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Aero Boero S.A. is an Argentine aircraft manufacturer, established in 1952 by Hector Boero in Morteros in Córdoba Province. It manufactures a range of light civil utility and agricultural aircraft.

List of Aircraft

Several of the models listed below are (or were) manufactured in several variants:

  • Aero Boero 260AG - Single-engine single-seat low-wing monoplane aerial application aircraft
  • Aero Boero AB-95 - Single-engine three-seat high-wing monoplane civil utility aircraft with 100hp engine
  • Aero Boero AB-115 - Development of AB-95 with 115hp engine and improved aerodynamics
  • Aero Boero AB-210 - Development of AB-115 with 210hp engine and tricycle undercarriage. One built
  • Aero Boero AB-260 - Development of AB-115 with 260hp engine and tricycle undercarriage. One built

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Published in July 2009.

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