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Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia

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EMB 120 Brasilia
A Gulfstream International Airlines EMB 120 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
Role Regional airliner
Manufacturer Embraer
First flight July 27, 1983
Introduction October, 1985
Status Active
Primary users SkyWest Airlines
Brazilian Air Force
Produced 1983-2001; built individually as of 2007
Number built 350

The EMB 120 Brasilia is a twin-turboprop commuter airliner, produced by Embraer of Brazil.

Design and development

It first flew on 27 July 1983, and entered commercial service in October 1985. Since 1994, manufacture has focused exclusively on the EMB 120ER, with extended range (1,575 km) and increased capacity. It has a 30-passenger capacity.

Operational history

Most of the EMB 120s were sold in the United States and other places in the Western Hemisphere. Some European airlines such as Régional in France, DAT in Belgium, and DLT in Germany also purchased EMB-120s. Serial production ended in 2001. As of 2007, it is still available for one-off orders, as it shares much of the production equipment with the ERJ-145 family, which is still produced. The Angolan Air Force, for example, received a new EMB 120 in 2007.

The EMB 120 Brasilia and smaller EMB 110 Bandeirante are Embraer's only turboprop-driven aircraft in its civilian product line. SkyWest Airlines currently operates the largest fleet of EMB 120s under the United Express and Delta Connection brand.


EMB 120
Basic production version.
Extended range and increased capacity version. All EMB-120ER S/Ns may be converted into the model EMB-120FC or into the model EMB-120QC.
Full cargo version.
Quick change cargo version.
Transport version. All EMB-120RT S/Ns may be converted into the model EMB-120ER.
VIP transport version for the Brazilian Air Force.


Civil operators

Airnorth Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia
Airnorth Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia

In October 2008 less than 200 EMB 120 aircraft were in airline service around the world. Major operators include:

 Dominican Republic
 United States

Some other 40 smaller companies also operate the aircraft

Military Operators


Specifications (EMB 120ER)

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General characteristics




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Published in July 2009.

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