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List of private spaceflight companies

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This page is a list of non-governmental entities that currently offer – or are planning to offer – equipment and services geared towards spaceflight, both robotic and human spaceflight.

List of abbreviations used in this article

LEO: Low Earth orbit
GTO: Geostationary transfer orbit
VTOL: Vertical take-off and landing
SSTO: Single-stage-to-orbit
TSTO: Two-stage-to-orbit
SSTSO: Single-stage-to-sub-orbit

Manufactures of space vehicles

Crew and cargo capsules

Company name Craft name Craft type Launcher
Craft status Ref
ARCASPACE Stabilo capsule Solar Montgolfier balloon sub-orbit 1 development [1]
Orizont spaceplane Solar Montgolfier balloon sub-orbit 2 cancelled [2]
Bigelow Aerospace Genesis I space station Dnepr-1 rocket LEO unmanned currently in LEO [3]
Genesis II space station Dnepr-1 rocket LEO unmanned currently in LEO [4]
Galaxy space station - - LEO unmanned cancelled [5]
Sundancer space station Falcon 9 rocket LEO 3 development [6]
BA 330 space station - - LEO 6 proposed
Blue Origin New Shepard rocket self-powered (SSTSO) sub-orbit - testing [7]
EADS Astrium unnamed craft spaceplane self-powered (SSTSO) sub-orbit 4 development [8]
Excalibur Almaz TKS derivative capsule - - LEO circa 3 development
Almaz derivative space station - - LEO - development
da Vinci Project Wild Fire capsule - balloon sub-orbit 3 cancelled [9]
Galactic Suite Ltd. Galactic Suite space station - - LEO - development [10]
Interorbital Systems Solaris X capsule self-powered (SSTSO) sub-orbit 6 cancelled [11]
Crew Module capsule Neptune TSAAHTO rocket lunar orbit 6 development [12]
Orbital Sciences Corp. Cygnus capsule Taurus II rocket LEO unmanned development [13]
PlanetSpace Silver Dart spaceplane Canadian Arrow rocket LEO 3 development [14]
Reaction Engines Ltd. HOTOL spaceplane self-powered (SSTO) LEO - cancelled [15]
Skylon spaceplane self-powered (SSTO) LEO 5-20 development [16]
Rocketplane Kistler K-1 rocket self-powered (TSTO) LEO - cancelled [17]
Rocketplane XP spaceplane self-powered (SSTSO) sub-orbit 6 development [18]
Rotary Rocket Roton rocket self-powered (SSTO) LEO 2 cancelled [19]
Scaled Composites
and Virgin Galactic
SpaceShipOne spaceplane WhiteKnightOne airplane sub-orbit 2 retired (3/3) [20]
SpaceShipTwo spaceplane WhiteKnightTwo airplane sub-orbit 8 development [21]
SpaceShipThree - - - LEO - proposed [22]
Space Adventures Explorer spaceplane M-55X airplane sub-orbit 5 development [23]
Space Transport Corp. Rubicon I rocket self-powered (SSTSO) sub-orbital 3 cancelled [24]
SpaceDev Dream Chaser spaceplane Atlas V rocket LEO 7 development [25]
SpaceX Dragon capsule Falcon 9 rocket LEO 7 testing [26]
t/Space CXV capsule QuickReach rocket lunar orbit 6 development [27]
Venturer Aerospace S-550 capsule Falcon 9 rocket LEO 6 cancelled [28]
XCOR Xerus spaceplane self-powered (SSTSO) sub-orbit 2 cancelled [29]
Lynx spaceplane self-powered (SSTSO) sub-orbit 1 development [30]

Launch vehicles

Company name Launcher
No. of
AirLaunch LLC QuickReach rocket - LEO development
ARCASPACE HAAS light rocket 3 LEO development
Armadillo Aerospace OTRAG derivative medium rocket variable LEO cancelled
Beal Aerospace BA-1 light rocket - LEO cancelled
BA-2 medium rocket 3 GTO cancelled [31]
Canadian Arrow Canadian Arrow rocket 2 LEO testing
Interorbital Systems Sea Star TSAAHTO light rocket LEO development [32]
Neptune 30 light rocket multi LEO proposed [12]
Neptune 1000 medium rocket multi lunar orbit proposed [12]
Neptune TSAAHTO heavy rocket lunar orbit proposed [12]
Lockheed Martin VentureStar medium rocket 1 LEO cancelled [33]
Orbital Sciences Corp. Taurus I light rocket 4 LEO operational (6/8) [34]
Taurus II medium rocket 3 LEO development [35]
Orbital Transport & Raketen AG OTRAG medium rocket variable LEO reached 50km
Space Systems/Loral Aquarius light rocket 1 LEO development
Space Transport Corp. Spartan light rocket 3 sub-orbit reached 80km
SpaceX Falcon 1 light rocket 2 LEO operational (1/4) [36]
Falcon 5 medium rocket 2 GTO cancelled
Falcon 9 medium rocket 2 GTO testing [37]
Falcon 9 Heavy heavy rocket 2+boosters lunar orbit development [37]

Landers, rovers and probes

Company name Craft name Craft type Craft status Ref
Armadillo Aerospace unnamed craft rocket module testing [38]
BlastOff! Corporation Lunar 1 rover cancelled [39]
Odyssey Moon MoonOne (M-1) rover development [40]
Astrobotic Technology Artemis Lander lander development [41]
Red Rover rover development [42]
Team Italia rover development [43]
Micro Space development [44]
Next Giant Leap development [45]
Team FREDNET development [46]
ARCASPACE ELE lunar orbiter development [47]
Lunatrex development [48]
Chandah development [49]
Advaeros development [50]
STELLAR development [51]
JURBAN development [52]
Omega Envoy development [53]
Independence-X development [54]
SYNERGY MOON development [55]
Euroluna ROMIT development [56]
Team Selene LuRoCa 1 rocket car development [57]
SCSG cancelled [58]
Quantum3 cancelled [59]

Research craft and tech demonstrators

Company name Craft name Craft purpose Craft status Ref
Armadillo Aerospace Quad demonstrate VTOL operational
Blue Origin Goddard demonstrate VTOL operational
Interorbital Systems Neutrino systems testing operational
Tachyon systems testing operational [60]
Lockheed Martin X-33 demonstrate SSTO cancelled
Masten Space Systems XA-0.1 demonstrate VTOL operational
XA-0.2 systems testing development
XA-0.3 systems testing proposed
McDonnell Douglas DC-X demonstrate VTOL retired (11 test flights)
Rotary Rocket Roton ATV demonstrate VTOL retired (3 test flights)
Swedish Space Corp. Maxus payload to 700km operational
Maser payload to 300km operational
UP Aerospace SpaceLoft XL payload to 140km operational [61]

Propulsion manufacturers

Company name Engine Engine type Applications
American Rocket Company hybrid rocket intellectual property acquired by SpaceDev
Frontier Astronautics VIPER liquid oxygen
Asp high test peroxide
Orion Propulsion Sundancer and Ares I
Ad Astra Rocket Company VASIMR magnetoplasma may be used for future Mars missions
Reaction Engines Ltd. SABRE rocket/turbojet/ramjet planned to be used in Skylon
SpaceDev hybrid rocket SpaceShipOne and SpaceShipTwo

Satellite launchers

Spaceliner companies

Company name Contracts for Craft utilised Status
Benson Space Company SpaceDev Dream Chaser waiting on hardware
Space Adventures none Soyuz and the ISS active (6 tourists sent)
Virgin Galactic Scaled Composites SpaceShipTwo waiting on hardware

Spacecraft component manufacturers

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Published in July 2009.

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