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Cessna Model A

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Model A
Cessna AW at Yanks Museum, Chino, CA
Role Four-seat tourer
Manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company
Designed by Clyde Cessna
First flight 1920s
Primary user private owners
Number built 83

The Cessna Model A was a 1920s American high-wing four-seat tourer built by the Cessna Aircraft Company, the first in long line of high-wing single-engined monoplanes.

Design and development

The first Cessna design built in any numbers was the Cessna Model A, a four-seater with a mixed wood and steel-tube construction with fabric covering. The aircraft was built in a number of variants fitted with different engines.


Model AA
Fitted with a 120hp (89kW) Anzani 10 engine, 14 built.
Model AC
Fitted with a 130hp (97kW) Comet engine, one built.
Model AF
Fitted with a 150hp (112kW) Floco/Axelson engine, three built.
Model AS
Fitted with a 125hp (93kW) Siemens-Halske engine, four built.
Model AW
Fitted with a 125hp (97kW) Warner Scarab engine, 48 built. One was purchased by Eddie August Schneider in which he set three transcontinental airspeed records for pilots under the age of twenty-one in 1930.
Model BW
A three-seat version with a 220hp (164kW) Wright J-5 engine, 13 built.

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Published in July 2009.

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