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Beagle B.206

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Beagle B.206 / Basset
Role Light Transport
Manufacturer Beagle Aircraft Limited
First flight 15 August 1961
Introduced 1965
Primary user Royal Air Force
Produced 1964–1969
Number built 85

The Beagle B.206 is a 1960s British two-seat twin-engined liaison and communication aircraft built by Beagle Aircraft Limited at Shoreham Airport and Rearsby Aerodrome.

Design and development

The design of a twin-engined light transport began in 1960 and the prototype registered "G-ARRM" (designated the B.206X) first flew from Shoreham Airport, West Sussex on 15 August 1961. The prototype aircraft was a five-seat all metal low-wing monoplane powered by two Continental flat-six engines.

The Beagle B.206X prototype at the Farnborough Show in 1961
The Beagle B.206X prototype at the Farnborough Show in 1961

The second prototype (designated B.206Y) was slightly larger with a larger span wing and seating for seven. Two aircraft were built for evaluation by the Ministry of Aviation at Boscombe Down and an order for twenty aircraft for the Royal Air Force followed.The RAF aircraft were named the Beagle Basset CC.1 and were built at Rearsby Aerodrome, Leicestershire.

A Series 2 aircraft with 340hp Continental turbocharged engines first flew on 23 June 1965. The Series 2 was also fitted with a large freight door. The aircraft was soon in demand with air taxi companies and as a light transport for companies. Two aircraft were delivered to the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia.

A Series 3 was developed with a raised rear fuselage to carry 10-passengers but only three were built. When the company needed the room at Rearsby to built the Beagle Pup, production of the B.206 ended with the 85th aircraft.

Operational history

The first deliveries to RAF communications squadrons was made in May 1965. The first civil ordered aircraft was also delivered in May 1965 to Rolls-Royce Limited at Hucknall. An unusual use for one of the first aircraft registered "G-ATHO" which was bought by the Maidenhead Organ Studios Limited for transporting electronic organs.

Accidents and incidents

  • 1972? Basset CC Mk 1 (26 Sqn RAF Wyton) at RAF Valley. Aircraft refuelled with Avtur. Crashed on take off. Navigator killed. Pilot seriously hurt


Beagle B.206X
Prototype, 1 built.
Beagle B.206Y
Larger prototype, 1 built.
Beagle B.206Z
Pre-production, 2 built.
Beagle B.206R (Basset CC.1)
Military version, 20 built.
Beagle B.206S
B.206 Series 2 prototype.
Beagle B.206 Series 1
Seven-seat civil production aircraft, 11 built.
Beagle B.206 Series 2
Higher-performance civil production aircraft, 47 built.
Beagle B.206 Series 3
10-seat version not developed, 3 built.


Military operators

 United Kingdom


 South Africa

Civil operators

 United Kingdom
  • Maidenhead Organ Studios Limited

Specifications (B.206 Series 2)

Data from British Civil Aircraft since 1919: Volume I

General characteristics


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