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Advanced Aerodynamics and Structures Inc.

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AASI or Advanced Aerodynamics and Structures Inc (originally ASI, Aerodynamics and Structures Inc.) was an aircraft maker, headquartered in Long Beach, California. The company was founded by Darius Sharifzadeh to develop and manufacture a line of business aircraft of unconventional configuration, the Jetcruzer.

The Jetcruzer program was hampered by a lengthy development and although the prototype version (the 450) had flown as early as 1989, by 2002, AASI still did not have the Jetcruzer in production. That year, AASI acquired the assets of the Mooney Aircraft Company and changed its name to the Mooney Aerospace Group (MASG).

Shortly thereafter, MASG suspended development of the Jetcruzer to focus on Mooney's more traditional line of light aircraft. The Jetcruzer assets were put up for auction in November 2003 and sold the following February to Innova Aircraft.

This was not enough to save the company however. In 2004, MASG sold off the Mooney assets to Allen Holding Finance in May, and filed for bankruptcy on June 10.


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Published in July 2009.

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