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List of upper stages

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This is a list of upper stages used on rockets.

Name Country Flown on Proposed for Status Remarks
Agena  United States Atlas, Thor, Thorad, Titan IIIB Retired
Block D  Soviet Union
N1, Proton, Proton-K Retired
Block DM  Soviet Union
Proton-K, Proton-M In service
Block DM-SL  Soviet Union
Zenit In service
Briz-KM  Russia Rokot In service
Briz-M  Russia Proton-K
In service
Centaur  United States Atlas, Atlas G, Atlas I, Atlas II, Atlas III, Atlas V, Titan IIIE, Titan IV Blue Streak, Saturn I, Space Shuttle In service
Earth Departure Stage  United States Ares V In development
Fregat  Russia Soyuz-U, Soyuz-FG, Soyuz-2 Zenit In service
Inertial Upper Stage  United States Titan 34D, Titan IV Retired
Payload Assist Module/Star-48B  United States Delta 3000, Delta 4000, Delta II, Space Shuttle Delta 5000 In service
Transtage  United States Titan IIIA, Titan IIIC, Titan 34D Retired

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Published - July 2009

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