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Mudry CAP 20

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Mudry CAP 20
CAP-20 #7 in 2007
Role Single-seat aerobatic monoplane
Manufacturer Avions Mudry

The Mudry CAP 20 is a French family of aerobatic competition single seater monoplanes.

Design and development

Developed at the same time as the CAP 10 as a single-seat aerobatic version. It was followed by a lightweight version designated the CAP 20L which in turn was replaced by the CAP 21 with more advanced wing.

  • The CAP-20 is the first of the list, flown in the early 70's as a 200 hp powered narrow bodied CAP-10.
  • The CAP-20L was a lightened version of the -200.
  • The CAP-21 used the same fuselage but a different trapezoidal wing.

All of those planes used a 200hp version of the Lycoming AEIO-360 injected flat-4.

The CAP-21 was then developed as the CAP-230.


CAP 20
Initial version.
CAP 20L-180
Lightweight variant powered by a 180hp (134kW) Avco Lycoming piston engine.
CAP 20LS-200
Lightweight variant powered by a 200hp (149kW) Avco Lycoming piston engine.
CAP 21
Improved version with new advanced aerofoil section wing
Two-seat basic trainer variant.
CAP X Super
Proposed production version. Not built.
Proposed production version. Not built.

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Published in July 2009.

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