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American Champion

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American Champion Aircraft Corporation
Type Privately held company
Founded 1988
Headquarters Rochester, Wisconsin
Key people Jerry Mehlhaff Sr., Jerry Mehlhaff Jr.
Industry General Aviation
Products Champ, Citabria, Scout, Super Decathlon

American Champion Aircraft Corporation, located in Rochester, Wisconsin, is a manufacturer of general aviation aircraft. Founded in 1988 on the acquisition of the Champ, Citabria, Scout, and Decathlon, it has been producing replacement parts for these aircraft since that time; it has as well been producing new aircraft since 1990.

The Champ, Citabria, Decathlon, and Scout designs were obtained from Bellanca which had acquired Champion Aircraft Corporation in 1970. While Bellanca was responsible for the design of the Scout, the designs and type certificates for the Champ, Citabria and Decathlon originated from Champion Aircraft Corporation.


Summary of aircraft built by
Model name First flight Number built Type
American Champion 7EC Champ 1944 2 seat general aviation aircraft
American Champion 7ECA/7GC Citabria 1964 2 seat general aviation aircraft
American Champion 8GCBC Scout 1974 500 2 seat general aviation aircraft
American Champion 8KCAB Decathlon 1970 1,000 2 seat general aviation aircraft

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American Champion Citabria
American Champion Citabria

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