diameter 50.25 in. (1.2 m)
Length, Nose to Tail 22 ft (6.7 m)
Overall Length 29.5 ft (9 m)
Cabin Width 44 in (1.1 m)
Skid Width 65 in (1.6 m)
Height 96 in (2.4 m)

RI 162F Engine

Manufacturer RotorWay International
Configuration 4 Stroke, 4 Cylinder Piston Engine
Rated Horsepower at 4250 rpm 150
Torque at 4250 rpm 185 lb·ft (251 N·m)
Maximum Torque at 3950 rpm 191 lb·ft (259 N·m)
Displacement 162 in³ (2659 cc)
Cooling Liquid Cooled
Engine Dry Weight 187 lb (85 kg)

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Published in July 2009.

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