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List of USA satellites

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This is a list of satellites which have been given USA designations. These designations have been applied to most US military satellites since 1984, and replaced the earlier OPS designation. It is comparable to the Soviet/Russian Kosmos designation.

As of 2009-04-06, 203 satellites have received USA designations. For an unknown reason, the designation USA-163 was never assigned.

Designation Launch date Rocket Other designations Function Status Remarks
USA-1 1984-06-13 Atlas E/F Navstar-9 Navigation Out of service
USA-2 1984-06-25 Titan 34D KH-9-19 Reconnaissance Deorbited: 1984-10-18 Launched with USA-3
USA-3 1984-06-25 Titan 34D SSF-D-5 ELINT Out of service Launched with USA-2
USA-4 1984-08-28 Titan 34B SDS-5 Comsat Out of service
USA-5 1984-09-08 Atlas E/F Navstar-10 Navigation Out of service
USA-6 1984-12-04 Titan 34D KH-11-6 Reconnaissance Decayed: 1990-12-31
USA-7 1984-12-22 Titan 34D/Transtage DSP-2-6R Missile detection Retired: 1994-12-31
USA-8 1985-01-24 Space Shuttle Discovery Magnum-1 ELINT Out of service
USA-9 1985-02-08 Titan 34B SDS-6 Comsat Out of service
USA-10 1985-10-09 Atlas E/F Navstar-10 Navigation Out of service
USA-11 1985-10-03 Space Shuttle Atlantis DSCS-III-F2 Comsat Out of service Launched with USA-12
USA-12 1985-10-03 Space Shuttle Atlantis DSCS-III-F3 Comsat Out of service Launched with USA-11
USA-13 1985-12-13 Scout-G ITV-1 Inflatable ASAT target Failed. Decayed: 1989-05-11 Launched with USA-14. Failed to inflate.
USA-14 1985-12-13 Scout-G ITV-2 Inflatable ASAT target Decayed: 1987-08-09 Launched with USA-14. Unused
USA-15 1986-02-09 Atlas H NOSS-7/PARCAE-8/White Cloud SIGINT Out of service Deployed subsatellites, USA-16, 17 and 18
USA-16 1986-02-09 Atlas H NOSS-7/PARCAE-8/White Cloud Subsatellite SIGINT Out of service Subsatellite of USA-15
USA-17 1986-02-09 Atlas H NOSS-7/PARCAE-8/White Cloud Subsatellite SIGINT Out of service Subsatellite of USA-15
USA-18 1986-02-09 Atlas H NOSS-7/PARCAE-8/White Cloud Subsatellite SIGINT Out of service Subsatellite of USA-15
USA-19 1986-09-05 Delta 3920 SDI Sensor development Deorbited: 1986-09-28
USA-20 1986-12-05 Atlas G Fltsatcom-7 Comsat
USA-21 1987-02-12 Titan 34B SDS-7 Comsat Out of service
USA-22 1987-05-15 Atlas H NOSS-8/PARCAE-9/White Cloud SIGINT Out of service Deployed subsatellites, USA-23, 24 and 25
USA-23 1987-05-15 Atlas H NOSS-8/PARCAE-9/White Cloud Subsatellite SIGINT Out of service Subsatellite of USA-22
USA-24 1987-05-15 Atlas H NOSS-8/PARCAE-9/White Cloud Subsatellite SIGINT Out of service Subsatellite of USA-22
USA-25 1987-05-15 Atlas H NOSS-8/PARCAE-9/White Cloud Subsatellite SIGINT Out of service Subsatellite of USA-22
USA-26 1987-06-20 Atlas E/F DMSP-S8 (5D-2 F3) Weather
USA-27 1987-10-26 Titan 34D KH-11-8 Reconnaissance Decayed: 1992-05-31
USA-28 1987-11-29 Titan 34D/Transtage DSP-2-5R Missile detection Retired: 1987-12-31
USA-29 1989-02-03 Atlas E/F DMSP-S9 (5D-2 F4) Weather
USA-30 1988-02-08 Delta 3910 SDI Training satellite Deorbited: 1988-03-01
USA-31 1988-09-02 Titan 34D/Transtage Chalet-5 ELINT Failed Placed in useless orbit due to Transtage malfunction
USA-32 1988-09-05 Titan 23G Singleton/SBWASS-R1 SIGINT
USA-33 1988-11-06 Titan 34D KH-11-9 Reconnaissance Out of service
USA-34 1988-12-02 Space Shuttle Atlantis Lacrosse-1 Radar reconnaissance Deorbited: 1997-03-25
USA-35 1989-02-14 Delta 6925-9.5 GPS-II-1 Navigation Retired: 2000-04-14
USA-36 1989-03-24 Delta 3920-8 Delta Star Decayed: 1992-06-23
USA-37 1989-05-10 Titan 34D/Transtage Chalet-6 ELINT Out of service
USA-38 1989-06-10 Delta 6925-9.5 GPS-II-2 Navigation Out of service
USA-39 1989-06-14 Titan IV/IUS DSP-1-14 F14 Missile detection Active
USA-40 1989-08-08 Space Shuttle Columbia SDS-2-1 Comsat Launched with USA-41
USA-41 1989-08-08 Space Shuttle Columbia SSF/COBRA BRASS SIGINT Decayed: 1989-12-31 Launched with USA-41
USA-42 1989-08-18 Delta 6925-9.5 GPS-II-3 Navigation Out of service
USA-43 1989-09-04 Titan 34D/Transtage DSCS-II-F16 Comsat Launched with USA-44
USA-44 1989-09-04 Titan 34D/Transtage DSCS-III-F4 Comsat Launched with USA-43
USA-45 1989-09-06 Titan 23G Singleton/SBWASS-R2 SIGINT Failed Failed to leave parking orbit due to on-board propulsion malfunction
USA-46 1989-09-25 Atlas G Fltsatcom-7 Comsat
USA-47 1989-10-21 Delta 6925-9.5 GPS-II-4 Navigation Out of service
USA-48 1989-11-23 Space Shuttle Discovery Magnum-2 ELINT
USA-49 1989-12-11 Delta 6925-9.5 GPS-II-5 Navigation Out of service
USA-50 1990-01-24 Delta 6925-9.5 GPS-II-6 Navigation Out of service
USA-51 1990-02-14 Delta 6920-8 LACE/Losat-L Technology Decayed: 2000-05-24 Launched with USA-52
USA-52 1990-02-14 Delta 6920-8 RME/Losat-R Technology Decayed: 1992-05-24 Launched with USA-51
USA-53 1990-02-28 Space Shuttle Atlantis Misty-1 Reconnaissance satellite Presumed deorbited Stealth satellite. Last sighting in 1997.
USA-54 1990-03-26 Delta 6925-9.5 GPS-II-7 Navigation Failed: 1996-05-21 Signal anomaly made satellite unusable
USA-55 1990-04-05 Pegasus GLOMR-2/SECS/TERCEL Comsat
USA-56 1990-04-11 Atlas E/F P87-2/Stacksat/POGS/SSR Technology Out of service Launched with USA-57 and 58
USA-57 1990-04-11 Atlas E/F P87-2/Stacksat/TEX Technology Out of service Launched with USA-56 and 58
USA-58 1990-04-11 Atlas E/F P87-2/Stacksat/SCE Technology Out of service Launched with USA-56 and 57
USA-59 1990-06-08 Titan IV NOSS-9 Ocean surveillance Deployed subsatellites, USA-60, 61 and 62
USA-60 1990-06-08 Titan IV NOSS-9-1 Ocean surveillance Subsatellite of USA-59
USA-61 1990-06-08 Titan IV NOSS-9-2 Ocean surveillance Subsatellite of USA-59
USA-62 1990-06-08 Titan IV NOSS-9-3 Ocean surveillance Subsatellite of USA-59
USA-63 1990-08-02 Delta 6925-9.5 GPS-II-8 Navigation Out of service
USA-64 1990-10-01 Delta 6925-9.5 GPS-II-9 Navigation Out of service
USA-65 1990-11-13 Titan IV/IUS DSP-1-14 F15 Missile detection Active
USA-66 1990-11-26 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-10 Navigation Out of service
USA-67 1990-11-15 Space Shuttle Atlantis Magnum-3 ELINT
USA-68 1990-12-01 Atlas E/F DMSP S-10 (5D-2 F5) Weather Failed Placed in useless orbit due to upper stage malfunction
USA-69 1991-03-08 Titan IV Lacrosse-2 Radar reconnaissance Active
USA-70 1991-04-28 Space Shuttle Discovery MPEC Technology development
USA-71 1991-07-04 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-11 Navigation Active
USA-72 1991-11-08 Titan IV NOSS-10 Ocean surveillance Deployed subsatellites, USA-74, 76 and 77
USA-73 1991-11-28 Atlas E/F DMSP S-12 (5D-2 F6) Weather
USA-74 1991-11-08 Titan IV NOSS-10-1 Ocean surveillance Subsatellite of USA-72
USA-75 1991-11-24 Space Shuttle Atlantis DSP-1-14-F16 Missile detection
USA-76 1991-11-08 Titan IV NOSS-10-2 Ocean surveillance Subsatellite of USA-72
USA-77 1991-11-08 Titan IV NOSS-10-3 Ocean surveillance Subsatellite of USA-72
USA-78 1992-02-11 Atlas II DSCS-III-B14 Comsat
USA-79 1992-02-23 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-12 Navigation
USA-80 1992-04-10 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-13 Navigation
USA-81 1992-04-25 Titan 23G Singleton/SBWASS-R3 SIGINT
USA-82 1992-07-02 Atlas II DSCS-III-B12 Comsat
USA-83 1992-07-07 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-14 Navigation
USA-84 1992-09-09 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-15 Navigation
USA-85 1992-11-22 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-16 Navigation
USA-86 1992-11-28 Titan IV Improved Crystal/KH-12-1 Optical reconnaissance
USA-87 1992-12-18 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-17 Navigation
USA-88 1993-02-03 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-18 Navigation
USA-89 1992-12-02 Space Shuttle Discovery SDS-2-3 Comsat
USA-90 1993-03-30 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-19 Navigation
USA-91 1993-05-13 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-20 Navigation
USA-92 1993-06-26 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-21 Navigation
USA-93 1993-07-19 Atlas II DSCS-III-B9 Comsat
USA-94 1993-08-30 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-22 Navigation
USA-95 1993-09-03 Atlas I UHF F/O-2 Comsat
USA-96 1993-10-26 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-23 Navigation
USA-97 1993-11-28 Atlas II DSCS-III-B10 Comsat
USA-98 1993-12-08 Delta 7925 NATO-4B Comsat
USA-99 1994-02-07 Titan IV/Centaur Milstar-1 Comsat
USA-100 1994-03-10 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-24 Navigation
USA-101 1994-02-13 Taurus STEP-0 Technology development Launched with USA-102
USA-102 1994-02-13 Taurus DarpaSat Technology development Launched with USA-101
USA-103 1994-05-03 Titan IV/Centaur Trumpet-1 ELINT
USA-104 1994-06-24 Atlas I UHF F/O-3 Comsat
USA-105 1994-08-27 Titan IV/Centaur Mercury-1 ELINT
USA-106 1994-08-29 Atlas E/F DMSP 5D-1 F12 Weather
USA-107 1994-12-22 Titan IV/IUS DSP-1 F17 Missile detection Active
USA-108 1995-01-29 Atlas II UHF F/O-4 Comsat
USA-109 1995-03-24 Atlas E/F DMSP 5D-1 F13 Weather
USA-110 1995-05-14 Titan IV/Centaur Mentor-1 Comsat
USA-111 1995-05-31 Atlas II UHF F/O-5 Comsat
USA-112 1995-07-10 Titan IV/Centaur Trumpet-2 ELINT
USA-113 1995-07-31 Atlas IIA DSCS-III-B7 Comsat
USA-114 1995-10-22 Atlas II UHF F/O-6 Comsat
USA-115 1995-11-06 Titan IV/Centaur Milstar-2 Comsat
USA-116 1995-12-05 Titan IV Improved Crystal/KH-12-2 Optical reconnaissance
USA-117 1996-03-28 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-25 Navigation
USA-118 1996-04-24 Titan IV/Centaur Mercury-2 ELINT
USA-119 1996-05-12 Titan IV NOSS-11 Ocean surveillance Deployed subsatellites, USA-120, 121 and 122, Launched with USA-123 and 124
USA-120 1996-05-12 Titan IV NOSS-11-1 Ocean surveillance Subsatellite of USA-119
USA-121 1996-05-12 Titan IV NOSS-11-2 Ocean surveillance Subsatellite of USA-119
USA-122 1996-05-12 Titan IV NOSS-11-3 Ocean surveillance Subsatellite of USA-119
USA-123 1996-05-12 Titan IV TIPS-Ralph Technology Launched with USA-119 and subsatellites, and USA-124
USA-124 1996-05-12 Titan IV TIPS-Norton Technology Launched with USA-119 and subsatellites, and USA-123
USA-125 1996-07-03 Titan IV SDS-2-4 Comsat
USA-126 1996-07-16 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-26 Navigation
USA-127 1996-07-25 Atlas II UHF F/O-7 Comsat
USA-128 1996-09-12 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-27 Navigation
USA-129 1996-12-20 Titan IV Improved Crystal/KH-12-3 Optical reconnaissance Out of service
USA-130 1997-02-23 Titan IVB/IUS DSP-1-18 F18 Missile detection Active
USA-131 1997-04-04 Titan 23G DMSP 5D-2 F14 Weather
USA-132 1997-07-23 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-2 Navigation
USA-133 1997-10-24 Titan IV Lacrosse-3 Radar reconnaissance Active
USA-134 1997-11-06 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIA-28 Navigation
USA-135 1997-10-25 Atlas IIA DSCS-III-B13 Comsat Launched with FalconSat-Gold
USA-136 1997-11-06 Titan IV/Centaur Trumpet-3 ELINT
USA-137 1998-01-29 Atlas IIA SDS-3-1/NROL-5/Capricorn Comsat
USA-138 1998-03-15 Atlas II UHF F/O-8 Comsat
USA-139 1998-05-09 Titan IV/Centaur Mentor-2 Comsat
USA-140 1998-10-20 Atlas IIA UHF F/O-9 Comsat
USA-141 1998-10-03 Taurus ATEX Debris Failed: 1999-01-16 Debris from STEX satellite tether experiment
USA-142 1999-04-09 Titan IVB/IUS DSP-1-18 F19 Missile detection Failed: 1999-04-09 IUS failed to separate
Left in useless orbit
USA-143 1999-04-30 Titan IV/Centaur Milstar-3 Comsat Failed: 1999-04-30 Centaur programming error resulted in incorrect burn times, placed in useless orbit
USA-144 1999-05-22 Titan IV Misty-2 Reconnaissance Presumed active Stealth satellite, only object ever placed in orbit which amateurs are unable to track
USA-145 1999-10-07 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-3 Navigation
USA-146 1998-11-23 Atlas IIA UHF F/O-10 Comsat
USA-147 1999-12-12 Titan 23G DMSP 5D-3 F15 Weather
USA-148 2000-01-21 Atlas IIA DSCS-III-B8 Comsat
USA-149 2000-05-08 Titan IVB/IUS DSP-1-18 F20 Missile detection Active
USA-150 2000-05-11 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-4 Navigation
USA-151 2000-07-16 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-5 Navigation
USA-152 2000-08-17 Titan IVB Lacrosse-4/Onyx-1 Radar reconnaissance Active
USA-153 2000-10-20 Atlas IIA DSCS-III-B11 Comsat
USA-154 2000-11-10 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-6 Navigation
USA-155 2000-12-06 Atlas IIAS SDS-3-2/NRO L-10/Great Bear Comsat
USA-156 2001-01-30 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-7 Navigation
USA-157 2001-02-27 Titan IV/Centaur Milstar-4 Comsat
USA-158 2001-05-18 Delta 7925-9.5 GeoLITE/NRO L-17 Technology/Comsat
USA-159 2001-08-06 Titan IVB/IUS DSP-1-18 F21 Missile detection Active
USA-160 2001-09-08 Atlas IIAS NOSS-3-1/NRO L-13/Gemini Naval reconnaissance Two satellites sharing one designation
USA-161 2001-10-05 Titan IVB Improved Crystal/KH-12-4 Optical reconnaissance Active
USA-162 2000-10-11 Atlas IIAS SDS-3-3/NRO L-12/Aquila Comsat
USA-163 Not launched
USA-164 2002-01-16 Titan IV/Centaur Milstar-5 Comsat
USA-165 2005-04-11 Minotaur XSS-11 Technology development
USA-166 2003-01-29 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-8 Navigation
USA-167 2003-03-11 Delta IVM DSCS-III-A3 Comsat
USA-168 2003-03-31 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-9 Navigation
USA-169 2003-04-08 Titan IV/Centaur Milstar-6 Comsat
USA-170 2003-08-29 Delta IVM DSCS-III-B6 Comsat
USA-171 2001-02-27 Titan IV/Centaur Mentor-3/NRO L-19 ELINT
USA-172 2003-10-18 Titan 23G DMSP 5D-3 F16 Weather
USA-173 2003-12-02 Atlas IIAS NOSS-3-2/NRO L-18/Libra Naval reconnaissance Two satellites sharing one designation
USA-174 1998-12-18 Atlas IIIB UHF F/O-11 Comsat
USA-175 2003-12-21 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-10 Navigation
USA-176 2004-02-14 Titan IVB/IUS DSP-1-18 F22 Missile detection Active
USA-177 2004-03-20 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-11 Navigation
USA-178 2004-06-23 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-12 Navigation
USA-179 2004-08-31 Atlas IIAS SDS-3-4/NRO L-1/Nemesis Comsat
USA-180 2004-11-06 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-13 Navigation
USA-181 2005-02-03 Atlas IIIB NOSS-3-3/NRO L-23/Canis Minor Naval reconnaissance Two satellites sharing one designation
USA-182 2005-04-30 Titan IVB Lacrosse-5/Onyx-2 Radar reconnaissance Active
USA-183 2005-09-26 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-14 (IIRM-1) Navigation
USA-184 2006-06-25 Delta IVM+(4,2) Trumpet-4/NRO L-22 ELINT
USA-185 2005-09-23 Minotaur STP-R1 Technology development
USA-186 2005-10-19 Titan IVB Improved Crystal/KH-12-5 Optical reconnaissance Active
USA-187 2006-06-21 Delta 7925 MiTEx-A Technology Launched with USA-188 and 189
USA-188 2006-06-21 Delta 7925 MiTEx-B Technology Launched with USA-187 and 189
USA-189 2006-06-21 Delta 7925 MiTEx Carrier Technology Launched with USA-187 and 188
USA-190 2006-09-25 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-15 (IIRM-2) Navigation Active
USA-191 2006-11-04 Delta IVM DMSP 5D-3 F17 Weather
USA-192 2006-11-17 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-16 (IIRM-3) Navigation Active
USA-193 2006-12-14 Delta 7920-10 NRO L-21 Unknown Failed: 2006-12-14
Destroyed: 2008-02-21
Failed immediately after separation from rocket. Destroyed by ASAT.
USA-194 2007-06-15 Atlas V 401 NOSS-3-4/NRO L-30R/Pyxis Naval reconnaissance Two satellites under one designation
USA-195 2007-10-11 Atlas V 421 WGS-1 Comsat
USA-196 2007-10-17 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-17 (IIRM-4) Navigation Active
USA-197 2007-11-11 Delta IVH DSP-1-18 F23 Missile detection Failed
USA-198 2007-12-10 Atlas V 401 SDS-3-5/NRO L-24/Scorpius Comsat
USA-199 2007-12-20 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-18 (IIRM-5) Navigation Active
USA-200 2008-03-13[2] Atlas V 411 Trumpet-5/NRO L-28 ELINT
USA-201 2008-03-15 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-19 (IIRM-6) Navigation Active
USA-202 2009-01-18 Delta IVH NRO L-26 (Intruder/Mentor) ELINT Active
USA-203 2009-03-24 Delta 7925-9.5 GPS-IIR-20 (IIRM-7) Navigation Active
USA-204 2009-04-04 Atlas V 421 WGS-2 Communication Active

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