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Comparison of small lift launch systems

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For this article, small-capacity launch systems are defined as being those capable of lifting less than 2,000kg to low Earth orbit.

Rocket Country Manufacturer Mass to
Mass to
(Mil US$)
Record[1] Status
ASLV  India ISRO 150 1/4 Retired
Athena I  United States Lockheed Martin 4/4 Retired
Athena II  United States Lockheed Martin 2/3 Retired
Atlas-Centaur  United States Lockheed 1,900 1,900 51/61 Retired
Black Arrow  United Kingdom RAE 73 2/4[A] Retired
Delta 0300  United States McDonnell Douglas 2/3 Retired
Delta 0900  United States McDonnell Douglas 1,300 2/2 Retired
Diamant  France SEREB 160 9/12 Retired
Falcon 1  United States SpaceX 670 430 1/4 Active
Haas[B]  Romania ARCA 400 0/0 Development
Kosmos-3M  Russia NPO Polyot 1,500 422/442[A] Active
KSLV[B]  South Korea
KARI 100 0/0 Development
Long March 1  People's Republic of China CALT 300 3/4[A] Retired
Long March 2A[B]  People's Republic of China CALT 1,800 0/1 Retired
Long March 1D[B]  People's Republic of China CALT 1,500 1/1[A] Unclear
M-V  Japan ISAS 1,800 6/7 Retired
Minotaur I  United States Orbital 580 7/7 Active
Minotaur IV[B]  United States Orbital 1,735 0/0 Development
N-I  Japan Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 1,200 360 6/7 Retired
Pegasus  United States Orbital 443 35/40 Active
Polyot  Soviet Union RSC Energia 1,400 2/2 Retired
SLV  India ISRO 40 2/4 Retired
Scout  United States US Air Force/NASA 150 ? Retired
Sputnik 8K71PS  Soviet Union RSC Energia 500 2/2 Retired
Sputnik 8A91  Soviet Union RSC Energia 1,327 1/2 Retired
Strela  Russia Khrunichev 1,700 1/1 Active
Taurus  United States Orbital 1,320 6/8 Active
Vega[B] Europe ESA/ASI 1500 0/0 Development
VLS-1[B]  Brazil AEB 380 0/2[C] Active

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Published - July 2009

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